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Oud Shamash

Eau de Parfum

Oud Shamash Sizes Available:
50ml $220
0.7ml sample $5
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Here's what other people are saying about Oud Shamash...
Oh my, what a lovely scent. Soft, mysterious, smoky, delicious. This one's a keeper. Very, very subtle and sensual. Can't get enough!
By   - Editor from Sedona on 9/14/2017
Love love love! Dark, oudy and rich, with a touch of brightness. Montale ouds are cheap, thin and simple in comparison. Kilian ouds are nice, but not amazing, and they are twice as expensive as they should be because of the outrageous packaging.
By  on 11/6/2013
The pleasant-smelling Laotian oud used here is very well-blended with the much more prominent spices throughout; the overall effect being a polished reference caliber spicy composition that will most likely appeal more to folks looking for real oud utilized effectively in a supporting role. Outstanding!
By  on 6/1/2013
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