Eau de Toilette

by Comme des Garcons: Incense

Kyoto Sizes Available:
50ml $95
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Kyoto...
I am a person who usually gravitates towards feminine powdery scents - Smoke is not my thing - It''s just comes off as irrefutably masculine.I now have a favorite "smoke" scent.It does start as typically masculine but it softens very quickly to a powdery clean, wood scent that is subtle and absolutely complex. There are many versions of scent that evokes the feeling of "Oriental Trading" shop - This one is the high end antique - with chests of drawers permeated by decades of incense of the spiritual type, but very clean and well taken care of. This is the most unisex smoke scent that I have ever experienced and oxymoronically - the most "clean" I love it - am in it now to try the others in the CDG Incense series...
By   - Art Jeweler from Dover, DE on 2/5/2017
This one really frustrates me. It''s almost exactly right. I love unisex scents and the Hinoki notes are fresh and authentic Japanese cypress. Hints of expensive incense. Lime blossom. Unfortunately the dry down is chemically cloying. Irish spring soap and something very harsh and clinical I can''t put my finger on. The start is lovely, what a shame, and waste of Hinoki!
By   - Bar manager from San Francisco on 4/9/2016
Based on the many positive reviews, I purchased a sample of this. It did nothing on me it just sat there like it was still in the sample vial. Then something else kicked in: it smells like Murphy''s Oil Soap! I love the way Murphy''s smells when I clean. I don''t like it as a perfume. I smelled just about as good as my floors. No go for me.
By   - Marketing from Dallas on 2/23/2016
Once again, I am very impressed with another CdG Series 3! This is the brightest and freshest of the series, for me. I agree with the comments that this is a meditative fragrance. Sadly, it does not last long on me…same went for Avignon. This is pure pleasure to wear, and seems to brighten and uplift my energy. If there is such thing as “fresh” incense, this is it. Thumb up.
By   - Not for Profit from Chicago on 12/23/2015
Well done! If you love incense notes, this is a must try. My experience of this fragrance was a pleasure from top to bottom. It opens up with a strong, but not sharp or acrid cypress, and settles into beautiful woody incense that stays close to the body. I did not get the floral notes so much, but I am fine with that. My spouse loved it...he said it reminded him of his favorite artisan hand rolled incense from the Renaissance Faire of his youth, and said he preferred it over the incense from church. So it may ring familiar to certain subcultures, but it is so incredibly refined that you will experience the notes anew.
By   - from St. Paul on 7/10/2015
I have no idea how I decided to get a sample of Kyoto, but I did and it took less than a week for me to decide to buy a full bottle.First sniff from sample, I was like whoa. Manly. Super manly.I waited until the next night to actually try the scent on.I dabbed a bit on the insides of my elbows. I then went on a run. Throughout my run, I was getting wafts of the perfume and I would sniff at my skin to get more of the scent. Cypress and cedar rule this perfume when I wear it. There is very little incense, but it is definitely smoky. This perfume is intoxicating. My head was reeling with ideas of all the sexy things you could do while wearing this.You could say this is a very simple perfume.Especially if you''re only able to pick out one note, but I say get a sample if you''re at all curious because this evolved into something so sensual on me. Yes, it''s very masculine, but because perfumes usually turn very sweet on me, my body brings out the amber and tones down the cypress.This perfume is going to make people notice you.Make sure you fit it as well as it can fit you.
By   - advertising from los angeles, ca on 3/15/2015
Great scent. Sits close to the skin, has a nice warm tone and last a good while.
By  on 2/10/2015
Kyoto is zen fragrance that smells wonderful on my skin. Its clean woodsy aroma surrounds me for the whole day but never overpowers. My favorite from The Incense series along with Zagorsk. Well done CdG!
By   - from Philadelphia PA on 10/28/2014
My favorite incense scent of this line.I much prefer this one over Avignon which is a bit too dark and masculine for my taste.
By  on 8/14/2014
Pencil shavings flower into fresh cut fir trees and move into spicy incense. Long long lasting and complement attracting. Has a dramatic effect on the opposite sex, which is a problem because I''m ___.
