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One sniff and I was instantly transported back in time to smelling my Danish grandmother's bottle of Shalimar for the first time. Not just the Shalimar, but her, her house, her cooking (pork and prunes and candied new potatoes), the whole package. She was a warm and sanguine but no-nonsense survivor, large and in charge. Rest in peace, Bestemor, and tak for mad.
By   - Desginer from western MA on 9/23/2018
A blueberry perfume? Really? I had a hard time believing it, but it's true. This is extraordinarily good, and no pancakes involved. The amber cushion for the blueberry is very light and fluffy, and ginger adds pep and coolness. It's just gorgeous and comforting, and got me through Hurricane Irma. It's one of 3 perfumes I took with me when I had to leave my home before the hurricane, and I wore it all through that month.
By   - RN from Florida on 12/2/2017
I get blueberries and plum, jasmin, benzoin, and amber -- and it is all beautiful and wonderfully composed. I am hoping with the FB coming my way I can detect the ginger as well, but I imagine it is doing its thing making the whole perfume work so well. With this and I Miss Violet, I am falling for The Different Company after early indifference.
By   - Writer and teacher from Cambridge on 5/23/2016
Talk about love at first sniff!!!!! This fragrance wears exactly as described. Long lasting, sweet, clean, sexy. Cant stop sniffing my wrist! I am adding this to my wishlist =)
By   - Paralegal from Fort Myers on 1/21/2016
Oh my goodness!!!!! I'm just speechless with this work of art! This is a love spell in a bottle. Every last word used to describe this fragrance is true and then some. Ladies if you don't want to be bothered, this is not for you. Sex appeal in a bottle.
By   - Gemology Student from New York on 10/6/2015
A sweet yet clean floral bouquet, dominated by a jasmine so delightful that it is like honeysuckle nectar. Combined with touches of rose and tuberose, the overall floral chord really doesn't lend itself to being pulled apart into its components. The blueberry note is playful, and really integrates surprisingly well into the overall vibe! I wouldn't have said blueberry without peeking at the list of notes, although I do sense it now (mostly at the first-sniff of the opening). This perfume is ultra feminine, and stays adoringly floral and true all day. (It reminds me of the gorgeous floral bouquet of Burberry Touch for Women, without the oakmoss and other "staying power" notes of Touch that actually clashed with the flowers on my skin.) Une Nuit Magnetique conjures powerfully positive scent associations for me. I can't place it exactly for the life of me, just that it represents innocence and child-like bubbling joy. I just love it!!!!
By   - Biotech from Providence, RI on 9/10/2014
Gorgeous blueberry perfume, as realistic as blueberry can probably get. A few dabs from my sample floated up to my nose all day long without needing to re-apply. Thats my kind of perfume! Best fruity floral I have smelled in ages.
By   - Broker on 8/9/2014
I smell a lot of perfume. I mean A LOT. It's not every day I smell something that makes me stop and look at my arm and take a step back and say WOW. This one did. It is bewitching and unique. It's complex but so inviting. It's classy, elegant, and seriously seductive, but I can see myself wearing this to work too. I fell immediately in love and with sample in hand scrambled to my computer and ordered a bottle.
By   - lawyer and mom from Norfolk on 7/15/2014
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