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50ml $125
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Here's what other people are saying about Monsieur...
Although I won't buy this again I enjoyed it. A slightly spicy very polite scent. Nothing to offend. But not very exciting either.I think maybe the poplar or the papyrus was not for me. The other notes usually I like.
By   - writer from Chicago on 12/15/2019
I really enjoy this and consider it fairly versatile as well. At times, it seems subtle, but I think it has sneaky power, and it lasts well on my skin. I think the woods stick out a bit more than anything for me, but I find it difficult to pick out specific notes except maybe vetiver. Anyway, this is really great, and I even had to wait a couple months before it was back in stock, and I don't regret it.
By   - Accountant Staff from Central Ohio on 4/18/2019
Are you kidding me ? "Nothing out of the ordinary" Who are you ? Narcissus :) This is one of the most beautiful thing that I have encountered in a long time.
By   - Engineering Executive from Sunnyvale on 7/27/2016
I enjoy the cedar in this. Woody and peppery but nothing out of the ordinary.
By   - Psychologist from DC on 10/17/2013
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