Rundholz Parfums

03. Apr. 1968

Eau de Parfum

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Cinnamon and apple at first, in a wave, reminiscent of Wazamba, but more sophisticated. Then the incense blooms, warm and spicy, hovering over the undertone of sweetness. It's almost a gourmand sweetness of overripe fruit, and very heady. Sillage is good, but longevity is surprisingly only five hours on me.
By   - Whisperer from Northeast on 5/16/2015
This perfume has a split personality. At first application it's all WHEEE I'M A FRUITY FLORAL FUN LOVIN KINDA GAL!1! Which is SO not me...and SO not Rundholz. But be patient..eventually the wacky opening dries down to a wonderful rich cathedral type incense which whispers a contemplative poem into ones ear. I know which personality I prefer. Hoping to get a bottle of this for Valentine's Day.
By   - Vintage Clothing Dealer from Redwood City on 2/6/2015
Think of stone cathedral type of incense fragrance, very potent, two sprays is enough to last the entire day. I love smokey, dark scents and this one delivers, especially on the smokey aspect. I like it!
By  on 1/18/2015
I bought this blind based on the description alone and I certainly don't regret it. It's wonderful with great lasting power during the day.
By  on 1/8/2015
Just received my long awaited sample. WOW. This is truly remarkable. This is an incredible incense fragrance. I'd have to say it is my favorite in recent memory. I love it. This will definitely be a bottle purchase!
By   - Student from Nor Cal on 12/15/2014
its smells like a homeless person hugging a incense cone
By   - Funeral Director from Towson,md on 12/5/2014
This is an amazing incense scent! Potent, rich and deep. Slightly animalic on the opening, totally intoxicating. A must for incense lovers.
By   - Project Analyst from San Diego on 11/20/2014
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