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For a scent so gentle, this is absolutely stunning. A skin scent for sure, on me, it’s overwhelmingly almond-y. The clean linen notes do come through nicely, though. Being in a hot and humid climate at the moment and constantly sweating, wearing this fragrance makes me feel clean, moisturized, and just a little elegant. It layers so beautifully under my other scents and seems like it gives me 4+ hours of wear time. After my first full day of wearing, I knew I would be returning for a full bottle; this is just an everyday staple I need in my collection.
By   - Student  from Providence on 9/11/2021
Although not a listed ingredient, there is a scent that resembles vanilla. I do not like vanilla and in addition this is too sweet for my taste. It is a pretty perfume, just not for me. I hope that most of
By   - Retired from Albany on 3/14/2020
I have fallen in love again. This scent takes me back to my childhood and the slightly sweet, fresh and velvet smell of a new baby doll at Christmas. I wear it for sexy, I wear it to work, I wear it to bed, to shop, to hike. It has become my scent! My absolute favorite Lucky Scent so far of the maybe 40 samples I've bought. One day I will purchase a full bottle and will buy it without hesitation.
By   - Graphic Designer from Hamden on 10/9/2019
This scent does have that clean cotton shirt blowing in the wind on a sunny day kind of feel. On me it's a nice skin scent. good for jobs where perfumes need to be more subdued or inoffensive; or for anyone who prefers a scent to smell clean & cozy. I don't get any gourmand notes though. Pure Eve smells clean (but not soapy), soft, and airy. Think one of those expensive cotton linen candles. Lasts a fair amount of hours. sillage is soft but not too faint that it barely exists. I prefer the opening most of all. Overall, I think this a nice scent for the right person. Personally though, it's just not what I tend to gravitate too. I want a bit more oumf from my perfumes. I am glad I tried it though and I do think it is well done.
By   - . from Puerto Rico on 7/19/2017
I adore this scent. From the very first all through the day, this scent gives me the sense of warmth and comfort. It's sweet and a little green at the start and becomes more musky and soft over time. It's a perfect day at home with the husband kind of scent for me. It invites cuddling! It's definitely full-bottle worthy for me.
By   - Marketing Executive from Bedminster, NJ on 3/24/2017
It's been three hours and I smell like a delicious macaron cookie. Prior there was an unpleasant Play Doh stage that immediately began as soon as the juice dried. The only time I was able to smell the notes described above was during application; it was beautiful and I wish it could have stayed like that. Very nice, soft spoken and delicious skin scent but for me not FB worthy because of price vs originality.
By   - Sales from SoCal on 7/22/2016
Pure Eve is delightful! It does remind me very much of What We Do In Paris Is Secret, but it is softer, more lotion like, less intense. There is a sharpness in WWDIPIS, that reminds me of spicy cinnamon candy. That cinnamon element is missing in Pure eVe. For me, Pure eVe is powder, lotion, creamy softness and the perfect comfort scent. Being a mother, I will say that the powder note does remind me of those tender moments of snuggling with my daughter when she was a baby. But it is not a Johnson & Johnson vibe just a baby vibe. There is something else in the scent that evokes warmth like a cozy sweater. Overall Pure eVe is, for me, comfort and happiness in a bottle.
By  on 4/10/2015
I really like this one! I was going back and forth between buying What We Do in Paris and Luctor et Emergo. I loved the top of WWDIP but didn't like something in the dry down, I'm thinking it was the jasmine (which settles oddly on me). I liked the dry down for LE but the top notes, of earth/trees, I did not like. I randomly ordered a sample of this and I'm so glad I has the best parts of WWDIP and LE and none of the parts I disliked. It's heaven! If you've never smelled the above mentioned fragrances, Pure eVe is perfectly light and not cloying. It smells like subtle marshmallows, fresh almonds (not that fake almond scent) and clean cotton. The description by Luckyscent is very accurate. I'm definitely buying this one ASAP! It's just lovely!
By   - from New England on 6/28/2014
Instantly reminded me of POTL Luctor et Emergo, though not as cloying...
By   - from Los Angeles on 6/19/2012
A musk skinscent with soft hints of cotton/line note that is listed as a linen flower, the white rose listed is hardly detected, and no perceptible cedar on my skin. Deep into the dry down I do get a faint candied marzipan.This is not anything unique, but is very nice....I'm tempted!!
By   - from Southwest USA on 5/15/2011
Not what I was hoping. It is light, but reminds be a little of opening a new package of Pampers. Also, I detect an aquatic note somewhere in it. My husband even commented that he didn't like the perfume I was wearing.
By   - Realtor from South Florida on 5/14/2011
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