10 Corso Como

Eau de Parfum

by 10 Corso Como

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I tried this many years ago and really loved it, so recently, when I was shopping around for a new scent I decided to remind myself what it was like, utterly convinced this will be the one. When the sample arrived, I tried it and yes, I still love it, but on me, it smells exactly like CDG Wonderoud I got for my boyfriend!!! Oooops... I''ll never be able to wear this, but it is absolutely beautiful.
By   - artist from UK on 3/12/2018
This is a fragrance that needs time to melt and play with your skin. When I first sampled it, I was underwhelmed to say the least. I could barely even smell it. After some time, roughly 15 minutes, its beauty began to peek through. 10 Corso Como is as soft as a breeze but it brings such a heavenly delight. I feel very naturally beautiful when I wear this. I don''t really smell any of the individual notes--to me it is just a delicate natural scent enhancer, like one is veiled in elegance and spiritual power. It manages to smell very modern yet sacred and timeless. Wish it had a just a bit more longevity and presence but I appreciate it while its around.
By   - Herbalist from Miami on 11/23/2017
Wow, this comment thread tells you everything you need to know about how very different perfumes are foron different people. I agree completely with those who find 10 Corso Como a light sandalwoodwoody fragrance, that''s exactly what it is for me. From a distance, I can also pick up the rose. It reminds me a little of Tom Ford London, one of my personal ten-best-ever perfumes. 10CC is lighter and doesn''t have the pepper of London. I don''t detect anything nasty in this, it''s a little fleeting but really nice.
By   - writer from saratoga springs ny on 9/20/2016
I''m a threat to take a deep sniff of my fragrance too soon after I''ve sprayed, resulting in a big boozy whiff of denatured alcohol. At first, I thought I''d had another round of self sabotage, but after waiting a respectable 5 min, I still got a strong presence of an almost DEET-like scent with this one. The musk is there, but it''s hidden away inside a bug spray exterior. 20 min later, the scent fades to woodsyfloral notes, but those are almost completely imperceptible. Not the one for me.
By   - Licensed Esthetician  from Austin on 4/25/2016
Get ready to be smacked up side the head with a 2x4 sandalwood board. Repeatedly. For about 30 minutes. Then the most elegant, exquisite dry down.
By   - Artist from Atlanta on 1/27/2016
Everyone should try this one at least once! I really have come to love this perfume a lot. The first time I tried it was in very early spring and wasn''t sure about it. I tried it again months later closer to autumn and loved it. I definitely get the sandalwood and oud with a delicate rosey geranium at the back. So versatile! A must try!
By  on 8/21/2015
Lovely! This is a versatile, classic scent appropriate for any age or gender expression. The wood and incense notes were most prominent on me, but there was a touch of dry floral in there too. Projection was moderate for a few hours. I found it heady and dense, yet not overwhelming. I think this is best for someone who does not enjoy sweetness in their fragrances.
By   - from Saint Paul on 9/3/2014
All these glowing reviews about incense and wood and oriental spice left me dizzy with anticipation to try this wonder juice! Alas, it''s just not like that one me. I get some sandalwood, but mostly a nauseating, wet bubble of semi-sweet rosey-musk. I tried, I really did - twice! - but I could only make it to a half-hour before it had to get scrubbed, and I felt the need to douse myself in GdG Jaisalmer to to overtake the wisps that linger. Sadness.
By   - Whisperer from Northeast on 8/9/2014
10 years later, still one of my all time favorites. I get abdominal migraines, so sometimes I can''t go near my precious scents. This is the one I first start back out with.
By   - from Nashville, NC on 1/7/2014
this one is and everyday and no day favorite of mine..reminds me of nothing I know. Has many aspects from first putting on ..and wears like favorite Jeans and T shirt..it may not be right for occasion but would never be wrong..another one I love
By   - engineering student from Bloomsburg on 5/10/2013
l have seen this one compared to Costes, but to my nose the two are quite different. l get a strong woody incense in the opening, but none of the rose. What l get instead is an overwhelming note of sweet pickle, which ruins this fragrance for me. l sense a rather friendly oudh trying to get out from beneath it, but unsuccessfully. Four hours in when the fragrance fades out it hasn''t changed at all, but at least the projection is mercifully low.
