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Vanille Banane

Eau de Toilette

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this scent is addictive and sweet but not cloyingly so--a perfect combination of vanilla and banana. the staying power on skin isn't super long, but on fabric it lasts 12+ hours very strongly! scent memories are my main reason to love perfumes and this one smells EXACTLY like the scented cherry merry muffin doll i had as a child in the 80s!!
By   - student from MA on 6/23/2021
Delicious, fun, and great value. There's nothing icky or ugly here, no chemical or plastic smell to ruin the sweet tropical vibe. I disagree that it smells like suntan lotion, it's very sweet for sure, but it really does smell like vanilla and banana. It's a wonderful fragrance, especially for the price. One of my standbys, I wear it along with more powerful (and expensive) ouds and ambers to sweeten them up.
By   - writer from saratoga springs on 10/8/2020
I received a sample of this in a recent Lucky Scent order. (This is a re-release of this scent). It’s wonderful. Banana is not a scent that I would normally seek out in a scent but, it works here. As with all CSP fragrances that I have tried (Voyager line ?- this dries down to a vanilla. The vanilla drydown is creamier than the other scents. During the day I feel the banana fades or blends more with the other notes (but still is there) and the result is a tropical breeze as it flows across your coconut rum drink that is topped with whipped cream. I am quite enjoying this. My hope is that they keep this as a part of their line. I am still hoping for the return of Vanille Citrus - it was my all time favorite and I miss it every day.
By   - Housewife from Phila on 9/1/2018
You'd think this would be a hit since I live in Miami. Not so much. It smells like suntan lotion - the overpowering sweet stuff that wafts at you from the person two blankets down in the speedo drinking umbrella drinks.... not the maturity of Bain de Soleil from the gorgeous older woman in the white bikini on the other side of you...chic, refined, beautiful. This is purely cheesy speedo and big gold chain. It is what it is. Not for anything really - maybe you wear this to the beach? Or a beach bar? I don't know. No adulting here.
By   - Medicine from Miami on 5/17/2018
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