Black Afgano

Parfum Extrait

by Nasomatto

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"The fragrance aims to evoke the best quality of Hashish. The result of a quest to arouse the effects of temporary bliss." The Nose.

The journey down to the inky heart of Black Afgano is a scent trip only for the daring among you. If you're a lover of light, bright and airy fragrances, then you'll want to stop reading right Aiming to capture the qualities of hashish (without the police banging down your door), mystery and intrigue has followed this perfume since its inception. Rumors swirled that the debut of Afgano was held up for months due to the necessary procurement and smuggling of the.. eh, “raw material” (nudge nudge, wink wink). But it was definitely worth the wait. For those asking the obvious, no, it doesn't smell exactly like burning hashish... or so we hear, of course. Black Afgano is meant to capture some of the scent qualities and all of the effects of the herb: smoky, smooth and deep; a mellow yet deep and distinct fragrance high. The black colored perfume is a study in how to arouse the effects of temporary bliss, without all the side effects. Rich and hypnotic, with dark and dangerous notes, this is a beautifully relentless and utterly enveloping scent. Black Afgano is a strong smoke and incense fragrance that is surprisingly never overpowering. We can honestly say, this fragrance is dope.

Black Afgano Sizes Available
30ml $185
.7 ml
.7 ml Sample $8
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Here's what other people are saying about Black Afgano...
Jerseymaiden kinda nailed it however I don't agree with 2 stars. It is incense-y more than anything, with a spicy edge. It reminds me a bit of tobacco oud with its smoky fruitiness. No cannabis note at all. In all honesty if you want to smell like weed there is a much cheaper way to attain that scent. Overall its very nice, just not what i expected
By   - University Student from Washington DC on 1/20/2017
Husband and I came upon this in Siena, Italy, of all places, in the heat of the summer. True, it is not for everyone, but we were on it like flies on ....well, you know. Bought it immediately and carried it through Italy - could not wait to get back home to purchase it. It gets better with each delightful spritz, especially in the cooler weather...extraordinary and unique. This is one that you will either love or hate.
By   - Attorney from New York on 8/23/2016
Nothing special. Really, all the hype... meh. Starts out sharp medicinal/fruit candy, settles into a sweet, slightly smoky groove. Smells nothing like hashish, weed, or any other controlled substance; really more like church incense. And a rather lightweight one at that.
By   - writer from saratoga springs ny on 2/3/2016
Love this scent. It lasts forever on your skin but no one can smell it after an hour unless they're super close to you. It's sad that the beastly sillage everyone talks about is really just a myth. It's a most incredible scent but the lack of sillage is a deal breaker for me especially at this price for just one ounce. I really wanted to buy this but I've become disillusioned and so very disappointed.
By   - Pastry Chef from NYC on 1/9/2016
I do not know what I was expecting when first getting to try this notorious scent, but certainly not the balance that exists in this dark magic. This is an ideal scent for me. Hits home with an opening of smoke and incense, but never overwhelming! Turns into a lovely dark oud and tobacco concoction that remains within a few inches of the skin, and lasts all day long! Big thumbs up!
By   - Not for Profit from Chicago on 11/21/2015
Opening is overpowering smoke, oud, and greens. I hated it at first and the comparison below of "fresh asphalt" is spot on. The dry down, however, is something altogether wonderful! The smoke and oud are still there, but pleasant and well balanced. They combine with an earthy/wood/incense that is just heaven. Similar to Kilian's Pure Oud, except it doesn't fall apart after drying down. If you can stand the first 30 minutes, you might just love it too! Sample it first, do not buy blind.
By   - Financial Executive from Salt Lake on 9/10/2015
Beautiful, smoky, masculine; reminds me (and as good as) Tom Ford Private Blends "Tobacco Oud".
By  on 5/1/2015
In one word: Amazing. Don't get the hashish vibe from it, but I do get a dark swampy feeling. Was riding in the car with a friend and they stated a strong mary-jane smell coming from me, I laughed. Slight sweetness and grapefruit vibe at the top. Not as daring as some claim to be but would turn some people off. I am not one of them and this is my signature scent.
By   - from NY on 1/7/2015
My favorite scent. Dark, smokey, dank, and ever so mysterious. Nothing out there quite like it. I wish I could wear it year round, but this would take out an elephant on a warm day. For how different it is, it isn't quite an everyday scent. Lasts forever and projects like a tornado warning!