By   - Photographer/Artist from Seattle on 4/23/2013
It''s a woody, clean incense. The wet wood (cedar? teak?), hint of coffee, and vetiver are all there for me, steady and calming. I could wear this to work more readily than Avignon, which I also love, but which is almost too churchy to go unnoticed.
By   - from New York, NY on 9/6/2012
At the very beginning, pencil shavings is acctually a very true description of this frangrance! It''s light and fresh, almost synthetically bleach-clean. I also get a hint of mint, and the incence and cedar are well balanced but not overwhelming. The musk is nowhere to be found, which I''m happy for. Think eucalyptustree, if you like it, this one is for you.
By   - Psychologystudent from Gothenburg, Sweden on 8/6/2012
This has become my (relatively) inexpensive daily wear. I don''t get pencil shavings like many do. I get a very clean sauna. A bit of soap or cleanliness, followed by wood planks like in a lumber yard. Wood planks in a lumber yard after a shower.
By  on 5/1/2012
Smells like incense, antique furniture, and dirt. When I got this I sprayed both wrists, my neck, and my chest. Then a few hours later I sprayed my neck again. Twice. And my forearm. I bet I smelled pretty horrible.
By   - Baller from Los Angeles on 2/2/2012
This is a beautiful scent. I like Avignon also, but I think Kyoto is the best of the Incense lot. It starts off a little harsh, but it becomes rounder, calmer and nicer. But I had to laugh at the name: I lived in Japan for 5 years and to me Japan smells like cigarettes, smog, fish, and benjo ditches! But I know this is supposed to be the smell of a ancient sacred worshipping place. A Japanese memory that it did conjure up for me was hiking in the snowy pine-forested mountains in winter, in the morning, when the air is fresh and pure and everyone has their fireplaces going. Beautiful none-the-less!
By   - Lawyer from San Diego on 1/26/2012
This is the only perfume I took with me on my recent trip to Kyoto. I stayed in a zen temple, and as I was walking around Myoshinji I smelled my wrist and it truly was an intensification of the smells there... the greenness, the wood, the incense. It''s the first time I''d smelled a perfume inspired by a place in the place that inspired it... truly awe-inspiring.
By   - from new york on 12/7/2011
This scent takes me to a secluded cedar soaking tub amidst a thick forest of pine trees under a clear night sky. The strong purity of the vetiver puts my spirit in harmony with my roots. If feminine-florals are your thing, this one''s not for you. This scent is earthy, crisp, mysterious, and certain. It is cool and hot at the same time. It lasts all day and all through the night. And here''s the best part: my boyfriend turns savagely passionate when he smells it on me! So many things to love about this scent!
By   - from Baltimore on 12/5/2011
I am very impressed with this one. It''s, as someone else said, a clean incense...IMO, it smells something like Diptique Tam Dao made into incense...bright and clean. My other favorite incense is heeley cardinal and they both share that sunny quality even though the incense smells totally different.
By   - Sales rep from New Orleans on 8/22/2011
Expected great things, as I''m a big incense fan. However on me this smelt quite powdery and sweet, reminiscent of Kenzo Flower. None of the CdG incense range really does it for me, my favourite is Avignon but I find that too harsh and abrasive a scent, whilst Kyoto is at the other end of the spectrum...disappointing on me
By   - from London on 8/6/2011
Sniffing this off my wrist right now, I can say wow, just wow. I absolutely loveee this stuff! Non-abrasive, and completely intimate. Not only that, but very forward-thinking and fresh. An absolute winner for me.
By   - from Planet Earth on 7/28/2011
Anonymous reviewer from Nashville, your review alone compelled me to buy a sample today. Beautifully written.
