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An initial apple-bergamot flourish gives way quickly to a rounded-edge woody patchouli with aspects of vanilla, while the composition reaches into the pocket of its sturdy barn jacket and takes out a penknife it uses to whittle some small useful thing from a birch branch. Wonderfully clean while being the opposite of fussy. Had this been an American-made scent it would have been named “Ron Swanson” and every review would simply say “Yes,” because excessive chatter would miss the point entirely.
By   - editor from Seattle on 10/11/2019
similar to aventus. great performance for solid 3hrs then dims down to faint musk.
By   - streetsweeper from yourcity on 5/12/2019
With the summer season looming, I contacted the good folks at Lucky Scent for fragrance recommendations. After trying several samples, the clear winner was Mazzolari's Nero. What I thought I desired was a citrus scent because I associate oranges and lemons with warmer temperatures. But Nero showed me that a fruit-forward fragrance can be worn by a man in the summer if combined with masculine base notes. Nero is a poor man's Aventus by Creed. Just compare the notes. I prefer Nero to Aventus because it contains the Italian quality in fragrances that is difficult to describe but always discernible to the nose. You will not be disappointed by Nero.
By   - Educator from Dallas on 6/23/2018
Great spring/summer scent. Very clean and light. Very brief sillage. After an hour, I can barely detect it's there. Not necessarily a bad thing; just depends on your preference.
By   - Freelance from Detroit on 7/31/2017
Sensational. Glorious. Crisp citrus beautifully blended with jasmine, patchouli, rose, amber. Have immediately placed my order for a FB as a gift for my husband. Agree it is predominantly a masculine scent, but I can envision myself occasionally taking a spritz.
By   - Attorney from New York on 4/11/2017
It was okay and matched the description well.
By   - Electronic Music Artist from Charlotte on 1/5/2016
Mazzolari Nero is IN CRE D IBLE simply IN CRE D IBLE! It smells like success, poise and wisdom; if these nouns had scents. Subdued elegance in a bottle. You will very much enjoy wearing this fragrance.
By   - Real Estate/Investment from Salt Lake City on 3/9/2015
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