By  on 3/24/2013
Black afgano is the best i picked up A bottle without a sample. Every note Is in there the staying power is all Day and nite. He only makes this parfume once a year thats why it sells Out so fast he only makes so many bottles people will stop y men and woman its smells great on both sex Y will love it Enjoy
By   - sales parfume from sa tx on 3/13/2013
Based on strength alone, this deserves 3 stars. It's strong and potent. At first I really thought I'd like it, but it is a bit too much of wet tobacco. It's very pungent and skanky if you like that stuff. Good quality, just not very pleasant or appealing.
By   - from Marion on 2/9/2013
This is the sexiest fragrance I have ever smelled! Yes, I will echo the skank undertone comment but it's skank in a good way. It's been 12 hours since your last shower and you flop into bed after a FUN night out. You're too tired to shower and you rip your clothes off and take a deep breath. Imagine your scent? That is what Black Afgano smells like! I love it!
By   - from new york on 6/26/2012
I can compare this to pure oud by kilian. although kilians smell exactly like rubber this one smells like rubber with something very sweet. it's sooooo nice. so special and so unique. I'm using amber oud by kilian for 4 months now. I ll order black afgano for a change.
By  on 6/11/2012
Terrible mix of wet tobacco, burnt incense and fake cedar. Potent, but annoying to the extreme. Scary bad.
By   - from Fairfax on 4/11/2012
Black Afgano is the mother of all incense \ oud fragrances. It's simply the bomb. I don't get hemp at all from it or any form of cannabis, dried, fresh, or smoked; I think it's just supposed to be the "essence" of being stoned, that type of thing. Yes -- it's VERY powerful juice...of course it is, it's parfum extrait. One spray, two sprays max. That's it. I blind bought this (big mistake) and it took me awhile to like it; I had to basically experience other oud based fragrances first before I could get into this (ie. M7, tom ford oud wood, creed royal oud, bond silver factory); after trying those fragrances I learned to not only like but love Black Afgano. My only complaint is that this fragrance is not very versatile; if it's above 50 degrees F outside, do not even consider wearing this frag. It is very nice for cold weather though.
By   - Web Developer from Western New York on 3/24/2012
I was wanting to try this fragrance for awhile, and soon as Luckscent got samples of this in I snagged one. Let me just say, you will never smell anything as unique and wonderful as this. I fell in love! I'm actually going to buy a bottle now!
By   - Production from New Philadelphia on 2/15/2012
I waited 2 years to try this scent. As a lover of oud, incense, and patchouli, I can say that it's quite sweet and its dusky undertones are faint. I am happy to report that it does not, as some said, smell like burning asphalt. An hour after I apply it, the oud shines through surrounded by a halo of vanilla or honey. It is quite nice though not as earthy as I expected.
By   - photographer from oakland on 12/2/2011
I'm waiting to see f this goes soapy. I seriously hope not, because what I'm getting now makes me want to do whatever I can to get my fix--er, bottle. I put off trying this because I am generally allergic to tobacco, especially in fragrance, but so far no worries. I need this
By   - A/V tech from LA on 11/30/2011
I loved it, but it really has a polarizing effect on people. I think they either feel the same way I do or cringe when they get a whiff--not much in between.
By   - Attorney on 11/24/2011
I love this one...but understandably, not everyone does . i am a women and I don't like to wear scents that are at all sweet smelling so this one is perfect for me. it is very strong earthy, rich, and sensual scent. i put it on after a shower in the evening and by morning it has blended to sublime subtlety.....
By   - from newport beach on 10/9/2011
Very intense fragrance that is best worn late Fall into Winter and early Spring. What I find best is I spray it once into the palm of my hand and using a finger, I dab some behind each ear and my neck. I rub my hands together and run them through my hair and the back of my neck. A dark, rich, smokey, fragrance, Black Afgano cannot be mistaken for any other fragrance. People won't even try and guess what it is. Living in Texas, it's a bit too strong to wear during the hotter months, it can be too heavy. Unlike many other scents, this fragrance doesn't seem to weaken during the day. It will stay the same from morning to night. I think it is worth the price because of how unique it is and because one spray is enough; I've had the same bottle for over 2 years. I keep it in its box in a cool, dark place. If you are bold and want the attention, this is for you. You WILL turn heads. I suggest getting a sample first because Black Afgano is not for everyone.
By   - Journalist from Austin on 9/22/2011
Very harsh - the bubbling asphalt description of another reviewer works. Everyone male/female thought the same. I forgot it in the drawer at work, and now the drawer smells like it. You know when you come across someone who has put on way too much Amber? This offends in the same way. Can't believe it sells out so quickly.
