Toile Textile Fragrance

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Soft, sweet, bright and universal, Toile is a bold new experiment from Byredo: a textile perfume, meant to spray liberally on the fabrics all around us, from clothing to bedsheets to curtains and furniture. The scent is universal: the metallic tingle of a freshly starched shirt collar, the abstraction and oxygen of the molecules perfumers use to hush overly talkative flowers, the caress of cotton jersey on the skin, and the scent of ironed linen folded into an antique wardrobe- like a lighter, cleaner version of Byredo's beloved Blanche. In just a few seconds, the delicate composition clings to textiles with a sophisticated and lingering murmur that smoothly fills space and effortlessly blends with other trails of scent.

Toile Textile Fragrance Sizes Available
75ml (Non-Aerosol Atomizer Spray) $65
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