Domenico Caraceni 1913

Eau de Toilette

by Domenico Caraceni

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100ml $135
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Here's what other people are saying about Domenico Caraceni 1913...
Don''t see (or smell!) any funereal aspects here - to me, it is a luxe, classic male ''barbershop'' fragrance. I purchased it for my husband but occasionally will take a spritz myself, simply because the scent is so glorious.
By   - Attorney from New York on 4/11/2017
Floral. This is not a "manly" sent. Reminds me of a hand lotion my mother wore in the late 60''s. I have a pretty good sniffer and I totally miss the tobacco, cypress and frankincense. I get why one reviewer made a commitment on a funeral parlor. The powder smell goes away after wearing for 30 min. I have no ax to grind with anyone and not trying to mess with the sales of this product, but I do want to let other guys like me that this is a very flowery fragrance.
By   - Restaurateur  from Charlotte on 1/17/2016
Beautiful scent, very classic and formal. I bought this, not for myself to wear, but for the fabolous history and wonderful reviews. It was really worth the sample, the scent is outstanding, being so grown up without getting boring. Proper and clean, a scent that leads the thouhts to a man who''s been out working in the woods all weekend and then having to shave for the businessmeeting on monday. He therefor carries the scent of forest and soap that matches well with the expensive fabric in the suit.
By   - Psychologystudent from Gothenburg, Sweden on 8/6/2012
God I hope luckyscent brings this one back someday
By  on 4/6/2012
Not overpowering, neither sweet nor woodsy understated elegant. I would reserve this for wear with my best suit, or tuxedo. It''s outstanding.
By   - from LA on 3/27/2012
This scent is so incredibly floral, I should have known with the list of ingredientsreviews that it would not be for me. Purchased the sample for my boyfriend who also found it way too heady. It is definitely a masculine floral, so fear not that you will smell like a woman, however I cannot tolerate the flowers and my boyfriend did not appreciate it either. Not poorly composed or cheap smelling, just did not suit for us.
By   - from Canada on 3/3/2012
The most beautiful ''funeral home'' scent I''ve yet to encounter. This fragrance would work great at a funeral, or church, or any other somber setting. Not that you couldn''t wear this to more jubilant occasions! You absolutely can, and should.
By  on 11/12/2011
I was excited and anticipating this for a while now, and ever since I have read the responses about how formal and even "funeral home" that people detected in Domenico Caraceni fragrance, I had to get a sample and see for myself, and quite frankly, I am speechless. I am speechless not so much because of the unusual combination used in this fragrance, or even the comparisons of what some have said about what it smells like , but I am speechless because of the authority this fragrance demands of both the wearer and the person who is indulging in it''s fragrance. This perfume is not just for any person, in fact this perfume is not even for just any man, this perfume really encapsulates the whole concept of what a distinguished, well cultured, respectable, sophisticated, methodical, and deep thinking man would smell like.I think that is probably why people had subsequently referred this to a "funeral" type of smell, because when you are at a funeral home, or even a actual funeral, the requirement of seriousness is often at times paramount, and though this, in my opinion does not smell like a funeral, the deafening effects of it''s authoritative, "I am someone," smell is definitely dominant in this composition.Any person, preferably a man who wears this, knows that this perfume has to be respected and should not be taken lightly.
By   - Jewelery Designer on 9/22/2011
This is very formal, and I can see the funereal comments due to the combination of incense and roses, but it is an incredibly good fragrance for a man. I bought it from someplace in Germany a couple of years ago when Lucky Scent was out of it and didn''t know if they were going to be able to get it again. It''s that good.
By   - Teacher from Louisville, KY on 5/14/2011
As someone else noted it''s hard for me to describe this fragrance. All I know is that I love this and so does my wife. A very formal scent.
By   - Insurance sales from SC on 2/9/2011
Well, I had pretty high hopes for this but it was a BIG surprise when I actually smelled it. The funeral comment does come straight to my mind also. I have sampled it 5 times including right this very minute. Even after drydown, the scent is the same. I picture a funeral home filled with older people and a bit of hospital smells. I know the funeral aspect is the musty flower accord in this but this is absolutely nothing that I want to smell like. That''s why sampling is a great thing.
By   - from Marion on 1/10/2011
do not believe this funeral crap this persons nose has been in the funeral business too long. i choked in my own spit when i read those words. It is a beautiful scent i would NEVER have this nice sensual scent be near a funeral. by the way you should never wear any scents to a funeral, or any negative spot or you risk associating psychologicaly your scent to death, and negativity, details matter.
By  on 1/4/2011
Whoa! Careful with this one... To wear this cologne, one should take the scene or the event into consideration. This is not your everyday cologne and it most definitely has an aura of exclusivity to it. This is something one would wear ummmm... at a funeral perhaps? Yeah... Domenico Caraceni 1913 is the perfect cologne to wear when attending a funeral. This is not a cologne one would wear on a daily basis or when wearing casual clothes. Again, there is a scene appropriateness to this cologne. Unless you are a mortician or someone being protected by high security, do not buy the bottle. It is better to buy this cologne by the vial.
By  on 7/29/2010
I can''t accurately describe this cologne. It''s got a nice scent, but has a heavy, almost sweet powdery smell to it. Just don''t apply too much and you should be okay.