By   - from southampton uk on 1/27/2013
A really lovely and soft sandalwood scent. Unfortunately, it''s quite fleeting on my skin.
By   - from Los Angeles on 12/28/2012
I admit I really love this scent, but I have trouble and am surprised it''s regarded as unisex, although it could just be its effect on my skin (as a man). I find this scent has a feminine softness to it--I didn''t get the intensity of incensey woody smells that a lot of others have talked about. Having said that, if my girlfriend was wearing this, she would have my undivided attentions...
By   - from Los Angeles on 8/6/2012
For me it is raspberries and sandalwood. The Sandalwood in it is light and creamy and pairs nicely with the sweet fruit. However, I prefer a dark deep sandalwood so its not exactly what I was looking for. If you are used to deep incense and woods, this may seem too light for you. That said, this scent is lovely in its own light way and when the fruitiness is gone you are left with a lovely adolescent sandalwood. Sweet, immature but very fun. Just keep the bottle in your bag to re-apply as needed, the sillage is only a few hours long. No my favorite yet I think I will always want to have a bottle in my collection. Worth it.
By   - from NYC on 7/22/2011
Very strong incense base, very dry, cold scent. If I am wearing a scent which is too warm, oily or sweet, I''ll add a touch of Corso Como to cool it down it down.
By   - from portland on 5/29/2011
I am one of the addicts. I thought about trying whatever the first lady bought in London with my tax dollars, but in the end I am back with 10CC. It just makes me feel so good.
By   - Homemaker from Santa Fe on 5/14/2011
Great scent, I wish it had more lasting power. On my skin it lasted only around an hour..
By   - flight dispatcher from Istanbul on 1/22/2011
Smelled quite good - spicy-clean, unisex -for the ten minutes it lasted. I would have given it 4 stars, except for the vanishing act and zero sillage.
By   - Homemaker from Seattle on 11/6/2010
there is no doubt that this is one of the first more popular "interesting" scents around, but when I wear it all I can think is, what is that nasty smell? Uh, it''s me. Get a sample first.
By   - chef from nyc on 10/5/2010
This one goes everywhere ..use as base with essentials..driftwood..sand ,,red clay..incense use under everything speed of color, iridium..ari
By   - mathmatics from bloomsburg pa on 8/11/2010
I love this one...
By  on 7/6/2010
Best wood fragrance...ever.
By   - Writer from Los Angeles on 7/6/2010
I would give this a six if I could. Probably one of my favorite new scents, and really the poster child for a scent that develops, evolves, and improves over time. It''s borderline feminine, however, and not for a guy who likes his citrus and leather. Despite the notes, I don''t get an oriental feel from this, and just revel in the interplay of the vetiver and geranium (my favorites).
By  on 3/15/2010
This is a beautiful scent...it''s very light at first, but as it mixes with your chemistry and body heat, it becomes stronger and blooms. One would wish it would last a little longer, but I think that it''s one of those scents that you get used to, and others can smell it while you can''t. I don''t get much sandlewood,,,in fact the whole unfolding of this is a mystery,,,I can''t pin down any note save for maybe a mild musk. It''s exotic and different, which is how I like my scents, This made my top 5 and may become a signature scent.
By   - none from Denver on 2/28/2010
I like spicy perfumes so I had to try this. Lovely spicy but light perfume, perfect for any time any day. Only wish it had better sillage, since it''s too light on me, even in the summer heat.
By   - from Athens on 7/21/2009
I love smoky, spicy and incense type fragrances so I had to try 10cc. Its not bad at all, but is rather plain compared to Costes, Idole and the great CDG incense series. I also detect weird notes of what I can only describle as ''tupperware'' and ''grahmcracker'' that ruin the overall compostion. Didn''t last long either. Maybe my chemistry?
