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Totally agree with the reviewer who called it gin & tonic in a perfume… it goes on like a shot and dries to a watery g&t, like the cucumber water at a dangerous spa.
By   - Business from Boston on 10/23/2020
Someone remarked in a prior review "An elderly man’s deathbed memory of Play-Doh" and I have to agree, the opening smells exactly like Play-Doh! LOL!!!! However, once the top notes dissipate after a few minutes, the cedar, bergamot, and freesia really stand out and it smells really nice. It's pleasantly unique.
By   - Sales from Germantown on 9/1/2020
An elderly man’s deathbed memory of Play-Doh.
By   - Fragrance Noob  from El Segundo on 7/6/2019
This is my favorite cologne. It has a delicious warm/cool vibe so that I can wear it in very hot, or very cool weather. Different facets pop out depending on whether it's worn on skin or clothing. It's light and airy, but fairly complex. Definitely unisex, my DH loves to wear it, too. Excellent sillage and longevity.
By   - RN from Florida on 12/2/2017
I had to post a review on this, as De Bachmakov isn't particularly masculine, and certainly not butch, unless you define a stand of freesias as "butch" - if so, carry on then. I bought a full bottle just this past week, and it's my favorite fragrance ever, after a long and wicked life of loving perfumes. I do have a large perfume wardrobe and catholic tastes, but this is at the top of the heap. I think it's feminine, and at the very most unisex. So this fragrance must be one of those wonders of body chemistry things between different people, as I get a gentle green spring-watery, piney open note (I grow shiso, and it doesn't smell like it at all), with a pure, clean, freesia middle (no nasty indoles), followed by a mineral finish that smells, yes, of classroom chalk in a very nice way. I had to comment that the bottle is simply beautiful, but the cap doesn't fit at all and was rattling round the box when I got it. It's rather comic, as this is the eponymous fragrance for Thierry De Baschmakoff, the bottle designer. That shouldn't stop you from trying this if a cerebral fragrance is your kind of thing; no dirty underclothes perfumes for me, thank you. A masterpiece.
By   - Critic from Marlborough on 8/20/2015
Wow, wow, wow. Has any other fragrance house ever used shiso leaf like this in a blend? It's utterly intoxicating. When it first hits the skin you think, "Oh, sushi bar!" (in a REALLY GOOD WAY). But then it begins to blossom and develop into the most intriguing blend of greenery and citrus and pepper and cedar and... WTF?!? It's definitely the "WTF" accord that has me hooked here... there's something going on deep beneath the surface that is indescribably seductive. This is maybe the ultimate summer fragrance for men... clean, fresh, astringent, dead butch, yet with just this teeny-tiny hint of sweetness that keeps it from being excessively or aggressively macho. Mrs. BassMent says "Wear that more," as she drops her sundress....
By   - from Providence on 6/23/2015
Elegants, en peu froids et hautains. TDC a le don de faire soit des parfums compliques ou tres simples...Pour ma part, Je me sens merveilleusement bien avec lui depuis ces quelques jours, plus je porte ce parfum plus je l'aime et en découvre toutes les façettes. Quoi qu'il en soit c'est l'un de mes préférés et de loin avec deux autres --- Sel de Vétiver et Sublime Balkiss.
By   - écrivain from Taiwan on 6/10/2015
I'm in love with De Bachmakov (which is, incidentally, very fun to say). It is a fragrance that for me, gives a very strong sense of place. I think of an empty classroom in a school building made of gleaming white pinewood, sitting on a hillside, surrounded by forest. It is the end of winter session, and the window is slightly open, bringing in the air from outdoors. I absolutely got the allusion to Russia and a feeling of longing for a homeland that no longer exists. It is the fragrance of a heart in exile! Fascinating to me that I got all of this from a sniff of perfume; Celine Ellena is certainly a genius. The fragrance is faint and close on me but very present - the woods and green appear and reappear all day, and finally fade to only the chalk accord at around 10 hours from application. Elegant. I must have this.
By   - Office from Boston on 10/31/2014
Cool and spicy -- gin and tonic in a perfume.
By  on 6/4/2012
Extraordinarily gorgeous. Icy, herbal, sweet. Gives me the feeling of crunching through a snowy path on a bitterly cold but sunny day. My favorite of this line.
By   - from Miami on 3/24/2012
For me, this scent is reminiscent of of twigs/reeds/seeds. It seems to have a 'crunchy' greeness to it. I suppose this is the 'buds poking out of the snow' facet. It is interesting, but it is not what I was looking for (something genuinely cold!). Sample first!
By  on 3/20/2011
I am usually more into gourmand scents but decided that my collection needed some depth and decided to try this as a sample. It definately runs "cold"- a kind of sharp floral/citrus smell in the beginning which eventually settles so delicately into something I continue to sniff on my wrist- the true test for success afterall. Overall, I really like it and it would definately help to round out a collection.
By   - from New York on 2/5/2011
It didn't really impress me at the first time. It smells really cold. However, after a few days of wearing it, I begin to love it more and more. It's crispy, icey and jst like iced drink. Not very long lasting, but compare to other TDC,I think its the most long lasting one.
By   - from KHH on 12/30/2010
Surprised it's designated as a masculine scent; I find it as "for women only", and best for late Spring-early Summer. That said, it smelled very nice on me, though not long lasting.
By   - from central NY on 12/29/2010
First post was a mistake. This scent did not leave an impression on me.
By   - from new york on 12/13/2010
This is a fragrance that won't disappoint! I am a huge fan of TDC and JCE and I received word about this fragrance a couple of months ago. I couldn't wait to test it, and I am very pleased. Although it's listed to lean more towards the masculine fragrance side, I was able to wear it with no problem being a female and it wasn't too manly. I believe this is one that agrees with both body chemistries. Very nice fragrance.
By  on 12/9/2010
To the first reviewer, this site has a wide range of fragrances and pricing. I will gladly spend over 200 for something really special to me, but i can afford it. If you are unable to afford such luxuries i suggest you use amazon, ebay, drugstores or a mall to smell like everyone else with a brand name you are familiar with. With luckyscent, not only are you paying for the exclusivity, but the product has higher quality ingredients and sometimes you are paying for the packaging. I havent tried this fragrance, and i do not know if it would be worth the price, but i would consider getting a bottle if i liked the sample enough.
By  on 12/4/2010
You know, no one forces you to buy at this botique. While some of the prices are high, you are paying for the exclusivity. IF that OFFENDS you, please do NOT OFFEND others with unsavory comments. Thanks,
By   - Instructor from San Mateo on 11/24/2010
This is just gorgeous. My favorite by far from TDC. Wish it came in a smaller size, but I'll probably break down and order a bottle soon anyway.
By   - from Santa Barbara on 11/19/2010
I agree with the person below, And this is one of my favorite lines ever. I have not tested this fragrance yet, but I am sure it will be amazing just like every other fragrance in the line.
By   - Community Integration Specialist from LI, NY on 11/18/2010
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