By   - from New Orleans on 3/1/2010
This is one dark, sultry scent, but pretty quiet. A tad formal perhaps...can''t see wearing this with jeans, but make that call for yourself.More suited to a suit, or better yet a cape as you slip quietly though the night.
By   - Exec from Los Angeles on 12/2/2009
smell like a expensive bayrum
By   - mangui from NYC on 10/24/2009
And the new bottle is fantastic. If anyone wants a truly unique, masculine fragrance, that is wonderfully unconventional this is it!Try before you buy, but if you have any sense, you''ll buy.
By   - Atty. from NYC on 9/12/2009
AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Creamy rose with a very classic Italian feel. Think turkish delight rose flavour with less intense rose scents on a creamy base. WOW !!!! I would give this one 6 stars instead of 5.
By   - Student from Adelaide, Australia on 8/5/2009
I can''t agree with everyone enough. This has a "classic" quality, but does not feel out of place today. The scent says sophisticated, not pretentious.
By   - from NYC on 7/22/2009
I totaly agree with the 5 star reviews and have nothing to ad. I love it!
By   - from The Netherlands on 6/26/2009
Wonderful fragrance for cold weather. The notes POP like mad in the cold air. While there is no cinnamon listed in the notes, I detect what to me is rose and cinnamon in which only comes out when it''s cold. And when it does it is a terribly affecting experience. Something to love. In the warm climate I am not as excited about this. Glad I live in Connecticut and work in NYC as far as wearing this terrific fragrance is concerned.
By   - Atty. from NYC on 12/20/2008
Below: If you can''t get past the first 30 minutes, probably. For me, this evolves so much during the first hour that i wouldn''t even recognize it. It''s my next bottle.
By   - from Montreal on 10/5/2008
Am I the only one who thinks it''s a dead ringer for baby powder?
By  on 9/12/2008
A rose scent with a dirty little secret, Domenico Caraceni 1913 blushes arrogant spices with mellow roses, and forms perhaps one of the most intriguing scents imagineable. 1913 isn''t quite as dirty and gritty as Voleur de Roses nor is it as clean and fragile as Rose Poivree, it''s somewhere in the middle. The similarities it has are very minor and superficial 1913 stands out as its own bold and crafty scent.Right from the get-go, 1913 is set up to be a magnificent fragrance. The top notes are petitgrain and geranium, followed by a heart of bigarade, rose, and a little tobacco, falling on a base of frankincense and cypress. Just looking at those notes, we see an unusually exotic combination. And the scent just keeps getting more exotic! The initial spray is a deeply rich, aromatic mixture of petitgrain and geranium, which lasts for about three minutes, then something strange happens... a heart of rose springs up and begins to smoothen out the scent. This is the first peculiar thing as top notes generally take ~ 15-20 minutes to vanish. In 1913, however, the rose springs out, but does not replace any of the top notes. It first blends in quite nicely, then begins to dominate the scent, as the top notes start to fade and are replaced by the heart of bigarade and tobacco. Surprisingly, the tobacco is very light and hardly noticeable next to the spiced accord of bigarade perhaps to allow the sweeter base of frankincense and cypress to bleed through the transparency (tobacco is used as a "final" base note in most scents, because it tends to last longer than any other note, and it stays dominant the moment it''s introduced) and shift the scent once again. As the heart dries down, a wonderfully potent, sugared note of frankincense yawns to life, and is anchored to woodsiness by cypress. Both notes accentuate the rose, and favor the progression of change... no longer is our rose so bold and dominant rather, it has matured, and accepts the replacement of its life. Cypress begins to ebb away at it, as frankincense adds a grand finale of spicy-sweetness, and the roses die. Even after their death, though, there is a very subtle, smoothly aromatic sense of rose essence when the frankincense relaxes a little, and the cypress isn''t so potent.One of the most flawless and effortless executions of a rose-guided scent, 1913 is my favorite [rose] scent it''s not safe and tranquil like Rose Poivree is, yet it''s not raw and dirty like Voleur de Roses... but it''s not quite the middle grounds, either. It''s hard to describe this scent, due to it''s peculiar construction and the way each note is played out, but the sheer intelligence and thought behind this, coupled with the unusual ingredients used, makes this yet another sure-buy, and a wallet-breaker at that...
By   - from Kirkland, WA on 8/30/2008
Here''s something different than anything I''ve ever tried.I just tried a sample. That''s all it took to get me hooked.If you want something different, look no further.
By   - from St. Paul, Minnesota on 8/15/2008
Classic & wonderful. A keeper.
By   - healthcare professional on 4/14/2008
I just received Domenico Caraceni 1913''s sample today, and I am very impressed as to order me a bottle. An elegant scent which the top note is a sharp rose, which dies down to the basnote of softer rose, with a hint of tobacco & leather. A warm feeling indeed!
By   - Bon Vivant from California on 2/16/2008
I''ll second everyone''s opinion here. This is a quintessential Italian fragrance. It is somewhat similar to Czech and Speake No 88 but with a bit less Rose and more Frankincense. Try the shave cream too. It''s excellent.
By   - Marketing Executive from San Ramon CA on 12/22/2007
Timeless..and dare I say...a classic. Beautiful stuff from the first spray until the end. I easily get 12 - 14 hours from it with just the right amount of sillage. In my Top 5. Rose and Tobacco in the best way.
By  on 12/19/2007
A modern day classic fragrance for men. I love it. DC is masculine, warm and wood rose scented. The drydown is all tobacco and mossy leather with wafts of roses drifting through. One of the best fragrances there is!
By   - artist from Oklahoma City on 12/17/2007
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