By   - Student from LA on 7/27/2011
I am going to give it to you straight. Forget about the poetic intro given by LS. This is super clean fresh laundry. The freshest cleanest you will ever be. The Japanese are the freshest and cleanest...even more than the Austrians. That''s why this is called Kyoto. Not because of some incense they burn in any monastery there. Seriously. If you put this on after you You just can''t be cleaner. I wore this on a subway during the heatwave today and I STILL felt fresh and clean!! I am a woods fanatic - that''s why I got this bottle and I don''t know how they did it but they sanitized these woods, picked up all the leaves before they rotted, bathed all the bears and squirrels and picked up the deer poop. Cleanest Japanese woods on earth. BRAVO CDG ...I love when you stare at me I''m dressed so fresh so clean..Ain''t nobody dope as me I''m dressed so fresh so clean...
By   - from NYC on 7/22/2011
This is a wonderful fragrance of spice mixed with woody notes. It''s more subtle than I expected, which is perfect as I didn''t want to be overpowered by the incense.
By   - Pharmacist from London on 2/7/2011
This is by far my favourite of the CdG incense range. There''s something creamy and comforting under the incense and cedar that avignon lacks. Bought a full bottle after one sample. Luckily the bottle arrived before the same vial ran out.
By   - from Wellington on 6/1/2010
Kyoto came in to peacefully outshine many other incense and woody scents. It came in favored over all of the uber expensive Amouage perfumes like Jubilation and Epic WomanMan. And it does way more for me than Tam Dao by Diptyque. Tamboti Wood by Susanne Lang is also similar to Kyoto but is much more dominant in the woods and much less incense. Both are very calming. Tamboti more grounding, while Kyoto flies. For a milkier, creamier, vanilla version of Kyoto, Cadjmere by Parfumerie Generale is an amazing find.Kyoto is an ethereal zen invention that is subtle yet a powerful influence. Cypress, Incense, Light Woods, and it never gets bogged down or flat from the wood element. It''s unisex in my opinion, and I found that its best to wear when you''re not too busy or in aggressive situations. I''m also careful now not to wear it if I''m actually wanting it to do more. Kyoto rides high and atmospheric, so make sure you''re able to go there and not fight with it.
By   - from San Francisco on 3/29/2010
This is the one I''ve been looking for since Gucci Rush for Men ceased production. In some way it is similar to Tumulte Cologne by Christian Lacroix yet wears longer and is more complex and interesting. Every time I put this one on I receive compliments from at least 3 people (women) It is very Zen. Simple and complex, warmenticing. It is a sexy relaxing fragrance which is natural and definitely not like the other heavy colognes on the market today.
By   - President/CEO from South Bend on 11/1/2009
Kyoto sends me right into the realm of the sacred. Such a rich blend of ingredients must be handled with care. It took a while before I could become part of its intimacy. This perfume wnet through my pores and striaght to my heart, and there it left it throbbing. It is an experience that must be carried with great dignity.
By   - literature from mexico on 10/4/2009
I locked myself out of my apartment. I glanced over at my mailbox as I silently cursed my forgetful brain. I opened it angrily, inside was my luckyscent package among several child support bills. I immediately thought of what anonymous from nashville had written. I tore at the package. Everything was going to be okay. I doused my throat with this fragrance. I advanced confidently towards the door... and ran smack into it. I came to hours, I smelled lovely.
By   - exterminator from Boston on 7/31/2009
Every time I put this one, I feel I found my HG perfume. It''s ethereal, a blend of forest scents (I smell cedar and pine) and incense. However, after an hour or more, it becomes obnoxious to me: more green than incensy. After wearing for a full day, I desperately wanted to scrub it off in the end. Lasting power is obviously great, but that pine scent annoys me after a while. Same thing after 2 re-tries guess it''s not for me.
By   - computer programmer from Athens on 7/29/2009
I love the way it smells from the atomizer, and then even in the air, however when it first hits my skin there something very strange going on, it turns from incense to old cigarette butts, but after the initial dry down becomes quite lovely and intoxicating.
By   - from NYC on 6/7/2009
To anonymous from Nashville: Wow, what a gorgeous, poetic could be a writer if you aren''t one already.
By   - Yoga Mom from Los Angeles on 6/5/2009
After living in Japan for several years, I desperately wanted to love this fragrance. Unfortunately, I didn''t even like it. Perhaps it was my nose or my skin but instead of being transported to Kyoto (or at the very least Tokyo!) and all I could smell was my grandmother''s cedar closet.
