Jubilation XXV

Eau de Parfum

by Amouage

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The Scoop

Unabashedly opulent. There is nothing minimal about this celebratory elixir and we couldn't be happier about that. Let's face it, sometimes more is more. Jubilation XXV features the prized frankincense of the Sultanate of Oman, but this is not a meditative, stone cathedral type of incense fragrance. This is a lavish bazaar, packed to the brim with all of the treasures of 1001 nights. The silver frankincense weaves through burnished woods, luscious fruits and blood-warming spices. It teases the elusive rock rose and the ever-so-grand orchid and wraps itself around luxurious opoponax and amber. The opening is sweet and honeyed, with a hint of bitterness that reminds us of the aftertaste that lets you know when a fruity liqueur is going to pack a wallop. (Fans of Frapin 1270 may want to join us in enjoying this deep and satisfying fruity booziness). As the scent mellows, it becomes richer and the wood notes become prominent. In spite of the litany of intense and dark-sounding notes, this never becomes gothic or moody. The aura is warm and velvety and extremely content, like you are leaning against a great golden lion who is purring like a race car. This is designed for men, yet somewhere deep down inside we know there is no way the women of the world are going to let the guys keep something this fantastic all to themselves.

Jubilation XXV  Notes

Frankincense, labdanum ciste, coriander, davana, blackberry, orange, gaicwood, rose, honey, bay, orchid, cinnamon, clove, celery seed, opoponox, patchouli, myrrh, musk, moss, atlas cedarwood, ambergris, oud, immortelle

