Eau de Parfum

by Divine

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50ml $120
0.7ml sample $3
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Here's what other people are saying about Divine...
Divine is a wonderful woman's fragrance. It is a new classic; perfect for stylish women. It is not for a Lady GaGa wanna be; it is for new Audrey Hepburn; or Marilyn Monroe; or Diane Lane; or someone else with class and style. This would be your alternative when you are not wearing Chanel No. 5 or Coco or (the sadly discontinued) Vega by Guerlain. Is it a mature scent? It is elegant, but it's not "old lady" by any means; it's classy and glamorous. Mature in that it is not for teenagers or even 20-somethings who haven't grown up yet. I adore it, and I think there are a lot of very special women who would wear this happily A fantastic fragrance, very special and elegant, like the woman who would wear it.
By   - Atty from NYC on 12/5/2016
It was not for me, reminded me of old lady soap.
By  on 10/14/2014
This is a very nice sophisticated scent. Would I buy a bottle(?) maybe, down the line. Right now I am seeking a unique scent that grabs me by the nose and makes me feel I must have it. It sounds strange, even to me, but as I age my likes regarding scent are changing. So I decided to give away most of the bottles on my perfume tray and seek out what pleases me now. I have selected two so far - Killian Good Girl Gone Bad and Lubin Black Jade - very different scents but each in its own way grabbed my attention. I would like a third - and I'm still looking. I am no expert and sadly lacking in knowledge of ingredients and how they interact. I do know it must work well with my body chemistry and that is why I am very thankful that Lucky Scents offers trial samples. There are about three scents I've been looking for and discovered that they are no longer being made. Robert Isabel passed away about 5 years ago and I have been reading about Ceylon, Calla and Savanna which he had produced. Based on what I have read about the late Mr. Isabel, evidently a man of extraordinary taste, the scents were highly rated and now almost impossible to find. How sad. I managed to locate Savanna and Ceylon on e-bay. Now I have to decide whether to take a chance and purchase blindly.... still haven't decided on that path yet. So in the end, I would say that if I find nothing else my nose likes better, I most likely will come back to Divine. I noted that the dry down is much better than the initial application.
By   - Retired from Peoria on 10/5/2014
Opens strong but not sharp. Has none of the fizziness of No. 5's aldehydes. Instead, it is deep tuberose/gardenia over peach and oakmoss. Very glamorous and grownup. Dries down very creamy and feminine. Need I say I adore it? Aptly named. Going on "Must Possess" list.
By  on 2/21/2012
Spectacular! From it's lush, big, old Paris perfumey notes to its multiplicity of layering drydowns, it is luscious, compelling and nothing short of powerful magic on my skin.
By   - Consultant from San Francisco on 10/1/2009
I have a sample, and this is a great scent that conjures up a old hollywood vibe, but I think it smellls exactly like Chloe. Not the new one, but the Karl Lagerfeld one that is available in drug stores and places like TJ Maxx and Marshall's.
By   - tax analyst from md on 5/28/2008
I like white florals, but htis was too "sweet white floral" me. Very heavy on the gardenia, then sweet vanilla and tuberose. Wore it for about an hour hoping for more subtlety. I do think there are some people who could carry it off, so give it a try before you buy.
By   - from San Jose on 5/14/2008
Gorgeous. Very elegant, sophisticated perfume. I personally wouldn't wear it every day, I'd keep it for special occasions.
By   - from Hungary on 4/19/2008
This one is something my mother would wear.
By   - Manager from Melbourne on 4/3/2008
This is it! My signature fragrance. I LOVE it. This scent is so seductive, so entrancing, so me. Too bad you only have the perfume and not the bath products to go with it. I would bathe in this.
By   - from Dallas on 12/5/2007
This stuff is definitely old school. I say that respectfully. Gardenia, tuberose, moss and musk. The type of scent you remember your impossibly stylish 50something aunt wearing (you know, the one who has been through 3 wealthy husbands and is working on the 4th). It starts lightly, then becomes progressively stronger. I was smelling this stuff 6 hours later without any effort. I think it finally faded after 8 hours (either that or my nose got tired). A beautifully crafted scent. Just not for me....
By   - trainer from Washington DC on 10/27/2007
i just got my sample, and it smells like, "white flowers" my mom had in the early 80's. i keep smelling it trying to like it, but it just isnt for me.
By   - from queen creek on 8/8/2007
Smells like Norma Desmond (Sunset Boulevard c. 1950) looks.
By   - from Seattle on 4/14/2007
Divine. Let's say it like this; my love for fragrance has spanned practically my entire life and my tastes are a little more finely honed than the average person my age (23). Divine proved my age, almost embarrassingly so. On me it smells like a 13 year old raiding her mother's vanity before a piano recital. Way mature. Delicious, but oh my, I can't wear something like this in public. People will laugh at me and say, "oh, aren't you just so cute dressed up in mommy's clothes!".
By  on 2/18/2007
When I first sprizted this on I thought it was simply a cheap redo of Lalique by Lalique or Jardins de Bagatelle by Guerlain. As it dried down, however, it wasn't even that. Instead it smelled like an air freshener in a public bathroom or the"perfume" that comes packaged with little girls' dolls. I can't imagine why anyone would be duped by this. Oh well. . . PS: If one stars means "not great" then this fragrance should get a negative four stars!
By   - Bon Vivant from Manhattan on 9/21/2006
outrageously good perfume!! icky vulgar bottle. but really that's just being petty, the stuff is just delicious. but don't wear it if you are the shy type!
By   - chef from tel-aviv on 6/26/2006
I agree completely with everything written in the Lucky review. They have captured it well. It definetly is strong, yet beautiful, but too mature for me (I'm mid thirties). Maybe in twenty years or so it would be perfect.
By   - photographer from Springfield, MO on 11/4/2005
This goes well with a black tie affair with a brand new vintage dress.
By   - from Baltimore on 9/12/2005
I recently purchased this fragrance and I must concur with other comments about it being a very grown up formal perfume. None the less, it is beautiful. I wished that it had more staying power.
By   - from fredericksburg,VA on 6/2/2005
YOWSA! not for little girls, not for every day wear. Gorgeous
By  on 4/14/2005
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