By   - from San Diego on 2/2/2009
I sampled all the incenses before finding out the only the Kyoto smells good to me. It is very woody and green, not very incensy but more Japanese forest. Nice complexity, lasts a couple of hours and the price is not bad.
By   - from Dallas on 1/30/2009
Sometimes, I anchor this with an amber so I can be identified as human. Otherwise, I just drift in and out of windows and walls, leaving a spectral trail in my wake. Love this stuff.
By   - from Nashville on 1/16/2009
Really, really loved this. I lived in Japan for awhile, and everytime I would come home, I would open my suitcase to unpack and there would be this blast of scent that would come from my clothes that was just the essence of Japan. I could never figure what all the smells were, tatami, paper, wood, the smells from my apartment, but they just made me so nostalgic. Well, this isn''t quite that scent, but it is a really wonderful smell that reminds me of the pine forest and temple incence you can smell all over the place in Japan. I love the briskness, and smokey scents, on me, this mellows out quite a bit, my SO smelled it said, oh, that smells like a very Parisienne perfume. You need to try a sample though, it is not a typical fragrance.
By   - designer from portland on 9/27/2008
Almost a dead ringer for the smell of the incense ball the priest swings around at the church we attend once in a blue moon. That''s the best description I can give for now -I''m hoping I''ll get as good as everyone else soon......
By   - Product Manager from Naperville on 9/17/2008
i just spent three months living in kyoto... i ordered a sample of this when i got home, and i''m buying a bottle. deep, cedary, somewhat masculine fragrance that nevertheless dries into a spicy oriental that keeps me smelling my wrists all day long. love it.
By   - from vancouver on 7/15/2008
This is exactly what I was looking for! It''s a sweet (but not, too) clean cedary fragrance in which I love! I''m a woman and definitaly would have no problem wearing this on a daily basis. This and Molecule 01 are my favorites so far ( and I have many, many fragrances).
By   - from Dothan on 5/28/2008
This is exactly what I was looking for! It''s a sweet (but not, too) clean cedary fragrance in which I love! I''m a woman and definitaly would have no problem wearing this on a daily basis. This and Molecule 01 are my favorites so far ( and I have many, many fragrances).
By   - from Dothan on 5/28/2008
[Female Reviewer] This is a gorgeous incense scent. It''s definitely heavier on the woods, lighter on the temple-incense. For me, this wasn''t a unisex scent, because my skin really brought out the masculine side of the cypress [lots of pine]. I gave it to DH [also a fan of incense fragrances] to try, so I''ll follow up with the "man''s perspective" at a later time. :o)
By   - TV Writer-Producer from Tulsa on 1/9/2008
very cedar and wood heavy
By   - Researcher from NYC on 11/30/2007
avignon is the better between the two of these. doesnt fool you about what it is!
By  on 10/24/2007
i dont know what it is today must be my sinuses acting up, but this gave me abit of the spins. its too light and sweet in the first and then becomes more masculine in the drydown.
By  on 10/24/2007
Kyoto is a quiet coniferouswoody scent, with a hint of incense. It is restrained, simple, and evokes a contemplative mood... a Zen-like experience if you are open to it. The opening is sweet, with coffee and a prelude of the patchouli and incense which will be the base. These quickly retreat, and a lovely cedar and cypress wood accord emerges and sits very, very close to the skin. Light incense gently softens – but does not entirely remove – the austere dryness of the wood. I find this to be a very well designed, attractive scent. It is for interior moments rather than public statement.
By   - from edmonton on 10/9/2007
it''s like wearing sex ... in the best possible way!
By   - Graphic Designer from Toronto on 10/8/2007
I''ve spent a lot of time and MONEY on frangrance....but this has to be the best. I layer it with patchouli PATCH by L''Artisan and cannot tell you how interesting the combination is. Compliment all day long!
