Honour Woman

Eau de Parfum

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It is very sharp for me.
By   - Prof from MD on 8/26/2021
Another Amouage masterpiece. I’m amused by these reviewers that say Honour Woman is so strong. If you’re 21, and have little experience, perhaps? I dunno, I just think this is subtle and sophisticated. As for old ladies in antique stores, I just don’t see it. I know the scents my grandmother wore and this is a long way from the sweet, single note fragrances of her era.
By   - Author from New York on 5/22/2019
This is a beautiful fragrance with lasting sillage. However, not everyone will like this unique fragrance. Perfume is really subjective to personal preferences and tastes. It is not based on age. One can enjoy all types of perfumes at any age. Everyone is different. I find it in poor taste to use negative stereotypes to describe perfumes one does not like. If it is too difficult to articulate one's dislike of perfumes without using stereotypes, perhaps it is better not write a review about it.
By   - Student from n/a on 6/10/2016
This perfume goes on very strong, musky spicy. I thought of antique stores and old women wearing this. Not for me. Thankfully the sillage is surprisingly poor.
By   - Healthcare from Vancouver BC on 10/29/2015
I'm usually very wary of white florals, but this is just lovely, the very antithesis of heady or bombastic. It's a delicate and somewhat aquatic floral, with hints of fruit and spice; sadly though, I don't get any of the base notes. I personally don't find this to be at all a strong scent, sillage is quite mild in fact, but as with all Amouage's, longevity is enduring. I'll admit, at first I thought the backstory was utterly ridiculous (I mean seriously, who on earth would want to smell so tragic??), but after testing this, I somewhat get it. It's a very still, very calm, and very reflective scent, and while I don't necessarily find it melancholic, it is perhaps the most sedate white florals I've ever smelled. It's fresh, light and pretty, and worth a try.
By   - from LA on 3/18/2015
beautiful floral scent. all of my favorites are here! ordered a sample and had to buy the whole bottle. if I could take a bath in it I would!
By   - from New York on 1/5/2015
Though you cannot fault the quality of this perfume, it's just SO SO SO strong. Overpowering. Maybe I'm judging it too harshly - I tend to love complex unisex boozy vanillic scents - but it's just so unnuanced. All I get is a whalloping white floral blast that lasts forever with no mitigating or interesting complexity. I get no incense or wood. Perversely, trying to blend it into something less headachy with some Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine just made it scream louder. Off to the bath to scrub.
By   - Writer/Producer from Brooklyn on 11/17/2011
LOVE IT!!! VERY Beautiful complex floral! If I could go beyond 5 stars I would.
By   - therapist from NYC on 10/2/2011
This is a very pretty, well-blended floral. The opening notes are a bit herbal, reminds me of an Italian style of perfumery. It dries down into a subtle floral on me, did not detect any frankincense or leather, but of course this was from a dabbed sample vial so I don't have the full picture.
By   - from San Diego on 9/14/2011
This is an incredible scent. It is pungent on the first application and then the drydown is this creamy, luxurious mix of skin scent and roses. I adore it and highly recommend it. It is not a department store scent or an immature scent. It is definitely a scent for a true lady.
By   - Instructor from San Mateo on 9/6/2011
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