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This is very sweet, and tangy, almost spoiled. It has an artificial sweetener ambience I just can't enjoy. Big no from me, which is disappointing as this is one I've been dying to try - with that beautiful packaging and notes list. Bummer!
By   - Graphic Design from Wilmington, NC on 8/7/2021
Such a beautiful, elegant, dreamy scent! Boozy, slightly resinous, soft osmanthus, classy tobacco, mouthwatering peach, jasmine and vanilla. I received a 2ml sample and after trying it once, I immediately jumped up and got a full bottle. It is that good! Very expensive and quite unique smelling. The notes are blended very well, nothing harsh, screechy or loud.. Everything just lands on your skin. Gorgeous bottle to match the unforgettable fragrance!
By   - QA Software Engineer  from San Diego on 7/6/2021
Initially very boozy smell. Once it dried down its a warm sweet scent but a little "old" for my tastes.
By   - RN from Las Vegas on 1/25/2021
This is amazing, I love gourmand fragrances but I wanted something a little more unique and less mainstream. Hedonist is exactly that, I’ve tried honey fragrances before and have never loved any of them. Highly recommend giving this a go!
By   - Assistant Community Manager from Clarksville on 1/21/2021
Too heavy a fragrance for summer in Florida with drenching humidity and 95 degree weather. Better cool weather fragrance. Best description...matches most closely to Opium of yesteryear.
By   - Veterinarian from Sunrise on 6/29/2020
This stuff is delicious. It initializes a honey scent then opens up to deeper and more sophisticated notes, almost having a resemblance to Lubin's Black Jade. Although, not as deep but with just enough mystery and depth to keep one interested.
By   - Academia  from DC on 6/17/2020
This smells to me like super sweet, thick syrupy honey. I like sweet fragrances but this is a bit nauseating to me unfortunately.
By   - Student from NY on 2/6/2020
This smelled of honey to me. No peaches, no tobacco and no rum...just honey. Powdery, floral, warm honey. All in all, not bad. Actually quite delicious initially. Unfortunately after 3 - 4 hours it was completely gone, just not worth the price point for such poor performance.
By   - Femme Fatale from New Zealand on 2/20/2019
Warm with a splash of spice. The moment I smelled this I was happy I got this sample. It has a very elegant vibe and a little goes a long way. Interesting creation.
By   - Investor  from Miami on 2/11/2019
Obsessed. The first time I tried this perfume, no fewer than three people asked me what secret I had learned, because I looked like the cat who had eaten the canary. The secret was that Hedonist in my hair meant that my head was in a luxurious, fluffy stone fruit cloud all day - strong notes of creamy peach and golden honey. I smelled expensive. I felt expensive. There was a meeting that should have been tense/hostile but it went incredibly well, possibly because I was grinning like a very self-satisfied Cheshire cat for no apparent reason and my enemies were confused and terrified.
By   - High Femme from Los Angeles on 1/6/2019
This goes on very pretty, gets a little too sweet in the first 15 minutes, and then dries down into the most beautiful, creamy honey. I definitely get hints of peach mixed not the honey, but it's not a fruity smell at all. I try hundreds of perfume samples every year, and maybe 10% of those ever end up in my "to buy" pile. This one went in that pile after the first wearing.
By   - Attorney from Miami on 2/10/2018
I love perfume but I am highly allergic, so it can be very tricky for me to find anything that works with me. So when I found this perfume and discovered I could wear it without sneezing AND it smelled fantastic on me, I was hard-core in love! I probably wear it too much but it's just so perfect with my skin chemistry, so when in doubt, this is my go-to scent. This is a lovely, uncloying peach and jasmine with a constant, sexy undercurrent of rum that is just subtly stabilizing. And happily, not powdery at all. The spillage works out just fine for me- it wears well for 3-4 hours and when it's gone, it's gone cleanly. After that, I can easily put on another scent.
By   - Psychologist from Washington, DC on 7/10/2016
I bought a sample of Hedonist based on the wonderful reviews so it saddens me to contravene what others have written. All I can say is that "Hedonist" smelled nothing of the description. It was an entirely inoffensive, non-descript floral with a hint of alcohol (I assume to be the rum). I got no peach, no tobacco, no cedarwood or vetiver. In no way to me did this represent hedonism. Sillage was poor and lasting power average. Perhaps it might smell differently sprayed instead of dabbed but I'm not that keen to find out! Sadly a no from me :(
By   - Research from Perth, Western Australia on 6/16/2015
A very complex and rich perfume. In a few words: feminine, sexy, elegant, warm and luxurious. I have a particular relationship with fragrances in general, but once I smelled this one, wow ! I couldn’t get it out of my mind! I’m not very good in detecting specific notes, but I definitely get the peach-honey, tobacco and vanilla note. On my skin it’s delicately soft but powerful at the same time. I’m absolutely loving it ! It also comes in a gorgeous beautifully shaped bottle with little crystals, couldn’t ask for more!
By   - from France on 5/28/2015
rich fruity-sweet floral. maybe more fruity than floral....the peach comes on strong, but doesn't overtake the jasmine. does feel luxurious and hmm, hedonistic
By  on 4/21/2015
Jailia and Botrytis have had a love child! Tons of peach and honey! I love sweet, edible scents so this is right up my alley! I wish the honey note lasted until the end, but it disappear on me in the finish. I'm left with a very pretty vanilla scent with a hint of fruit. I'm not sure if I need this when I have Jailia, Botrytis, Madera and Angel...I might though!
By   - SAHM from SoCal on 7/2/2014
Starts off peachy sweet. Turns into "I'm looking for sexy time. What about you?" Does what I expected Putain des Palaces to convey. It's not "stanky," rather, (and not to be graphic) it's, "I've been thinking about you all day baby, and hope you're ready for me, baby." The price is a bit high, for the amount provided. I'd rather have more fragrance and less pizzazz (i.e., crystals in the fragrance, etc.). However, that said, the name fits the fragrance, bottle, concept, etc. Great marketing to go along with a very interesting fragrance.
By   - Law Student from DC on 2/15/2014
Love it for the first try! Honey and peach is comforting, lightly sweet, not loud and I think that is a very important part of this perfume: concentrates for your inner voice. Very well composed and has an elegant body. I have watched the video about the perfumer and she is right: such an elegant scent that reminds me of golden age too! I smell some rum little later and that little twist just makes it even better. Congrats!
By   - from New York on 1/6/2014
This is interesting in that it feels like both a classical French perfume and a modern niche perfume, with prominent honey and peach notes. It opens similar to Kilian's Flower of Immortality, but within seconds the honey note announces its present. This is darker and more complex than FoI, and has an opulent, golden quality. This is a "must try". Great composition; I definitely like it, but to me it seems a little heavy for Spring/Summer/daytime. Maybe it would be better in winter or for evenings?
By   - from Nashville on 5/31/2013
Amazing fragrance! It is not a loud, provoking, vamp-perfume as the name suggests, but rather a refined, sophisticated, luxuriously sensual scent that is easy to wear, has great longevity and refreshingly different from any other perfumes I know!
By  on 5/16/2013
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