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I have a very complicated relationship with florals, especially white florals. I find so many of them lovely in the nature, but put them in a bottle, especially when it's a bouquet, as it often is - and they are too heady, almost nauseating to me (Lutens' "A la nuit"). So, I am not easy to please when it comes to white florals. This one has been on my sample wish list for months until its turn finally came, and I almost gave up on white florals in the meantime. But this one was such a pleasant surprise! The citrus gives it just the right fresh-and-sour kick to rescue it from becoming too heady, in my opinion. Gorgeous, very sophisticated and classy. I was also amazed to read that it's a very old perfume! Such a contemporary scent!
By   - teacher from Washington, DC on 4/20/2017
A sweet gardenia dream, elegant and yet playful, heady florals with a hint of lush fruit, but it's by no means one of the ghastly boring fruity florals dominating perfumery at the moment, no, this is lusher than life, not naturalistic, but impressionistic, something more real than real in its heady french soap and gardenia blossoms aroma. It smells of a theatrical dream of lovers meeting at night in a summer garden.
By   - Glamorous Communist from Providence on 1/26/2016
Too fruity and generic. Nowhere near as beautiful as the gardenia fragrance.
By   - from Columbus on 11/26/2012
With all the rave reviews of this fragrance I couldn't wait to try it. I must admit that I could not stand the scent and hurried to wash it off with detergent.
By   - from Maryland on 4/21/2012
So, I really liked this, however, I didn't feel like I could pull it off. It's a pretty, sophisticated scent. I got the jasmin, magnolia (kind of lemony) mandarin and vanilla. Thank God I didn't detect the patchouli as it is my least favorite smell. If I was way more sophisticated than I am, I would be all over this.
By   - from Long Beach on 4/4/2012
A peachy white floral; smooth, powdery, clean & soapy. l get a hint of jasmine, & more gardenia than there was in lsabey's Gardenia, but l was hoping for a darker, more "nocturnal" version of that one, & this isn't it. l get vanilla in the drydown but no patchouli, it fades quickly & is barely there after four hours. Nice, but not especially complex, & didn't live up to my expectations.
By   - from southampton uk on 9/20/2011
This perfume is beautiful. Its lush, floral, exotic and fruity all at the same time. Is this how people smelled in the 1920s? Its just ridiculously beautiful.
By   - from champaign on 9/7/2011
Very pleasant!
By   - actress on 8/13/2010
Why no samples?? Would love to try this.
By   - from southampton uk on 4/12/2010
Must have sexy Grown-Up fragrance.
By  on 3/15/2010
The quality, richness, and complexity may be retro, but this glorious composition with its lush touch of perfect fruit amongst the dripping white florals must be the goddess amongst modern 'tropicals'. Decadent, intoxicating, deep...just georgeous...
By   - Farmer from Australia on 2/20/2010
Just to add- I think this is FBW!
By   - from Nottingham UK on 2/13/2010
Beautiful! Really sexy too, my husband went wild sniffing my neck!
By   - from Nottingham UK on 2/13/2010
I'm in love! What a fantastic fragrance! Truly beautiful. Got it in a sample and as I put it on it unravelled itself with the perfection of balanced scents into one fragrance - like a good choir. I felt like it must have been in the '20's, with all those amazing perfumes. This is one of them, not a bland copy. To read it is a re-launch of a 1925 scent is not a surprise. It is like a sophisticated Diva by Ungaro. Where Diva is a bit raw and sharp, this one is complex and polished - deeper. Very, very female and totally womanly. I am getting one!
By  on 2/10/2010
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