By   - LMP from Seattle on 9/14/2011
Ashtray. A tinge of black licorice, but mostly just ashtray. Nope, not feeling the love.
By  on 9/10/2011
can't help but think it smells like PlayDoh, it has a dry earthy muskiness like a "sweaty bedouin," But not necessarily a bad way. In my opinion, it's very masculine, warm and cozy. like a fabric almost. It really grows on your after a while. a little goes a LONG way.
By   - student from Miami on 9/1/2011
This stuff is REALLY STRONG. Just a finger dab from the sample vial is all it takes. I personally do not like it though - it's a very heavy, cloying, incense-like smell. Try a sample first.
By   - Muscian from Hollywood on 6/27/2011
This perfume is just so sensual, i have it in my mind still even after so many weeks from not smelling it. my mind is driving me crazy to get a hold of some more samples or whatever... i wish they sold this stuff again.
By   - I do anything for money from Las Vegas on 4/11/2011
1st time i checked this out was at barneys and i fuggin loved it . i couldnt stop smellin it and kept tellin all me friends bout it . honestly and this mite sound strange but it kinda reminds me of the skunkor action figure from heman like back in tha 80s . skunkor was a skunk and his figures special ability was it "smelled" tho it didnt smell bad like a skunk , it smelled sorta like this . dark , cold, rich but not in a chocolaty or sugary way , musky . this shet will linger on ur skin for 2 days even after shower and will stay on ur clothes for over a week . ive decided i dont like this enough to buy it cos its very strong and the drydown is too musky and old but debonair men
By   - fry cook at mickyd's from chicago on 3/12/2011
I can't stop sniffing the sample I have of you. Pleaseeeee won't you come back in stock? I will buy you RIGHT AWAY... Yes, I'm speaking to the fragrance. Yes, I'm going a bit crazy. Blame it on this lovely fragrance.
By   - Sound Engineer from Toronto on 1/8/2011
Bought a sample for my husband, who is a bit of a 'head' He adores it. He says it smells like a sweet hashish. All I can say with any assurance, is that it smells wonderful. I believe it may be one of those scents, where either you love it, or you hate it. I, for one, adore it
By   - Housewife from Melbourne, Ar on 11/29/2010
I have to say, this is ( on me at least ) the most oddly fascinating, stinkily gorgeous fragrance. It is deep, dark and oh so rich. It almost has a bullseye effect on me. The very center of my spray is beautifully vulgar, while the outermost areas are softly deeper. It's definetly a try-before-you-buy scent and I am not sure if it's fb worthy but I DO want to try a couple of the others from this line. If nothing else, it's a scent experience!
By   - Mommy from Somewhere in new England on 8/12/2010
Oh my...This, I wear just for me. And as outspoken as Black Afgano is, it stays close to the skin. What I get is an attitude. Never did I expect to love this. But DO try first!
By   - from Somewhere in the South on 1/27/2010
I can't image why anyone would want to smell like this. Even if I don't like a certain fragrance, I can appreciate it's composition. This is the first fragrance I can't find one thing positive to say. For me, this is just wrong.
By   - from Portland on 1/15/2010
i get so many compliments on this fragrance i have carry the name of it on piece of paper so that i can tell people what it is and how to get it. for me it only takes a very small drop. a little goes a long way. very unique.
By   - from oxford nc on 11/30/2009
I'm so appreciative of every comment posted but this is one scent you have to try before you'll know. It's fantastic on me and men love it! I'm always told I smell good whenever I wear Black Afgano. Use just a drop, it's powerful stuff. I wasn't sure it would work with my chemistry but I'm so glad I tried this one. Simply hot and sexy on me!
By   - HR Specialist from Virginia on 11/9/2009
I really like this fragrance but don't smell the hash aspect on me. Instead it smells a lot like baby powder with a little bit of musk.
By  on 10/30/2009
I guess you'll either love it or hate it. I love it. For mystical post-graduates from the school of Tantra. This is advanced and not for the meek. Like a dark cave inhabited by a Djinn.
By   - Wireless Tech Support from Phoenix on 10/21/2009
My first thought was *ecstasy* followed quickly by *bliss*. Much to my surprise, I'm finding that I really do like smoky, strong fragrances, although I usually pick light orange blossom scents. So it is a revelation to me that I like this at all--it is dark and beautiful and wonderful. The dry-down is tempered with a powdery element on me, so it softens nicely over time. Judging by the previous comments, there is a lot to be said for personal chemistry on this one.