By   - Flight attendant from Chicago on 10/6/2007
Ooooh! Out of 8 batches of samples I''ve ordered, this one has gotten my interest!Dark, heedy, masculine, cedar. Mmm. Very sexy for the dark, mysterious woman! Best suited for night, not day.I wish I could wear this perfume, but I am afraid the strength would offend delicate noses. :( I love it, nonetheless...
By  on 7/23/2007
A pine tree has seduced me.
By  on 7/19/2007
the incense and woods create a fragrance that is all background + presence. Totally absent of ego. Hard to pin down the personality of this magical scent. Sublime. The sound of one hand clapping. . .
By   - dilletante on 7/4/2007
Kyoto invoked a lot mystery and "wow, what is that you have on?" I wore this out to a club and just recently to work so many compliments and "damn what is that intoxicating" smell?, I got plenty of compliments and sly smiles... One special invite at the end of the night... And I knew had a winner!It''s the sh---!
By   - Security Manager from Washington, D.C. on 6/16/2007
A nice, somewhat masculine wood scent. What I''ve noticed about the CdG incense series is that the scents are nice on anyone - but *gorgeous* on guys. The intense wood notes seem to go exceptionally well with male skin scent.
By   - Program Associate from Atlanta on 6/3/2007
This was one of the first scents I smelled when I first got initiated into the world of perfume and I must say, I was really let down. I got a major headache from it. Months had gone by and I tried it again yesterday. I have learned to distinguish various notes within a perfume and I think the detection is part of the love. I could smell the heady incense taking me back to church as a child, the cedar announcing itself loudly. I wanted to like it but I ended up with another raging headache. This is not one I would wear and I''m not upset.
By   - from Richmond Hill, Canada on 5/18/2007
This is EXQUISITE. I received a sample and I can hardly wait to order a full bottle. I like the fact that it is masculine. I really detest flowery smells and this is not flowery at all. I wore it for a day, to try it out, and my boyfriend kept smelling me as the fragrance changed. He really liked it after a couple of hours, but I ADORED it from the very beginning. This may be the end of my perfume search-
By   - Attorney from Los Angeles on 4/30/2007
the cdg incense series has caught me in their gauzy web of scented delerium! :) this one is cedary but that is not a negative! takes me places without having to leave home can''t say how much i enjoy all these!
By   - radiographer from cambridge on 4/1/2007
I love this one, its warm and woodsey, and slightly masculine, (I''ve always had a slight preference for aftershaves) distinctive but serene, beautiful from top notes to dry down.
By   - from Wgtn on 3/22/2007
May I change my mind?It''s been months now. Lingering whiffs have made me change my mind. Sheets spreads etc. that have all been washed in warm water, several times, now make me smile and comfy as I snooze. I don''t think we could put it on sparingly enough to wear though.
By   - homemaker on 3/21/2007
I loved this one! It definitely reminds me of church incense or a temple of some sort. It is very sexy, very unique. However, for my taste, it is just a touch too masculine, though I do wear it on occasion. Note, use sparingly the first time I put it on, I put on quite a bit and got a really nasty headache. It does last all day. I think that I would really like this one on a guy!
By   - Attorney from New Haven, CT on 1/16/2007
Kyoto is very similar to Shiseido''s Feminite Du Bois. The top notes are very stong woodsy cedar with a sweet cedar that lags just behind. The drydown is a little more tame and vetiver lurks underneath, but be careful only to use very little as this lasts all day.
By   - from Boston on 1/11/2007
i ordered a sample, it smells like medicine and a kind of chinese medicine ball, hmm.. i remember eating it.. i can''t really relate it to evergreen, maybe i''m not a tree lover, but it doesn''t smell green to me at all. it''s really soothing and relaxing, good for your study if you want something that''s not too provocative or interest arousing. i probably will buy it if i have the money!
By   - College Student from San Jose California on 1/9/2007
My husband, a woodsman, walked in the cabin and said "What smells like cedar?"
By   - homemaker on 1/7/2007
I loved the sample so much, I bought the big bottle just a few minutes after dabbing it on. I wish the evergreen note would last longer than it did. And after the drydown, it mostly smells like intense cedar concentrate, but I LOVE THIS!