Jubilation XXV Sizes Available
50ml $255
100ml $305
0.7ml Sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Jubilation XXV...
One of the best all times fragrances period! So much going on when you wear this you'll smell a different note each whiff. Royalty in a bottle! I agree that it's a good thing this one is expensive, otherwise everybody would be buying it up. Amouage has a great line of other fragrances too, and I would suggest getting your hands on as many of their samples as you can!
By   - Recreation from Cincinnati on 9/7/2016
Awesome scent and very good performance. I would say best of Amouage after Sunshine Man.
By   - IT Analyst from Phoenix on 3/10/2016
One of my top ten in the world. Luxurious...
By   - Photographer from Dallas on 1/5/2016
It was okay and matched description.
By   - Electronic Music Artist from Charlotte on 1/5/2016
Amazing scent, mysterious and masculine.
By   - Photographer from Dallas on 1/4/2016
I received the sample earlier than expected and was so excited to try this scent. Let me tell you, I am so glad I decided to purchas a sample as it was not what I expected. I agree that sillage and longevity are outstanding. This odor will waft and get you attention. The only problem, this stuff smells terrible! The commenters who said multiple people ask them "what are you wearing" only asked because they wanted to make sure they don't purchase it. Very disappointed.
By   - RN from Tulsa on 9/10/2015
Regal, jolly, and confident -- everything you've read in other reviews of this one is true. That berry topnote more or less bounces right out of the bottle at you like it's leading a parade. (That's because it is.) Come for the luxuriant patchouli-wood-herbal notes, stay for the way that rose floral and threads its way through one of the most technically masterful drydowns around. A thing of beauty.
By   - from Seattle on 7/26/2015
I love the scent. It smells like you just got out of the shower. Every time I wear it, some stranger comes along and asks me what I'm wearing. It feels like sunshine and freshness and sophistication, too. It stays all day with me and the drydown part is the best part of all for me. And yes, I wear it whenever I want to feel confidently nice smelling.
By   - from Va on 6/27/2015
What can I say about this one that hasn't already been said? It's certainly deserving of its legendary reputation. Lush, opulent, extremely well-blended, with excellent longevity. That dry down is truly magical. Though I'm an oud lover, I really enjoy how the note peeks its head out here and there through the frankincense base. Subtle and lovely. Unlike one reviewer below me, I can't imagine wearing this in warm weather, but what do I know? I agree that it's worth every penny, but at the price difference between the small and large bottle, you certainly might as well go with the latter.
By   - from Washington, DC on 12/19/2014
My last review of this fragrance was in 2012. I still believe this is the greatest fragrance ever invented. Through my fragrance journey, I've been blessed to sample some of the rarest and most expensive fragrances on the planet. Jubilation XXV makes me feel like a king when I wear it! The berries with the silver frankincense, oud, ect are blended to perfection. In my imagination, this is a fragrance Pharaoh himself would be pleased with.
By   - Musician from Pensacola on 11/30/2014
This is an excellent cologne. I wear this cologne during the Holiday season and I receive many compliments for it.
By  on 5/27/2013
Young male, I consider myself in touch with my feminine side but this scent is a bit too much for me. Very fresh and very fun though.
By   - free from l.a. on 3/15/2013
I noticed one review referred to this as VERY feminine. I wouldn't want my woman to smell like this.That'd be about like a lady wearing Polo or Drakkar or somethin'. I guess opinions vary!
By   - from Evansville on 2/2/2013
I hate to say it, but it's probably a good thing that the price point on this is so high.Otherwise the public might become saturated with this one. I'd splurge if I had an extra 300 bucks. I'll sample this until they take it away from me!
By   - from Evansville on 2/2/2013
The very very best Incense fragrance. Opulent, Regal, and Sexy!
By   - Musician  from Pensacola on 12/12/2012
An excellent elixir that transports the wearer to a world like no other. Sweet, yet sophisticated, a very refined and exotic fragrance. Equally wonderful on both sexes, highly recommended.
By   - from Chicago on 9/21/2012
This cologne is phenomenal! I suppose it better be for the price. Still, Jubilation XXV is beyond amazing. After smelling it, you will understand why it is worth every penny of its cost. The great thing about Jubilation XXV is that it smells even better after an hour or two of wearing it.
By  on 7/23/2012
One of the finest fragrances on the market. Amouage is clearly my favorite high end brand with textured fragrances that are truly memorable and long lasting. I love Jubilation's blend of patchouli and Oud Wood!
By  on 5/14/2012
I've been wearing this one all summer and I've been stopped by strangers in the street on an almost daily basis asking what I have on. That's a resounding YES. I'm a new convert to Amouge and I want to go out and buy a bunch of these. Over t he last 3 years, I've concluded that sometimes the most expensive perfumes really deserve to be. Amouge (at least the men's, although this one is definitely suitable for men or women) uses top quality ingredients and you can TELL. This is first class - some say it smell like church, but it's more than just frankinsense - you can really detect all the other notes as well for a sophisticated overall effect that everyone including the UPS man seems to like. I've never had more compliments on a perfume.
By   - College Consultant from Weybridge, VT on 8/8/2011
BRILLIANT! Ive tried alot of samples and fragrances over the past year and this is a clear winner for me.
By   - computer artist from Sydney on 4/5/2011
This, to me, is VERY feminine. It is very faintly like an old hope chest with some spicy flowers inside. I really like it and if it lasted longer than an hour on me I would definetly purchase it. This is a scent that just makes a woman feel pretty, and feminine. I am giving a 4 for scnet ( even though as I said the staying power on me was non existent.
By   - Mommy from Somewhere in new England on 6/23/2010
This one is elegant and pretty. When I find the right woman, I will wear it on my wedding day.
By   - tango dancer/desert tour guide from Michigan on 3/11/2010
Footbridge to Heaven
By  on 9/4/2009
I am officially beginning my campaign to get my boyfriend to wear this. It's masculine, sexy, understated..it's perfect!
By   - from Washington DC on 6/27/2009
This is a great scent, equally wearable by a woman as a man. In fact I layer the women's Jubilation 25 with the men's to great effect.
By   - from San Diego on 4/6/2009
A different scent that I, as a woman, enjoy wearing mixed with something a bit more floral. To me this smells overwhelmingly of cloves as well as incense at a Roman Catholic mass. You can tell it's made with good ingredients and is high-end just by getting a whiff. Just, not sure it's the sexiest scent for a woman, or -- at least -- this woman.
By   - from Bronxville on 3/3/2009
Catholic mass in a desert cave. I cannot imagine this on a man unless he is Tango dances for a living.
By   - writer from chicago on 2/17/2009
Hate to break this love-fest up but am going to rate it much lower. The scent is OK but nothing special (assuming you like incense). My big objection is that it has NO lasting power (at least on me) and at this price, it should do everything including bring me luck at the crap table!
By   - tour guide from las vegas on 1/16/2009
dear heavens...when i find my perfect man, he will wear this scent. i don't care if i have to buy it myself. i don't really go towards the masculine side for myself, but i cannot ignore how incredibly exquisite this is. my nose is glued to my wrist!
By   - from chicago on 11/30/2008
awesome, the ultimate in its class that for me includes "let me play the lion" (go ahead and play, amouage IS the lion), rush, angeliques sous la pluie, even kyoto, tumulte, etc etc, any soft masculine wood is blown out of the water by jubliation. and besides you get all these wonderful little extra facets: the patchouli, the erolfa like saltiness of the drydown, and more. Jubliation is the grown man, the grown woman the full flower, to mix metaphors, among seductive woods!!
By   - filmmaker budding perfumer from west hollywood on 11/5/2008
I got 12 samples and tried each one ranging in scents from fig, to amber, to mimosa, etc. This was my favorite one. This is a sexy scent. Very Sexual. This would smell just as good on a man as a woman. If a man wore it, I'd follow him around. Really. It's a bit bitter but in a alluring way, not repelling way. I honestly give it 5 stars.
By   - human from Nashville on 8/9/2008
This fragrance is rich, full of life - I love it!
By   - from detroit on 5/7/2008
I know that anyone who adores Frapin and Bois de Paradis will love this, too - I do, madly! The fragrance blends the sweetness of the fruits perfectly with the dryness of incense & woods and delicate spices. The blending is terrific and the end result is quite ravishing. By the way, this doens't smell traditionally masculine to me. I think ANY women who love these opulent and complex orientals will adore this, too.
By   - from NYC on 4/13/2008
OMG. Amouage. The king brand of opulence. I can't afford it, but I'm glad Lucky Scent carries it. One never knows. ;)
By   - from Boise on 3/24/2008
I loooooooooove this!!! I wish my husband would wear it, but since he won't, I will. I also get a hint of something in the licorice/absinthe family even though it's not listed.
By   - from Los Angeles on 3/9/2008
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