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20 Mars 2022

Eau de Parfum


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I received a sample when it came out and thought it too strong for me. However I kept coming back to it and finally got the full size bottle which kind of reminds me of an industrial size test tube with the Bakelite cap. For me the Tonka bean and Nagarmotha scent has the longevity that I like. This one's for fall and winter but suggest you go easy as it has some serious dark horse power.
By   - Sales from KC on 9/15/2020
Simply put, a new niche masterpiece. Bold and spicy and winning, like a big hug. Peppery spices so immediate, pungent and fresh, they literally smell kitchen-grated beneath your nose. The spicy-balsamic-aromatics are swoonworthy, knee-buckling in their friendly, open honesty and beauty. All floralcy and fruit is muted, supporting the sweet warm spices and poignantly pungent, delicately vanillic woods. Smooth animalics provide a pillowy cushion that is never skanky, just skin-lovable. The skill in the balanced blending of this jus is breathtaking. The animalics reaching up to complement the peppery head. Masterful.
By   - artist from boerne texas usa on 8/12/2018
You're at the city landfill picking for scraps, experiencing a sort of sour olfactory claustrophobia. You've found a styrofoam container filled with weeks-old Indian food and rotting strawberries, right next to some leaking bottles of nail polisher remover. 20 MARS 2022 by Rundholz.
By   - Engineer from Cincinnati on 3/17/2018
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