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Bitter Peach

Eau de Parfum


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Here's what other people are saying about Bitter Peach...
Honestly I expected more from this scent, as it's a Tom ford. As much as I want to like bitter peach,, the scent comes off as cheap. The peach itself is actually more like a harsh alcohol smell. If the peachy note was a bit softer I think it would have blended nicer with the spicy undertones. Hit or miss for sure. Not my favorite.. could be worse.
By   - Artist from Selma on 3/11/2021
This smells like peaches that have been steeped in a warm bath of spiced. It’s got just enough spiciness to be a good wear for cooler weather, but is still fruity or fresh enough to avoid being cloying when it’s warmer. Anybody can wear any scent, but this is a scent I’d be surprised to smell on a man.
By   - Teacher from Atlanta on 11/20/2020
I was disappointed with this perfume. I expected, from the description, a burst of ripe peaches and hints of blood orange and patchouli...all favorites of mine. What I got was a fragrance so subtle that it's almost undetectable. A previous reviewer thought it was possibly too strong, but I think the complete opposite. Will definitely not be purchasing the full-size bottle.
By   - Health Administrator from Miami on 11/17/2020
Reminds me of an amped up version of Clive Christian X, with a boozier, honeyed peach balanced by an extroverted patchouli. Jury's out on whether I'll want a full bottle; it's expensive and the fragrance is possibly too strong. But I promise there is nothing else like it. Except, er, Clive Christian X, but that's hardly being worn by the masses.
By   - Soft Robotis from Anytown on 10/9/2020
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