By  on 4/17/2009
Best sandalwood Ive ever tried. Nice little rose in the background lends a twist.
By  on 4/9/2009
Same as CDG: Palisander.
By  on 2/20/2009
This is the most seductive of incense fragrances to my nose. She starts off strong....going in the direction of a lot of other incense frags.....and then she slowly backs off and becomes the most beguiling floral incense skin scent.This fragrance is delightfully deceptive~an absolute beauty that never fails to have the question.."How can anyone smell do good"? follow in her wake......and no~I wasn''t waxing poetic. You WILL hear that question!
By   - from The Land of the Giants on 1/7/2009
Heavy woodsy but mellows to quite a lovely scent after a little while. Definitely NOT for those with body chemistries favoring delicate florals. If you can wear woodspice or oriental fragrances, this is a sure winner - every application!!
By   - Faux Artist from Knoxville on 12/3/2008
This at first whiff was a turn off, but you let it stand and develop and it smells wonderful. This is a fragrance that can be one''s signature scent. I cant quite describe it is words, u just have to take a chance and buy it! Great buy!!!
By   - atty from dc on 11/22/2008
I must be alone is thinking this smells like Christmas Eve. The incense that clings to your clothes after midnight Mass, the resin that reminds me of pine trees and then all those sweet holiday treats. I like this but I never would seriously wear it.
By   - journalist from near Los Angeles on 9/16/2008
This is lovely. But is it just me?? This has no persistence. It develops and evaporates within minutes. I can''t help but think that the fragrance doesn''t develop as fully as it could because of its fleeting nature. It becomes an evanescent hint of something fabulous, but is never fully realized as it disappears and leaves no sillage. I will try the body lotion and layer, but I have little hope.I will either try oud straight up or return to the classic Perfumes that linger.
By  on 8/28/2008
Quality scent- dry, arrid. Doesn''t work with my chemistry or type- but I can see how it could be great on the right woman.
By   - Writer from New York, NY on 1/19/2008
This is a beautiful fragrance. Yes, it conjures up images of abbeys and Italy and days gone by, with a lovely, gentle, sophistication. A nice escape from metropolitan life in 2008. Don''t quite know what to make about the shockingly bigoted comments about aging European women made by the "chef" from Chicago. Sniffing too much deep dish pizza lately perhaps?
By   - from NYC on 1/14/2008
I must be one of the few people that finds these "monastic" scents to be too religious to be wearable. I have a friend who is a Franciscan and this stuff smells just like the abbey.
By  on 10/26/2007
I rushed forward too fast with this one. I didn''t give it a chance on my first test run. I thought, now who could I give the tester to, preferably somebody I wasn''t going to be spending any time around. But tonight, I gave it a mercy date, and it got me. The very notes that I initially hated became charming and classy. I didn''t understand Chanel No. 5 for a long time it was a similar recognition with this scent that didn''t show up until the dry down. It''s not the best, the most unique, the most captivating: but it''s pretty and soft and kind of timeless. It smells like the spot where skin meets feather to me. I couldn''t say it''s sexy or clean or spicy or flowery or vulgar. It''s just subtle and stays close to the skin.
By   - Recluse on 8/30/2007
I have fallen in love with this scent! It smells like Italy and is European in general. It almost smells a little manly with the wood oil, but it is sophisticated and soulful.
By   - from Louisville, KY on 8/28/2007
This is fantastic. Wat a wonderfully bright woodsy scent.
By   - Writer from New York on 6/12/2007
You have to love musk to love this. I wanted so much to love it, because it has body products, and i love sandalwood. On me the musk comes up strong and dances a jig all day long. And I don''t mean a clean musk, I mean a sweaty armpit musk. I had the same problem with Costes. If you love musk, then absolutely try it.
By   - Artist from Alxexandria, VA, USA on 1/25/2007
Very unique and complex scent. I love it. Great lasting power. Not for everyone - very sophisticated
By   - Acquisition from Corona on 12/12/2006
This is the most perfect sandalwood scent I have ever come upon (as of yet!) I cant believe anyone could knock this scent it is a classic and perfect for anytime wear, casual to formal this is a comfort and elegant scent all in one!
