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Worked fine on me but nothing special, I could totally see it as a nice candle though.
By   - Business from Boston on 10/20/2020
It smells like soap alright, so I was not surprised to hear that this is the scent of the hotel's toiletries. It's nice, but then, who doesn't like soap? I find this perfume to be fairly boring.
By  on 3/26/2015
so nice! the pepper and lavender come strong at first then the rose blooms. rose paired with woods and/or incense is always a winner I think.
By  on 2/1/2015
I wore my Costes to visit a friend of mine who owns a small construction company. It was around lunch and she and I were out in the foyer talking where to go for lunch. In walked three of the employees. Each one of these gentlemen slowed, then 2 stopped as they passed us. In varying degrees they all had something flattering to say about the way I smelled. Apparently Costes loves me, so why should I not love it as well? This is my next purchase (was wearing a sample, & I got my answer!)
By   - retired real estate from OBX on 8/24/2014
Surprisingly green & floral in the opening, before the woods & spices come in. l smell mainly clove, transitioning to a peppered, dark rose, layered over smooth, clean sandalwood. The incense note here is subtle, but the projection is big. Very nice!
By   - from southampton uk on 1/27/2013
i absolutely agree with dc's review below -- on me, this perfume is somehow warm but soapy, clean but spicy, classic but unique, and then soft, sexy, and so wonderfully blended that no one note overrides the rest; they harmonize beautifully. an absolute favourite. a must have perfume.
By   - from toronto on 8/2/2012
The perfect rose fragrance for someone who does not want to smell of roses. Spicy, delightful. The bottle is just more than beautiful, in my opinion, too.
By   - teacher from Virginia on 6/14/2012
I really enjoyed this as to order me a bottle. Though I never been to the Costes Hotel, I can just imagine via olfactory scent. My only wish though is that it's an EDP, rather than an EDT, and 100ml as opposed to a paltry 50ml.
By   - Bon Vivant from CA on 11/15/2009
So similar to 10 CC and so different a result! I love 10CC, but this one I hate. I swear, I had a bath freshener that used to smell exactly like it.
By   - from Athens on 7/21/2009
Smells *exactly* like my Bvlgari Blv Notte for women. Note for note.
By   - from Toronto on 2/12/2009
I love Coste. It some how manages to be clean, yet spicy and mysterious all at the same time. Sexy, androgenous, minimalist incense -- in other words, just really hot . I just wished it lasted a little longer on my skin. On the other hand, it does always leave me wanting more......
By   - from DC on 9/4/2008
I really wanted to like this scent. And perhaps it has to do with my chemistry. It started out quite nice. A soft, almost rosy incense, light and very delicate, soapy, but not unpleasantly so. Incense, but soft enough to be more than a cold winter scent. But the dry down was awful. The only thing I ended up smelling was the soapiness and not in a good way. I was uncomfortably reminded of my Grandmother and her love affair with Jean Nate. While this might be a wonderful scent on some women, I would definitely recommend trying a sample first.
By   - Artist from Honolulu, HI on 8/16/2008
I read the reviews, became admittedly excited about being transported to Paris via the ole olfactory, and ordered a bottle. Oh, my, was I ever disappointed. This seems extremely masculine to me -- and I am a big fan of both 10CC and Let Me Play with Lion, 2 very unisex scents. Instead of conjuring up images of the Paris night, I had visions of being stuck in an elevator with a crowd of sales reps covered with cheap aftershave, ready for a night out during a convention in Cleveland. Probably my chemistry ... but, I strongly suggest you try a sample before stocking up.
By   - from NYC on 1/11/2008
I discovered these scents while staying in Costes hotels. I *never* thought that one of my goals in life would be to smell like a hotel/the hotel signature scent. But, 5 years later, after my hoarded-load of "freebies" from the hotel (Hotel K, Ave. Kleber, Paris 8th) ran dry, I ordered this perfume and have not been disappointed. It *doesn't* stay on the skin long, and I refuse to put on enough to last all day (I'd be drenched in it) - next time I will order the room scent. My all time favorite scent - dry, lovely, clean, and herbal. Stay in the hotel, if you can. Then eat across the street at the Guy Lavoy restaurant Butte Chaillot. Great place to stay during Tour de France, by the way, as the finale occurs just up the street on the Champs...
By   - from Dayton OH on 11/1/2007
Costes is one of Olivia Giacobetti's best! It's understately elegance -- casual yet it can fit in with nightlife -- it's all you need really. Spicy -- floral.. herbal.. refreshing. I wish the bigger bottle came in a spray or fluid restricter and I wish it were EDP. It's not very long lasting -- but beautiful nonetheless.
By   - SAHM from Bridgeport CT on 4/13/2007
Just wonderful. I do wish this was in EDP formulation, I simply can not get enough of this. One of my all time favorites. Clean, independent smelling, soft, woody. It's difficult to describe. But it's near perfect!
By   - dance instructor from Lexington, KY on 9/23/2006
This is a warm and sexy scent without being over the top and without me feeling it's for nights only. The deep red bottle matches perfectly and I will definitley get one as soon as they start paying me proper money :-).
By   - Teacher from Sweden on 5/23/2006
Costes is one of the most refreshing, soft, and delightful fragrances I've worn. It's a subtle yet lush scent that is very easy to wear in any situation.
By   - Art Director from Mount Prospect, IL on 3/12/2006
Outstanding! Beautifully simple bottle. A little softer than I like, making it a daytime scent for me. Nonetheless, lots of interesting notes and lasts all day-- just give it one more spray right before you leave the house.
By   - Training Specialist from Washington DC on 10/20/2005
I love Costes. It smells like dried leaves and soft powdered spices in a freshly sanded wood bowl. I only wish it came in EDP form so it would last longer.
By  on 6/15/2005
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