Amour de Cacao

Eau de Toilette

by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

Amour de Cacao Sizes Available:
100ml $85
30ml $42
0.7ml sample $3
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Here's what other people are saying about Amour de Cacao...
I am usually very wary of scents that try to mimic chocolate as they often smell very fake. Amour de Cacao manages to capture the essence of chocolate beautifully, though it doesn''t actually smell spot on like chocolate. It is a scent that evokes a different memory for everyone. I have had many compliments while wearing this, and it is always likened to some sort of pastry....cookies, crepes, croissant, always the person giving the compliment comes up with a different dessert it smells like.
By   - Stylist from Denver on 3/29/2016
Great smell.. I receive lots of compliments.
By   - Military from alamogordo on 10/6/2015
I love this one.It falls along the same family tree as Chocolate Greedy and Serendipity although this one is the best in my opinion.It reminds me of hot cocoa with marshmallows and vanilla extract.
By  on 9/14/2014
Great take on chocolate, not cloying or dark like Angel, this is softer, more akin to vanilla... Delicious, but not sure about staying power.
By   - stylist from montreal on 3/16/2010
This used to be amazing back in the ''80''s before they reformulated it. It smelled just like the best raw unsweetened cocoa, deep and rich. I don''t know who they''re trying to appeal to, but they should go back to the old receipe.
By   - from milwaukee on 1/8/2010
Ugly, strong sinthetic smell, sharps my throat.
By   - housewife from Sweden on 7/17/2009
Not as dark chocolatey as I would like, but I like the mix of vanilla and chocolate with bare hints of orange at the start. Could be more orangey too. It ends up smelling more like cotton candy as it dries.
By  on 6/7/2009
Yummy. Smells like smores.
By  on 2/10/2009
this smells like milk that almost scalded with a tinge of sugar in it
By  on 2/9/2009
this scent is a the kind where you can smell the cocoa right there and then quikly the other notes stay on top smells good for maybe an hour
By  on 10/21/2008
I love cacao and I love this scent! Thanks CSP, great creation. Only problem is the staying power, wish smthg could be done about this cause I want to smell like this every moment of the day!
By   - from ISTANBUL on 9/29/2008
I love cacao and I love this scent! Thanks CSP, great creation. Only problem is the staying power, wish smthg could be done about this cause I want to smell like this every moment of the day!
By   - from ISTANBUL on 9/29/2008
A smile on a dreary day. Vanilla cream candies dripping in chocolate. Snug in an antique quilt, soft rain falling, reading an engrossing mystery. That’s how I would describe this scent until a friend asked if I had been around someone smoking a cigar….uuugg. Wow how people interpret differently. But a fragrance just for me….oh yes!
By   - Counselor  from Texas on 4/18/2008
I don''t know what it is about CSD fragrances, but I always get that PlayDough smell. I assume that''s CSD''s vanilla. Very unpleasant.
By   - from Oregon on 4/14/2008
Wow! this is sweet. My boy friend thinks it smells like chocolate chip cookie...basically he loves it!
By   - Student from San Francisco on 1/17/2008
Very chocolate but too sweet for me.
By   - Globe Trotter from Indianapolis on 7/7/2007
this is a yummy scent...beautiful and pretty long lasting, i have been wearing csp perfumes for about ten years and have never ever been unhappy with one of their fragrances but i am looking for a rich dark chocolate scent a little deeper and maybe a little longer lasting...does anyone have any suggestions????
By  on 7/7/2007
It''s a nice gourmand scent, but people only get a cotto ncandy or cocoa puffs smell. I was looking for dark chocolate.
By  on 6/30/2007
Very stong chocolate scent. Evokes many comments from strangers like "mmm...yoiu smell like chocolate". When I first put it on, it smells like a chocolate covered orange. The orange fades quickly, and a chocolate peanut butter smell is left.
By   - from houston on 3/21/2007
I love this scent! To me, it smells like chocolate graham crackers. Never too much or too generic, this is a sure thing when I want to garner some attention
By   - from Seattle on 3/6/2007
This is one of the frangrances that I keep in my permanent rotation. And without fail, every time I wear it, my husband tells me I smell good. On me, the scent of orange is pronounced, but in a nice way. When I first put it on, it smells like an orange-flavored chocolate truffle, with an edge of powdery scent. Soon, the powder goes, leaving behind a subtly sweet scent that suggests chocolate more than it beats you on the head with it. The whole thing is warm and cozy without making me smell too much like a bakery.