By   - from Silver Spring, MD on 10/12/2006
I agree that C.C. smells like a mature woman -- Unfortunately, she''s an eighty-year-old trying to cover up bad curry, musty clothes, and unwashed oily hair by splashing on too much sandalwood. Very European indeed.
By   - Chef from Chicago on 10/12/2006
Out of this one , Regina Harris Frankincense & Myrrh, Passage D''enfant. This came 2nd best. Couldn''t wear this one. Think a bit too mature for me like 40+ yr old would wear. Smells best straight out of the bottle. May give this to my mum to sample.
By   - fashion designer from London, UK on 7/22/2006
One of my all-time most intense perfume "loves." It''s rich, full-bodied and full on womanly. Heat that? For women, not girls :op..... On my skin, it starts out slighty incensey, then magically blends with my skin to form this warm, creamy ultimate woodsy sweetness. Unreal. Nothing like it on the market!
By   - from tampa,fl on 6/15/2006
The most beautiful fragrance. Very earthy, and very musky and just lovely!
By   - Norway from Bergen on 5/11/2006
This scent is special. It is definitely peaceful, sexy and sacred. I cannot explain what it does to me but I can still smell it linger on the items of clothing I wore when I wore it.It is simply divine! Long lasting and a quiet storm. It is definitely European and I can see why it is a hit!
By   - Enigma from Oakland on 5/3/2006
Sandalwood and more woods with a kind of lilylotus wet floral note lurking underneath all the smoke and warmth. For me, this improves as it dries down --has that kind of imports store smell of wicker furniture, lacquer and incense. Also, I have to be careful to apply this lightly, because it can get a bit TOO smoky if I put on too much...like an undercurrent of ashtray or something burnt. I can''t decide whether to love this one or not.
By   - from South San Francisco on 2/20/2006
light slightly powdery and flowery per my co-workers. I smell the woody-ness, but it does seem faint and fades quickly and I''ve only had it on 2 hours. It is definitely unique and subtle though. Half my co-workers liked it and half didn''t.
By   - medical from Gainesville on 2/2/2006
A good way to describe this is as a "lighter" version of Donna Karans Black Cashmere. It is very close, but a bit less intense, which i like a lot. It is more wearable. Woody and peaceful is right. A uni-sex scent for sure, nothing girly or frilly here. I really like it.
By   - from No. Cal on 12/4/2005
I used to buy this in Italy...what a wonderful fragrance...woody and peaceful.
By   - Artist from New York on 11/17/2005
Dry, sophisticated, mysterious, warm -- a beautiful alternative to the sea of overly sweet or bland oceanic fragrances that inundates the marketplace.
By  on 11/10/2005
I really didn''t give this much of a chance. I had to wash it off after about an hour. Not that it stunk, but it just isn''t me. Very incense-y and mysterious, I could imagine if you prefer that type of fragrance you''d find it very lovely and unique from others you have tried.
By   - photographer from Springfield, MO on 11/4/2005
Just got this and it is amazing!!! Smells like cherry brandy at first then mellows to a nice merlot. The vetiver kicks in at different times and certainly adds a nice BAM to the soft incense scent as well. This is a very UNIQUE scent, very EURO, very INDIE!!!!
By   - online vintage clothing store owner from Michigan on 10/6/2005
A delicious woody incense fragrance. Never too heavy or overpowering. I love it!
By   - from San Diego, CA on 7/17/2005
Wow! This is an exotic, sensual,hip scent that would attract both men and women. I wore it and had my husband put some on the same day and it was soo wonderful. We did are urban hike in SF and periodically catched a whiff of ourselves. This can be worn by day lightly, and go all out for evening. It is on my list of must haves.
By   - Executive from San Francisco on 5/15/2005
This is not a scent for everyone. It is very intensely an incense based perfume. Not sweet in the least. Almost dry but haunting and I have been asked many times what that beautiful perfume is that I am wearing.