By   - student from manhattan on 1/1/2007
This is a gorgeous, sexy, deep fragrance, a bit masculine and potent at first but then turns into one of the most stunning green scents I''ve tried.
By   - from NYC on 12/13/2006
fragrance can bring you back into another time... bring back memories.. just as ifyou were there again.. this perfumebrought me to a place i want to beSOMEDAY. truly gorgeous.
By   - talent agent from st pete on 11/17/2006
I love this scent when in the right mood. It’s haunting, moody and mysterious. One spray is enough for this powerful scent and any more ends smelling like a burnt Japanese temple on me. One spray is the trick, since it’s strong and the lasting power is good, especially for CdG.
By   - from Los Angeles on 10/10/2006
This scent is grotesque. The cedar comes off as a low quality anise, the effect being all too unfortunate. The generic "cologne" smell doesn''t bear even a passing resemblance to fine Japanese incense. It smells more like the disgusting "Japanesque" incenses that the uninitiated purchase at health food stores out in the sticks.
By   - Bon Vivant from Manhattan on 9/25/2006
FINALLY a fragrance that truly resonates with me. I received a sample of it and was hooked immediately. It is ethereal, singular, and hauntingly magical. Clean yet sultry, woodsy and green, ancient yet modern. I''ve been sniffing myself while waiting the arrival of the full bottle.
By   - professor from Brooklyn NY on 8/1/2006
This is the best of the series in my opinion but rather masculine.
By   - from Petaluma on 7/14/2006
I absolutely LOVE this!! The one thing that keeps me from buying it right now is that it smells like a mix of 2-3 CDG scents I allready have and practically live in. I''ll probably end up with it anyway.
By   - from L.A. on 7/6/2006
one in a million.. i have hoarded only a few perfumes in quantity which i store in my wine fridge for insurance against lean times, and this is one of them. all the cdg scents are evocative of something. this one is like taking two weeks off and spending it in your own personal retreat in the mountains of japan.
By   - chef from tel-aviv on 6/30/2006
holy mackerel!! this is a mind-blower.i ordered the sample and literally dreamed about the scent while i waited for the bottle.o.k., maybe it''s the middle east here and people here are used to "ck one" or god knows what junk- but all i know is everytime i wear it i am stopped on the street and asked about''s just perfect. and that is that!
By   - chef from tel-aviv on 6/26/2006
It''s driving me crazy, but in a cool way! I can''t remember the last time a scent has made me feel so sexy, confident, and calm (talk about a bundle of emotions!!). I''ve had the sample for awhile and I tried it on the night before (I wore it to bed). When I woke up, it was the first thing on my mind. Have I said I love it 5 million times? I would but I think I''ll leave room for someone else!!
By   - Administrative Assistant from New York on 4/28/2006
a calming meditative scent bursting with all it''s cypress glory on your can you ask for anything more?
By   - from athens greece on 4/28/2006
a calming meditative scent bursting with all it''s cypress glory on your can you ask gor anything more?
By   - from athens greece on 4/28/2006
Don''t know why from looking at the ingredients, but this reminds me of ginger ale -- crisp, dry, refreshing. This whole incense series is beautiful, but if I hadn''t looked at the bottle, I wouldn''t have known this was supposed to be incense.
By   - from St. Paul, MN USA on 4/21/2006
Superb! CDG has done it again! My boyfriend and I fight over who gets to wear it when we go out! check it out, it''s worth it.
By   - professor from NYC on 3/31/2006
I like this scent so much, it makes me thirsty. It starts off with this sharp, crisp smell of incense, and quickly dries to a spicy, powdery, smoky scent.(It''s not a hippie incense smell, but a deep-in-the-woods incense.) It truly is a sensory experience. Only bad point is that it fades pretty quickly to just a shadow of its original scent. However, it is still amazing.
By   - Student from Chicago on 3/16/2006
Superb! On my husband! Or as a room scent! TOOOO smoky, woodsy and incensy for my taste, and I LOVE CDG 2! If Kyoto had a drop of citrus or vanilla (I know: YAWN!) in it, I would probably soak in it!
