Reflection Man

Eau de Parfum

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A masterpiece. I would call this truly unisex, with my nose mostly responding to the orris and soft iris./violet mixed with sandalwood. It's well-blended with high-quality green, natural nuances of rosemary, petitgrain and neroli. Truly unique, yet also very versatile for day/night and most seasons. A class act.
By   - Publicist from Los Angeles on 3/24/2021
It has a DNA of toilet spray, very old school!
By   - Software Architect from San Francisco on 10/27/2020
I would give it a three because of all the feedback have been getting. “It’s too floral and very powdery “ in which I agree. But for me I really like it. It’s a safer approach, but Le Male can do more or less the same job at a cheaper price.
By   - Cinco corporation from Los Angeles on 9/28/2020
An aroma that in its output has a floral and fresh touch, after about 30 minutes it becomes more interesting. It is not a common aroma, it has well defined its DNA.
By   - Dominican Republic from santo domingo on 5/10/2019
Said 14 day wait back order but I recieved the 100ml bottle in less than 7days & the fragrance is amazing. I have several fragrances & this is one that I enjoy for them formal & semi formal occasions.
By   - Railroad from belleville on 4/7/2018
A bit non-distinct compared to the others in this line; not in the same league as Memoir, Lyric, and Interlude, my favorites.
By  on 6/19/2015
Four thumbs up!!! This, Dia Man, Gold Man, Epic Man and Jubilation Man prove the adage that the Classics, the proven (scents) is always the best. Fads may come and go (I.e. Amouages' director's over usage of cumin and other spices in the last for forays, save Journey Man.), but these will last forever!!
By   - from Homer on 9/25/2014
The best quality barber shop scent. Smells a bit like le male but without the mint, I think? Took me a while to like it. That's the good thing about buying samples. A stark contrast to all other scent I've tried from Amouage.
By  on 6/26/2014
Reflection Man is a slightly more wearable version of Le Male, a little more sophisticated in design. However this perfume is just too exspensive, and not very original.
By   - from Chicago, IL on 9/13/2012
A very nice fragrance, one of my favorite of all time. Yes it does smell like le male for a second but then it develops into a wonderful and uniquely sweet scent, much smoother and softer. It can be a bit strong, but in a very pleasant way. People that have smelled this said that it gives them a different vibe than any other perfumes that makes you different. This attracts good attention guys! So sexy. Two thumbs up.
By   - student from Los Angeles on 11/12/2011
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