By   - Retired from Rochester Hills on 5/5/2005
This is definitely an acquired taste. When I first ordered the sample, I didn''t like it at all, so I put it aside. Months later, I tried it again and loved it! I ordered it and found that it is even deeper and more resinous from the bottle. Five stars.
By   - Legal Sec. from N.C. on 4/14/2005
this is the best woodsy i have
By  on 4/12/2005
dazzling! unlike no other...
By  on 4/12/2005
Nope, can''t do it. I could never wear this scent and feel like I smell good, which is, of course, what perfume is all about. However, I can appreciate Corso Como. My grandparents left me a mahogany bedroom set when they moved to Florida when I was five. I grew up using the bed and chest, and every time I opened a drawer, this perfume is what it smelled like. Wood, slightly musty, comforting, with a dash of wool and dye thrown in. For that memory (I live in a dorm, and no longer experience this smell everyday), I like this scent. I could just never ever wear it.
By   - History and Political Science Major from Chapel Hill on 1/27/2005
I do like this, but won''t wear it often. When you''re in the mood for lovely frankincense and sandalwood, this is it, though. An evocative scent.
By   - mystic from Tucson on 1/8/2005
I am desperately trying to convince myself that I do not NEED another sandalwood scent, that Tam Dao and Douce Amere are enough... but it''s a losing battle. This is such a wonderful, refined, subtle, warm, addictive scent that I just want to marinate in it. A "skin" scent that somehow works with my oft-odd body chemistry. Lordy, this smells divine!
By   - Nursing Student  from Florida on 12/5/2004
Definitely an acquired taste. At first I wrinkled my nose and thought, I could never wear this. Now I find it more intriguing, but the woman I picture wearing this scent is definitely European, sophisticated, clad in Chanel, pearls and smoking cigarettes. Someone definitely not me.
By   - journalist from the Philippines on 9/7/2004
I did not smell incensed, mysterious, or spiritual on me at all. I started strong, stayed strong, then became stronger. I like sandalwood and frankincense. I have a lotion that I wear often, that combines those fragrances and others, yet it smells wonderful on me. Corso Como does not work for me at all. I thought it was just me so I gave it to a friend of mine, and the scent grew more pronounced on her as well.
By   - Systems Analyst from Georgia on 9/4/2004
What an odd musty smell - not for me.
By  on 8/1/2004
apparently i am in the minority, but this scent is nothing special. i think it smells ok, but it''s not spectacular. it smelled a little like incense, which i don''t like.
By  on 7/20/2004
A perfect blend of sandalwood to not so overpower one''s senses.... Light but fragrantly incense like....Mysterious...like a Nancy Drew Mystery....
By   - from Atlanta on 5/24/2004
I bought this based on reviews I had read. At first whiff I thought I had made an expensive mistake. It smelled like an old, rarely used clothing drawer, faded cedar and wood oils. I was disappointed, BUT, oh my did that change in about 20 minutes. Since that initial trial encounter I have become a follower. It is almost an addicting scent. It is also a sophisticated scent but ,not over the top, understated and warm.
By   - librarian from an island in the northwest on 1/12/2004
Love this! So unique!!! At first, it seemed lovely for just FallWtr. but the drydown is perfect for all seasons! Love love love it!
By   - from Seattle on 1/9/2004
Amazing-never has 1 perfume so captivated me-I jusy can''t stop sniffing my empty bottle as Im awaiting my new one to arrive! Its that good. Seriously.Enough said.
By   - Designer-entrepreneur from Seattle on 12/24/2003
I love this scent. It reminds me of church! If you like to smell mysteriously sexy...this is the one.
By   - Business owner from New York on 12/14/2003
This a truly great scent and I generally prefer the lighter, clean scents. This is a complex, sensual, soft scent...a perfect blend.
By   - from Montana on 12/12/2003
This is such a GREAT scent. I love it. Wonderful fragrance.
By  on 12/2/2003
10 Corso Como is great scent, I own a bottle and would recommend it to anyone who leans more incense and sandalwood than floral and sweet.
By   - from NYC on 11/30/2003
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