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White Zagora

Eau de Toilette

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Energizing at first spray, then slight citrus, Then sweet but not overly sweet, as I am not a fan of sweet scents except in candles. The briskness stays, then subtle, very slight rose. (I also buying FB of other fragrance sample they sent me in the Frag Fitting group, Grace by Comme des Garcons, perfect brisk rose blend). But White Zagora is my fav, with fresh, brisk, peach blossom and more subtle notes peaking in here and there. Grace is more soft rosy with brisk, also great, but different then White Zagora. 15 years since I have bought fragrances cause all have been too strong from department stores. Two purchases in my cart now! Smiling now! White Zagora is fabulous for any month, day or night!
By   - Bookkeeper from Massachusetts on 1/31/2018
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