By  on 2/24/2006
Wow! I was amused when i first smelled this. This scent is a perfect scent for after workout showers. I feel so refreshed when i put this on. It smells like woody inscense wich is probably the whole point about it, but at the same time i sense a unique and masculine freshness in this one. And i''m not usually into strong scents of this kind. But this one is a gem.
By   - from Stockholm, Sweden. on 1/10/2006
my all time favorite. kinda smells like an antique doll, woody but sweet.
By   - musician from st. louis on 12/19/2005
By   - from SÃO PAULO - BRAZIL on 12/2/2005
WOW...spiritual rebirth in a bottle. Is that too bold? Maybe...still, the only true unisex fragrance I have ever worn...absolutely u-neek and sublime. The personal enjoyment is never eclipsed by the compliments...I will ALWAYS LOVE IT!!!!
By   - !0 from FLA on 10/19/2005
Kyoto is the perfect name for this scent. I cook a lot of Japanese food, which always smells great. This scent reminds me of ginger and other Asian spices. It is my favorite in this series.
By   - from Stillwater, Oklahoma on 7/17/2005
This fragrence, has the same effect as comme des garcons 2. Basiclly its the anti-depressent you''ve always wanted. One sniff and your off somewhere beauitiful, rather godlike with its aromas, I figure that if god had a scent this is what heshe would smell like. If your in true love wear this and she will never forget you!
By   - Retail from Melbourne on 6/28/2005
what can i say about this fragrance ? ... its awesome ! ..
By   - student from stockholm on 5/29/2005
Kyoto...another divine incense scent, woodsy,cypressy,and very sexy. It reminds me of Tam-Dao but better. Thank you luckyscent for my sample.Every man should smell like this! I have to order ths one for my Hubby...though it is great for a woman too this smell makes me "happy".
By   - artist from Florida on 5/13/2005
Light and ethereal woody incense of a fragrance. You feel a cleansing happening. Many compliments! Cypress, cedar and teak woods with damp vetiver lifted by whirls of everlasting flower. Nice.
By   - artist from oklahoma city on 4/22/2005
This scent stands up to the humidit of Miami Beach.. and remains true. That''s impressive. This whole group of Incense scents are all amazing. The dry down on this is gorgeous. Very sexy and very alluring.... different and not like things people wear all the time. I get stopped all the time for this one. It''s amazing! And the vetivercedar blend together in the most sensual way.
By   - from Miami Beach on 2/23/2005
Absolutely beautiful. Serenity in a bottle. It''s not particularly long-lasting on me, but I don''t care. The softest, prettiest cedar I''ve ever smelled. As other reviewers have said, would work for men or women.
By   - Nursing Student from North Florida on 1/31/2005
Starts off like a cedar chest. Mellows into a Japanese temple. Slightly masculine, but wearable for a woman. Surprisingly long lasting. I think it''s the best of this series.
By   - Stylist from Northern California on 1/25/2005
Oh - this is so deep and smokey. Very rich. It makes you want to practice zen calligraphy at the footsteps of a Shinto Temple while the incense drifts out through the doors. I give it my full 5 whiff rating.
By   - Artist  from St. Louis on 12/28/2004
I love the entire incense series, but I really love Kyoto! Such a fresh, "green" incense, although to me it''s more reminiscent of the smell of Japanese ink sticks. This will be great on a chilly, rainy, Spring day.
By   - Classical Musid from Kansas City on 12/8/2004
This brings ne back to my grandmother''s incense box and a Japanese temple. It''s a bit of old Japan, yet surprsingly contemporary and sensual at the same time. Get many compliments on this. Smells great on the skin the next day, which shows the purity of the ingredients.
By   - Artust from New York city on 11/17/2004
Ah, my favorite incense scent! Again one very well balanced scent - it''s not too sweet, nor dry, not too feminine nor too masculine. Very comforting and relaxing!
By   - a student of psychology from Helsinki on 5/15/2004
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