By   - SAHM from NC on 2/28/2007
wow....smells exactly like cocoa puffs
By   - from boston on 2/25/2007
This is by far the best gourmand scent other than straight Vanilla Absolute. The chocolate is very cocoa and truffle based. Not artificial at all. The starfruit and orange are barely deteectable, really just adding more depth to the cocoatruffle scent, while the vanilla calms and mellows it. Pure sensual bliss.
By   - Pastry Chef from Portland on 2/7/2007
This one is delicious and not too cloying, almost like a fine chocolate with a tinge of orange.
By  on 1/19/2007
Cocoa Puffs. If you want to be cuckoo for cocoa puffs, then this is for you. It''s a nice, sweet, cocoa and non-offensive, but not worth a full bottle for me. Does stay true on the skin. Smells the same after a few hours which is good for the price. So if you like that cocoa smell, go for it!
By   - sales from rochester, ny on 1/13/2007
My dentist asked me if I smelled cookies baking when I wore this perfume to get my teeth cleaned! However, I still like it.
By   - from San Francisco on 12/14/2006
a HOLY GRAIL for foody scent lovers everywhere!!! sweet,rich and long lasting,very like victoria''s secret "vanilla lace" but with more depth...
By   - nurse from pacific grove on 12/13/2006
Very interesitn to read all the descriptions discussing the chocolate in this perfume. I barely smell chocolate at all in this one--perhaps a musty undertone that suggestes unsweetened baking chocolate, but for me the dominant note is a fairly long-lasting vanilla.
By   - Teacher from Mladison, Wisconsin on 10/30/2006
I really, really wanted to love this scent, but instead I kind of like it. Smells like cocoa puffs right out of the bottle, but within minutes, all traces of chocolate disappear. It turns out sweet and soft, with a little orangy undertone, but if I were asked wihout knowing its name, I''d never identify this as a chocolate scent.However, this may be just me. I don''t think Serendipitous smells at all like chocolate, either.
By   - SAHM from DC on 10/25/2006
"LOVE OF CHOCOLATE" how i adore you! so rich,creamy and loooooong lasting without all the guilt~a truly beautiful,scrumptious DREAM of a scent!!!
By   - artist on 10/8/2006
This fragrance is disappointing, to say the least. After reading about its "oh-so-chocolate" attributes I ran out to try it. I''m a fan of fine chocolate and would love to have a fragrance that captures its aroma. However, from the initial spray to the sickening drydown, this fragrance smells like cheap chocolate (think Hershey or Godiva) and not the sublte, dark, full-bodied chocolate I''m used to. I suppose this fragrance appeals to kids and people used to those travesties of the cocao bean I mentioned above but I can''t imagine how anyone, who knows what quality chocolate tastes like, wouldn''t think this a sad, coconut tainted mess.
By   - Bon Vivant from Manhattan on 9/20/2006
you will NEVER find a richer,creamier,true aphrodisiac! this is PERFECTION! if you adore foody,sweet,decadent scents,try this one,you will be in HEAVEN!!! this doesn''t get 5 stars,it gets 10********** i was shy to try it at first,since other "chocolate" scents have never really hit the mark,but this is a full-bodied range of sweet seductions,there is vanilla and sweet cream in there too and all the good things you would expect from an oven on a cold winters evening! LET ME GIVE MY THANKS TO COMPTOIR SUD PACIFIQUE:no other brand can compare, NONE! they are the vanilla gods,the creators of bliss,the myth,the legend,THE BOMB!!!!!!
By   - artist from california on 9/19/2006
When I first tried this scent I did not care for it and moved on to try Matin Calin (LOVE) and Vanille Citrus (ADORE). I decided to revisit this scent after reading SO MANY positive reviews. I tried my sample and then a little while later I was looking around for what smelled so good...turned out it was me! Also, I tried it after my shower the next morning and my husband comes down the stairs to ask what I was wearing as it smelled so nice upstairs. (keep in mind I was only using a sample so I was applying sparingly - a little goes a long way it seems). I decided to add this to my growing CSP collection and I am glad that I did. It has become one of my favorites.
By   - Fitness Trainer from N/A on 8/15/2006
Amour de Cacao is my secret weapon--guys go CRAZY when I wear this scent! I think it smells like chocolate chip cookies! Every time I wear this, I have strangers telling me how good I smell. Perfect if you love vanilla-ish, slightly cocoa scents. Layer it with a woodsy vanilla body lotion (I use Bliss Vanilla Bergamot), and it is magic!
By   - from Jackson, MS on 4/19/2006
never met a comptoir i didn''t adore!!! this is my favorite though...let me just say that it is DECADENT,DREAMY,YUMMY AND HEAVEN ON EARTH!!! i can''t imagine anyone who wears gourmand type scents not loving this is like a dream dessert for the skin! chocolate,marshmallows,vanilla,creme brulee,custard=all the good things in life! CSP is all that it is cracked up to be,trust me-you can''t find a better product...i am in love!!!!
