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Vaguely similar to Puredistance M, but warmer and more sensual. Wears closer to skin which is kinda bad, kinda good. This is a scent which begs people to come in closer. Much closer. Wow. May lean more masculine, but a swarthy raven haired woman could rock this so hard she'd need a gun to keep men away. Dangerous on a confident woman in a black dress.
By   - Retired TV Exec from Los Angeles on 9/4/2021
Like Nasomatto Duro's timid little brother. Good, but Duro's more refined.
By  on 1/19/2015
A warm, soft, spicy base of Clove, Oakmoss, Rosewood, Benzoin, and Tonka Bean wraps around a bouquet of Rose, Violet, and Geranium, the whole freshened by Lemon and other Citrus Notes. Roja Dove's website: note listings
By   - from Savannah,GA on 9/26/2014
I wore the sample from Luckyscent and the lady in our office said "somebody is wearing different cologne". Puredistance Black is a wonderful smell and is very comforting. Go easy on the application as it is a thicker concentration. A perfect 10!
By   - Wholesale Tire Sales from Savannah, GA on 9/5/2014
Nice scent, nothing new, HORRIBLE packaging, the spray streams, doesn't mist. very frustrating when you spend this type of $$$ on a scent that you have to apply like an eau de toilette.
By  on 1/12/2014
I have ordered a lot of different samples over the years and have never re ordered, but this product is intoxicating, I am ordering a big bottle, just love it
By   - Business owner from Canada on 12/14/2013
It smells like a poor imitation of Creed's Angelique Encens...did not care for it at all!
By   - floral designer, musician from Houston on 12/10/2013
I tend to like my perfume to speak for me -- as volubly as possible, with sillage visible on regional Doppler. This subdued, "whispering" mystery scent represents a significant departure from that ideal. On application, the aptly-named Black is cool, dark, equally piquant and sweet. There's a pinch of oud (to which I'm very sensitive), a curl of incense, a brush of something green and earthy which others have called vetiver but feels to me like an abstract and clean patchouli, a slice of ripe plum, and a sprinkle of cardamom and saffron. All these are miraculously contained by a cordon of 15-denier amber, each note clearly perceptible, none shouldering forward. Its timbre calls to mind Black Afgano, but at late-night-TV volume, down the hall and on the other side of a door. Around the one-hour mark, a sueded leathery vanillic cloud (tolu balsam?) condenses and hovers. At home, I'd grab my MAC MV3 for comparison. The aura clings close, woods and smoke and amber -- and the plum, now dry and lightly spiced -- still in attendance, albeit semi-transparent, mutable. Fashionably late to the party are a boozy bourbon note and a trace of benzoin, further warming and softening the lengthy drydown. My fragrance-devouring skin took the better part of a day to consume Black entirely. True to the marketing, this is a majestic yet intimate scent, with qualities like velvet: rich and subtly lustrous, susceptible to the angle of the light, drawing in rather than projecting. It doesn't come to you; you have to seek it out... let your attention shift, then inhale deeply and realise it's as present as ever.
By   - from Pasadena on 11/13/2013
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