By   - teacher from san antonio on 10/6/2009
Comparing this to Kyoto or Hinoki is WAY off base, though I imagine that moves some units--where those are cool, woodsy, smokey and classic unisex--this is typical Nassomatto---so overpowering--and much much closer to narcotic venus and some of their other really rich scents. Almost instant headache inducer for me, which is RARE. Very powdery, kind of cashmere scent gone hippie barage, kind of a smokey rose in the drydown, but just not sophisticated. I wouldn;t wear this out for fear of making sensitive people sneeze or making people think I slept in a cab.
By   - film from chango on 10/4/2009
After reading other comments about Black Afango, I hestitated to try this fragrance. I'm glad I took the chance because for me it's a 5 star winner! Smokey, bitter, powdery, and mysterious. I've had friends give me their feedback and they like how it blends with my chemistry. If you enjoy the smell of coffee this might be the one for you. Sample first.
By   - Training Specialist from Washington DC on 10/1/2009
I need to add: couldn't figure out what the sharpness that bleeds through reminds me of, but just realized that it reminds me of fresh bubbling asphalt being laid on roads. So I ammend my original comment: burnt motor oil mixed with bubbling asphalt and the occassional surfacing of other organic material.
By   - Legal Assistant from Washington, DC on 9/10/2009
Burnt motor oil with a bit of organic material surfacing throughout.
By   - Legal Assistant from Washington, DC on 9/8/2009
Love, love, love this. Strange that so many people reacted negatively. Everyone, male and female I have shared this with says it is hypnotic. I only have the sample but someone at work tried it and has ordered a bottle. I will, too, once my sample get empty. Deep, rich, masculine but I'll wear it often - maybe a bit much for daytime in close quarters but just the thing for a night out or in.
By   - counsellor from Canada on 9/7/2009
I've tried this twice now and I like it. It is a very masculine oriental fragrance that will probably work much better when the weather cools down. I think I smell birch tar frankincense, oud, a grassy patchouli, and amber. Reminds me a bit of Duro by Nasomatto but it is darker and more resinous. I smelled some hashish that smelled like this, once many years ago, but I like it despite that reference.
By   - experienced from from the midwest on 9/2/2009
On my skin, this is actually offensive. In all my years of collecting, this is the worst fragrance I have ever tried. I thought it just might be my chemistry so I had some other people, both male and female, sample. Offensive on everyone. All six people washed it off.
By  on 9/1/2009
as others stated, i also had been eagerly waiting to smell this. i am sooo disappointed. i just really do not like this. :(
By  on 8/25/2009
As a woman, this scent is very strong and not quite what I would wear....but I love it! It has a very smooth deep scent. There is also a touch of sweetness to it, which I'm not sure is there because of my chemistry? I really don't like men's colognes that have a strange musk, and this does not. It is complex with out having any of the synthetic or chemical essences that I despise. I love this, and am thinking of getting a bottle for my man!
By   - from San Diego on 8/25/2009
So, I just received the sample, and I must say, it does take some time for one to get use to. It took me a couple of whiffs before I could smell the "hashly" odor, and it is bitter with an incredible kick. However, I feel that only a select few could actually rock this fragrance as it has a personality of its own. For those who on the border of mans-man, prep, and with a kick of femininity, this is the fragrance for you. I personally think that it is nice, but definitely try the sample first as the amount of money you would pay for this to end up not liking it, is simply not worth it.
By   - Student from New York on 8/23/2009
This scent will not appeal to the masses, not everyone enjoys aoud scents. I found this well blended given the notes. There is a bitterness to it. I'm not sure if that's attributed to the coffee or aoud. Slightly smoky as well with the slightest hint of incense. The 30ml bottles would last a lifetime. It is reminiscent of Ava Luxe Shisha but much better blended overall.
By  on 8/23/2009
I waited a long time to sample Black Afgano. After sampling, I can tell you it was a waste of time. Very very odd, in the worst way possible.
By   - from Chicago on 8/22/2009
Sample first, this is just nasty. Good luck washing it off.
By   - from Portland on 8/22/2009
This was a big overwhelming for me - very sweet and sticky, with an odd smell. I will have to pass on this one. Definitely sample first!
By   - from San Diego on 8/22/2009
I have been waiting for this fragrance to come in. I heard it was smokey and resinous. Not disappointed. Very very pleased.
By   - Sculptor from Los Angeles on 8/13/2009
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