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This smells incredible when I first put it on, but after about half an hour it changes to rubber on me.
By   - Accounting from North Augusta on 2/19/2021
Inky indeed. 5/5 for concept execution, 2/5 for enjoying it on myself personally, rounded up.
By   - Business from Boston on 11/14/2020
"Fran Lebowitz hitting on you. If James Deen was an art dealer. Piero Umilliani - La Rinuncia. Stoic, stealth, confident. A drive to Area 51 in a ‘62 Alfa Romeo. Pitch black panache." -AW Other notes: for those who want a little grit.
By   - Artist from Pittsburgh on 12/4/2018
I’m female and this works well on me. Reminds me a lot of Andrea Maack Coal.
By   - Perfume fan from Central NJ on 9/13/2018
Lemon, licorice, kerosene, tar... Back road on a hot day. Fades to a powdery grapefruit. Right up there with Bulgari Black in terms of weird meets sweet. Fabulous.
By   - writer from saratoga springs ny on 5/30/2017
This is a very nice/outside the box fragrance. There are elements and some similarities to CDG black and Bowmakers, IMO. As it wears, you get a slight sweetness peeking out from behind the dry, inky, rubbery manliness that is Lamblack. I've sampled about 150 scents, and bought my 20 favorites in full bottle form over the past five years. This along with about 5 more, are fragrances that I want full bottles going forward. Top 25 of over 150 tested for me!
By   - Recreation  from Cincinnati on 2/15/2017
Out of the bottle this hits you with notes of fuel, talcum power, and a synthetic sweetness that is hard to place. Wear it for an hour though and it mellows into a masculine, contemporary scent. Appropriate for anyone wanting a safe men's fragrance that you can't find at a department store.
By   - artist from los angeles on 12/9/2016
My first venture into Bruno Fazzolari’s creations, and all I can say is fantastic! There is an almost Comme des Garcons futuristic, well-crafted synthetic nature to this. This is dry and light, but carries it’s fragrance with projection. The vetiver and spice interplay with a plastic and rubber accord. I don’t get a smokiness here, but a definite dark synthetic that is described as ink. Thumbs up!
By   - Not for Profit from Chicago on 12/26/2015
Very masculine; the grapefruit and vetiver stand out, giving it a pungent, acrid nose. I'm sorry to say that I really disliked this one, despite the appealing description. It's certainly well constructed, but it reminds me too much of my father's aftershave (which I never liked especially) to wear it myself or want to smell on a partner.
By   - Calculated Risk Taker from Chicago on 11/30/2015
LOVE LOVE LOVE...old leather, tobacco, warm and VERY sexy. Reminds me of a night out in Rome.
By   - Photographer from New Orleans on 10/21/2015
Mrs. BassMent: "Did you get gas on the way home? I smell gas." Me: "Nope. I'm wearing a new fragrance sample though." Mrs. BassMent (sniffing my arm): "I know that smell! From my childhood. Remember when you went camping when you were a kid, before they had those little propane tanks, you had to fill your camp stove with fuel from a big square can?" Me: "You mean, like kerosene?" Mrs. BassMent: "Yeah, that's the smell. Can you wash it off?" Me: "Yeah. Smells like kerosene to me too."
By   - Project Manager and guitarist from Providence on 9/8/2015
Very easy to wear. I love the inkiness, a fascinating bookstore.
By   - from Dallas on 7/4/2015
Had hoped for a slightly bigger ozone note here based on the description, but this is good too -- the first few seconds of the top note didn't wow me, but once the pepper and the interesting metallic / aldehyde thing kicks in, followed by the leathery cypriol, we're off to the races. Cypriol is of course very faintly indolic, and that works out REALLY well here. I like it as a true unisex, though I'd definitely keep this for fall and winter.
By  on 6/4/2015
Quite nice. A dead ringer for Magno body wash. I think men and women can both wear and enjoy it.
By   - from Boston on 4/8/2015
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