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Mmmmmm, love this. Starts off powdery but dries to a sweet musky smell. Last all day!
By   - Esthetician from Nashville on 3/4/2016
I loved this the moment I smelled it. This is soft and just sweet enough to be clearly on the girly end of sexy. Something you can wear every day. I put some on from the sample bottle and immediately got a "You smell great," from my husband. I'll be ordering a full size. I can't stop smelling my wrist.
By   - from Upstate NY on 9/15/2014
yum this is good stuff. It is a strong skin fragrance if that makes any sense. It's silage is strong, lasting power is long (I can easily still smell this on my arm in the morning), and the fragrance itself is sweet but not overly sweet. I can really make out the musk, sandalwood and the nice sweet hints of vanilla that add warmth and femininity to the blend. I think I'm going to have to get a full bottle cause since trying the sample, I keep wanting to wear it more and more often yet there's only so much perfume in a sample. It makes me feel sexy and sweet at the same time. It's a winner!
By   - from puerto rico on 7/4/2014
I definitely smell the musk and sandalwood. They are sweetened by vanilla just enough to keep it feminine. This perfume doesn't come off as too musky and heavy, nor too dry because of the sandalwood. It's just the right balance. The silage is quite good, and so is the lasting power. I could easily smell this on my arm the next morning! It's close to a skin scent, in my opinion, however it's just a bit too significant to be a true skin scent. I could see myself having this as an everyday go-to perfume.
By   - from puerto rico on 6/21/2014
I hope they never stop making this, I want to wear it every day for the rest of my life. It's important to note that this is a skin scent, you have to get very close to notice it.
By   - from San Francisco on 6/1/2014
ahhhh- my new everyday perfume! Soft and not super powdery. I hear "You smell good" a lot while wearing Pearl. Close to the skin, subtle, will not offend anyone
By   - Software Trainer from San Francisco on 10/19/2011
I love this scent, I want some more i wish this was'nt such a small bottle. but this scent works for me nice and subtle.
By   - technician from dallas on 4/13/2011
Perfection! Without blemish. I finally found a skin scent. This is to me "the perfect veil," not a self-titled fragrance that is just cheap musk. This perfume does not have anything to add or detract. Pure perfection.
By   - Artist from NYC on 9/28/2010
Sensitive and well-mannered...
By  on 8/12/2009
Love this! It feels and smells like a hug, so warm and inviting. Some say Pearl's best layered, but I think it's wonderful just on its own. I tried Child because people said it was the perfect "skin scent," but I think Pearl is. It's not too sweet, not too perfumey, not too anything-just perfect!
By  on 10/29/2008
Another simple, uncomplicated Sage oil. All base notes, it is lovely but begs to be layered. It is a finely balanced blend; the musk, sandalwood, and vanilla express themselves equally - I can focus on any one note. I like this a lot....
By   - Biotech from Providence, RI on 10/23/2008
At first I wasn't wild about Pearl. The top note smelt very "old lady" to me. Within about two minutes though it was just delicious on my skin. Very subtle blend of musk and sandalwood with whiffs of vanilla. Luckyscent's description is spot on for me. It's a warm, understated scent. I ordered a fb.
By   - from Maine on 11/6/2007
i bought this on a whim after reading a lot about sage perfumes. the pearl was the only one, on first whiff, that i didn't nearly gag on. so i wore it and it really is a 'skin' scent. i think its the kind that would smell different on anyone, so give it a try, it works well as a layering scent with more flowery or heady perfumes. on me, it starts off kind of sweet but then the musks and sandalwood kick in and it has a cool warm and slightly sweet smell to it. its very light, so be warned you can't smell it until someone hugs you or comes really close. great summer scent, but im torn about purchasing it again. something about the scent you can;t put your finger on drives me crazy - hence the 4 stars!
By   - from nyc on 6/21/2007
Pearl is dreamy, and soft. It conjures napping in the sunlight, cuddling with my cats. It's a very beautiful fragrance that soothes with its warmth. I can't imagine anyone being able to resist melting into the mood of Pearl.
By   - from Orange County, CA on 3/30/2007
Pearl is my everyday scent. I always seem to come back for it. A staple for me. The musk, sandalwood and vanilla are so subtle and pretty together. Love me some Pearl.
By  on 1/5/2007
Smells like a bad combination of COOL WATER mixed vanilla.
By   - from ny on 12/15/2006
There are imitators but none like Pearl. It's sweet without that, "Oh Jeez, someone is wearing VANILLA" reaction. The musk and sandalwood are beautiful and don't smell "hippie-ish." I think it's one of the top few fragrances out there. Great for vanilla lover who want something more subtle and great for people who like other scents but want something warmer for winter.
By  on 11/18/2006
Ultimate! Creamy, delicous, Vanilla and more! Won't let you down in terms of staying power. Take it from a foody, this is fabulous! Onyx is right up there with Pearl! NICE!
By   - medical professional from Alameda, CA on 7/31/2006
Beautiful parfume-oil! Its my new favourite! It melts down to the most wonderful smell!You should give it a go, you would not regret it!
By   - Bergen from Norway on 5/11/2006
totally unremarkable
By  on 4/26/2006
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