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Vanille Coco

Eau de Toilette

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For what it is, it's ok. There are some days one needs this sort of thing. It's basically a vanillin, heliotropin, synthetic coconut fragrance oil blend. A sweet, gourmand suntan lotion perfume. I find the coconut far too plastic in this one, although Black Coconut in general by anyone is too heavy for me when it comes to coconut, so, meh. Synthetic coco or heavy black coconut from Whole Foods is the choice I guess. Personally, I believe CSP needed to use a better coconut fragrance in the blend. I found one in England that rocked my world, and it was plain coconut. (Amphora)
By   - writer, musician from Houston on 2/23/2009
Totally agree with Nia! Amazing scent, couldnt get enough of it and it flew away in minutes :(
By   - from ISTANBUL on 9/29/2008
This is what I'm afraid of re : CSP products. Buying this product with such a price point as $50 bucks & if it doesnt last will irritate me (lol); I've been in Sephora & a former Sephora employee and know this product doesnt move off the shelves hardly... They really need to consider lessening the price on these, say $20.00... The kind of dispenser doesnt seem to allow for much control like a regular eau de parfum, meaning that you will probably spray the whole bottle like deodorant in two ya feel me fellow lucky scenters???
By   - info verification specialist from dallas on 10/7/2007
I know there are many of you who adore the CSP line, but they just don't rock my world. WAY too sweet & foody for my taste. Although they have great staying power, smelling like a bad combo of candy, chocolate & suntan products isn't my idea (nor hubby's) of sexy.
By   - Paralegal from Dallas on 8/14/2007
Cotton candy. That's all I got. Which is ok, if that's what you're into.
By   - from Washington, DC on 7/28/2007
all time love this fragrance look forward to spraying everyday coco vanilla seems to mix well with others fragrances a wonderful beautiful new fragrance is st. barth west indies vanilla amazing i am sure lucky scent will soon have it one cannot get enough of it quite simply fabulous
By   - publisher from beverly hills ca on 5/8/2007
One of the best vanilla fragrances. I don't get the coconut at all; instead I get toasted marshmallow, which is delightful! And it never suffers from the changeover into Play-Doh that so many other vanillas do.
By   - photographer from New York on 12/16/2006
This dries down to..... .... ...Cadbury Mini-Eggs. Which are delicious, but not the sexiest thing to smell like. Still, a comfortiing scent.
By   - from Boston on 11/8/2006
Not what I had hoped for. After reading other postings, I was hoping it would smell like they had said-more crisp, clean and almost like suntan oil. To me it smelled like it was stale-the coco smell is off. I'll stick with my La Maison line for crisp, clean vanillas.
By   - RDH from Tucson on 8/22/2006
I hate this entire line. It smells like an OD of suntan lotion. and the packaging is ugly.
By  on 8/4/2006
Delicious scent. The first whiff is sweet coconut, but the dry down is pure vanilla milkshake. Summertime in a bottle. Expensive, but probably not an everyday scent for most. I'm going to wear this to summer get togethers and weekends. I love, love, love Vanille Coco!
By  on 7/2/2006
I could never wear this unless I was on vacation because I smell like I bathed in tanning oil. I actually like the smell of tanning oil, but I think in a cologne, it should have that something extra. On me, this does'nt. I smell like a vacationer...kind of, well, tacky.
By   - Sales on 4/4/2006
I love sweet scents and this one smells nice too. But I don't think I would go to work or to a special event with this on. I feel like this is more for the beach or some relaxed event. its ok though.
By   - graduate student from Baltimore on 3/15/2006
If you like to smell like Hawaian Tropic..... go for this one. It smells good and yummy,it is just not me.
By  on 5/13/2005
By   - from NYC on 4/14/2005
Being a lover of CSP's fragrances i was disappointed in this one. Found it to be sweet.If you are looking for coconut definitely go with Sage's Onyx.
By   - from new york on 1/9/2005
This is a wonderful mood enhancing scent! It's very happy, tropical and colorful smelling. Smells a lot like suntan oil as well. The perfect vibrant, playful and sweet summer scent! I love it!!!!!!
By  on 1/7/2005
I think this one is perfect. I was surprised that it is not overwhelmingly coconut... just a tiny hint of it. Not overly sweet either. If I didn't know it was vanilla coconut, I would not have guessed it. It is not real obvious... just smells like a warm delicious scent. I think maybe the Heliotrope note throws it off and makes it unique.
By  on 12/6/2004
This is great, but Sage's Onyx and Pilar and Lucy's The Exact Friction of the Stars do the vanilla coconut a little richer and more long lasting.
By   - Teacher  from Calif. on 11/24/2004
Wonderful!! Smells like vanilla & coconut ... very tropical smell that makes you feel like your on the beach.
By  on 11/7/2004
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