By  on 3/23/2006
Smells strange - the notes are too high and sharp for me. It actually smells like a "piney" men''s cologne- the kind you wish would not end up sitting near you at the movies. Maybe they got the wrong scent in my sample vial...
By   - sales from Columbus,OH on 1/28/2006
I love it! It has staying power and the smell is intoxicating. It kind of smells like chocolate cake mix (cocoa) with a hint of vanilla.I wore it to a club and the fragrance was still there afterwards. Now that''s staying power. I love it, it''s not strong or overpowering. I''m completely disregarding any negative comments, this is one of my favorites now. I''m buying a bigger size.
By   - from Charleston, SC on 1/27/2006
to sharp for me it smells like it is for a man or its just the cocoa bean or orange zest.
By   - from baltimore on 1/11/2006
This scent makes me feel drunk almost, it''s *that* chocolatey! I could never accomplish anything while wearing this, except perhaps to decide to have another brownie and an espresso.
By   - from austin on 10/29/2005
i''m going to try this one again.... i really like the idea of a chocolatey scent, but i got it last year and ended up returning it. i just couldn''t get attached to it, for some reason. it has a very unique smell--maybe the orange zest came out too strong on my skin. worth a sample, though.
By   - college english teacher from pittsburgh on 7/25/2005
oh my delicious. The most intoxicating and addictive fragrance i''ve ever tried! i cannot stop smelling my arm...
By   - from new york on 7/20/2005
beautiful-delicious-YUMMY scent,but i must tell you this: "amorito" from the body shop smells the same and you can purchase 3 bottles for the price of one bottle of CSP!!!
By   - beach bunny from california on 7/9/2005
Smelled exactly like Cocoa Puffs when I first sprayed it on. After awhile it started to smell like Cocoa Puffs poured over vanilla pudding. I don''t smell any orange on me. I loved it at first, but then it got kind of cloying. It''s the kind of smell I like to smell, but not to smell like. Very, very strong and lasting.
By   - teacher from NC on 6/6/2005
Yummy chocolate fragrance, good staying power 2 warning : do not bite your arm!!!!
By  on 5/13/2005
Definitely chocolate. Upon drydown the orange comes forward and blends with the vanilla. It is a very nice, young persons summer perfume.
By   - Retired from Rochester Hills on 5/5/2005
I LOVE this scent!! I''m allergic to most perfumes so not only am I happy that I can wear this with no reaction (well, I get reactions from other people )!!), but that I love the way it smells! I spray my bed at night with it, sprayed my clothes in my closet...and yes, was tempted to lick myself!! I don''t smell any orange.. just warm chocolate yummies!
By   - from NYC on 3/3/2005
hmm maybe it''s just my body chemistry, but I ordered this based on the almost-unanimously rave reviews, and am sorely disappointed. it smells like bitter cocoa puffs. I don''t smell any orange or sweetness at all.
By  on 2/24/2005
YUMMYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!The "must" of Chocolate!!!
By  on 2/15/2005
I received a sample of this yesterday.I loved it at first,but then it dried down,too much and the scent did not last.The chocolate is wonderful,but it just does not stay on my skin.I wish it did and that there was more scents made with chocolate and not vanilla.
By   - Claims Examiner from New Cumberland on 2/8/2005
excellent fascimile of chocolate! Scruptious!
By   - Student from Danville on 2/4/2005
It drives my boyfriend wild!
By   - Software Sales from Chicago on 1/5/2005
Well, maybe it just didn''t go with my chemistry? Not as delicious as the description. I was hoping to like this one.
By  on 12/7/2004
this is yummmmy!!! it smells alot like amorito from the body shop...sweet,decadent and long lasting...
By   - artist from monterey on 12/4/2004
I got a sample of this with my Frapin order. When I sampled it, my husband went wild! He said it almost smelled too good.
By   - Legal.Sec. from NC on 11/4/2004
This is the most "foody" scent i have ever smelled. It is strong on the orange. It is like those orange flavored candy gels dipped in chocolate.
By  on 10/28/2004
This smells like cocoa butter lotion to me, but my boyfriend goes wacko for this scent- it''s the only one he requests I wear. I think CSD''s scents are a tad overrated, but they are still quite good. This may be the best of them.
By   - management from Alpharetta,GA on 10/24/2004
This fragrance reminds me of the sugar coated nuts that the street venders sell.It''s just yummy! I get a lot of compliments on this one!
By  on 10/22/2004
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