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Agree it's not the BEST vetiver. But it is a nice gentle one.
By   - Business from Boston on 11/14/2020
Nice, but not the best vetiver available in the Lucky Scent inventory, by far. Skip.
By   - Technology from San Francisco Bay Area on 8/19/2020
The vetiver that I've waited my whole life for. Beautiful stuff.
By   - Not sure yet from Bay Area on 1/6/2019
I don’t own any vetiver perfumes and have only ever owned and worn FM Vetiver Extraordinaire. I haven’t found another I’d want to wear- most are either too sweet/cereal smelling or too pungent and turpinic for me. But, I get my vetiver fix with a couple of my favorite vetiver incenses that I burn and love. Vetiverissimo comes closest to smelling like them- earthy, a bit dry grassy, dry dirt, and some woods with a hint of spice that enhance the vetiver rather than creating a separate spice note. It’s fairly light and mellow but has enough presence to keep my interest. This may be my new vetiver perfume!
By   - Sniffologist from NYC on 12/5/2018
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