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An old friend, always faithful, always pleasing, always bringing a note of joy into your life, Enter Antico Caruso. Oh! If I could make my home and my linen drawers and my bathroom smell like this. Just a soft, delicate, clean fragrance. And yes, it does conjure up those old fashioned barber shops I used to go to with my tiny hand held securely by my father's strong, warm hand. Is this why the fragrance is so comforting to me? I wear this on the days when I don't "need" to wear anything, when I just want to "be" And over the years I've worn this I've received many compliments, If one could bottle this fragrance--oh wait. It IS bottled. Thank you!
By   - accountant from St.Augustine on 10/1/2021
The initial spray of ANTICO CARUSO does immediately conjure LE MALE. But that is very fleeting.. This is NOT like LE MALE beyond initial spritz. This scent is a strong, strong almond & sandalwood in the full wearing. Very potent so watch the sprays. Not having been raised in Italy, my sense is nonetheless that this is like a high end barbershop smell in Europe. A creamy almond and sandalwood combo. A nice scent.
By   - Retired TV Exec from Los Angeles on 8/18/2020
I wore this for two days on my arms and neck. Initially it smells like sweet almond paste or marzipan, which is very calming and slightly sweet. For those comparing to JPG Le Male, I will say it is not nearly as synthetic or sweet smelling as Le Male, which is like a blast of fake vanilla. This is like a sensual lathering of almond soap with something faintly woody like Atlas Cedar hanging around int he background. After an hour it blends well into the skin and becomes a close-wearing, long-lasting ambient scent. But that's fine, because it's for you, not for the room.
By   - Therapist from NY on 6/22/2012
Let me just say that I love Profumum. Their artful creations have enriched my life; so naturally, I had huge expectations for this frag. But upon the first heady whiff my gray matter started flip-floppin' in my extended brain pan like a beached whale and I thought "Wait a sec, I've smelled this before," and sure enough, a few days later it hit me: Cuba Black or Cuba Gold - "SPOT ON!" The only difference is the price: Antico Caruso: $240 for 100ml., while Cuba Black (or Gold) is a mere $11.98 for the same amount - with the same, if not greater sillage (Sillage (pronounced "see yazh") is French for wake or trail and it is a measure of how far from you your perfume can still be felt, or the ability to waft through a room.
By   - comeapArtist from Fargo, ND on 6/11/2011
I'm giving this five stars for composition; this is a near perfect fragrance for a man (I'm female) and would be right close to perfect for me except that I get a small undercurrent of something masculine that simply won't allow me to wear it. Otherwise, It smells clean, expensive and, well, I hesitate to use the term but "high class". If I could isolate that soapy almond note I think I could wear this fragrance almost every day of my life.
By   - from Eastern Seaboard USA on 1/8/2011
I gave it 3 for me, but I also would give it 5 for a man.
By   - from new york on 12/13/2010
May be more appropriate for my boyfriend.
By   - from new york on 12/13/2010
WONDERFUL!!! I have smelled similar scents on older gentlemen in the street and have always wondered what it is they are wearing. Antico Caruso smells less powdery and more refined and classic. This lasts forever on me and I need only apply a very small amount. I'm saving up for a full bottle!
By   - photographer from DC on 7/14/2009
Very pleasing scent, but like others have noted, it does smell like you've just had a good scrubbing with very expensive, very good-smelling soap.
By   - from san diego on 7/23/2008
I agree with those who really love this scent. It's very original, long lasting, and a warm/clean aroma that lasts and lasts. I layer it with Comptoir Vanilla Passion and that only adds to the warmth.
By  on 6/28/2008
I tried this a while back and found it very interesting, clean, and long lasting. The first impression is a bit antiseptic but upon application that is very quickly replaced by a wholesome clean and somewhat classic masculine scent with the almond lingering in the background that nobody can really identify. I add a touch of Jalaine Vetiver for more warmth and complexity. An awesome combination for me (I am fair-skinned). I can wear Antico Caruso to work with our without adding Jalaine Vetiver. However, adding the second "layer" does make for a great evening fragrance. Perfect.
By   - Reg Affairs - Pharmaceutical from Philadelphia on 4/27/2008
I loved it!!! Awesome!!! this smells great 10 mins. after you put it on through hours later.
By   - from L.A. on 4/3/2008
This is another fragrance that smells nice to me, but that I would not want to wear. The almond is very nice; not at all like the almond extract-esque scent in my grandma's handsoap; maybe much more like the luxury soap described below. On me, it lasts for a long time. I recommend this as a try before you buy scent, because I'm sure some people will love it more than I do.
By   - Grad Student from Chicago on 2/4/2008
Yuck. Couldn't stand the way it smelled on me and my boyfriend didn't want to ride in the same car with me.
By  on 12/24/2007
"Antico Caruso" smells like the purest, creamiest luxury soap you've ever experienced---the kind that came in cakes and wrapped in paper, scattered throughout cruise liners (like creamy-tart "Vinolia"--only sweeter) and seaside hotels in the early part of last century. There is even a similar theme between Caswell-Massey's famous "Almond Shave Soap" and "Antico Caruso", but antico is less salty and veers away from the syrupy cherry tone of almond and into a creamier realm of polished wood and hard-soap lather. This is a serenely comforting scent: The almond note gives it a very subtle gourmandesque spirit; however, the opening citrus zing and powdery sandlewood finish make it far to clean to pass as a food substitute. "Antico Caruso" is also, despite masculine references to barbershops and cologne, quite unisex in nature and I imagine many women would find it's unusual non-floral creaminess appealing. It's the smell of "clean" before "clean" meant "disinfectant/detergent". It makes me think of fresh, wholesome days outdoors and the pure simplicity of monestary, abbey or temple settings. If you always hoped for a sweeter, creamier version of "CKOne", "L'Huere Bleu" or you're just looking for an interesting scent to surround but not precede you, I'd suggest "Antico Caruso". However, with only three listed notes, I'd take advantage of the sample opportunity and try this in sample form first; you're either an almond lover or you're not!
By  on 10/20/2007
The more I wear this, the more differences I decect, but yet the similarity to JPG's Le Male is striking IMHO! I like the way Antico Caruso smells more natural (especially the sandalwood note), but on my skin it's surprisingly quiet whereas Le Male can be very strong. The longevity is very good though (lasts easily over 8 hours).
By  on 6/15/2007
The almond notes here predominate, IMHO. The opening is a mixture of mild astringent with almond, but the astringent element fades very quickly, and one is left with a rich almost tasty almond fragrance. It makes me think of almond shaving soap in a wooden dish. This could be the ultimate barbershop fragrance!
By   - Atty. from New York on 11/20/2006
An absolutely wonderful, comforting, warm, and nostalgic scent, very grounding and serene. This could very easily become my ever elusive signature scent. Somehow I must buy a full bottle of this, regardless of the price tag. Wonderful lasting power as well. Fantastic.
By   - from the South on 11/20/2006
Antico Caruso is the jewel in my wardrobe(i have over 100 niche scents),very unique and masculine,longlasting,amazing. It worths every cent the price tag! A must try!
By   - from Athens(Greece) on 10/25/2006
Smells nothing like Le Male! Maybe the King of England's sense of smell has diminished as his ears continue to grow bigger with each short, elitest rant he gives. Please offer some analysis and effort during your reviews are so tired aren't you?
By  on 10/16/2006
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