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I bought a sample of this years ago and I loved it. It was soft and gently floral with a wholesome quality and a touch of powder. I joked that it would be Marry Poppins’ signature scent. I would wear it on days when I wanted something quiet and easy. Eventually, I decided to buy a full bottle. As a rule, I always buy a fresh sample vial before a FB purchase to make sure I still enjoy it. Unfortunately, I noticed what other reviewers did, it smelled like industrial bathroom cleaner. I thought my sample might have turned in the mail (i purchased during the summer), so I purchased another sample in the winter, and then another. They were all the same - foul and harsh. Such a shame.
By   - Consultant  from Chicago on 8/25/2021
I wondered if my sample was off. There was a whiff of acetone off the top. I could barely smell anything when I applied it to well-moisturized skin, and then, *poof,* within minutes... nothing. It was so faint I hesitate to even try to describe it. On another note, so to speak, Fragrantica doesn't have this listed. They do list something called Il Profvmo Musc Bleu Absolu. Not sure what the implications of that are, but could they be related to the problems noted in these reviews?
By   - Fragonerd from NJ on 4/7/2021
Did I get the right sample? Because this scent is awful. There's some musk, sure. And it is fresh. But it's fresh in a "just industrially cleaned public bathroom" sort of way, yet there's an initial vomit undertone in the top notes that's just disgusting. After the vomit note goes away some of the oakmoss comes through and it's more bearable. I honestly dumped the rest of my sample in the toilet because there is no way I'm ever going to wear this again. So disappointing as my current signature scent is a floral musk and I was hoping for an upscale version of that. Instead I'm now going to go scrub the skin off my arms to get rid of whatever this is.
By   - Chef from Vancouver on 2/4/2020
This is the quintessential soft musk. If you’re a musk lover, you have to try it. The beginning of MB starts out like the dry down of Acampora. The dry down of Musc Bleu is the most natural ambrette that I’ve ever smelled. It’s beautiful. The ingredients are high quality. I ordered a full bottle as soon as I let it dry down. Love!
By   - Historian  from New England on 9/22/2018
This is a VERY subtle musk scent. I do like it, but it's a bit wimpy. Except for the price, which I feel is unjustified because it lasts no longer than 15 minutes on me. There are a lot better musk scents out there at more reasonable prices.
By   - Healthcare from CHICAGO IL on 5/20/2017
Full disclosure: I wear Serge Lutens' Clair de Musc. But others recommended this. Doesn't do it for me. It's nice--dries down to a beautiful skin scent--but it doesn't stay. Also, when I put it on, it reminds me, violently, of a 70's thing: Love's Baby Soft. Very baby-powdery. There's nothing wrong with Musc Bleu, but I'll stick with Clair de Musc. Glad I tried it though.
By  on 10/20/2014
Musc Bleu is the "Epitome" of how a white musk should smell. It is very (clean) but not sterile smelling. It has a certain sensuality to it, without being overtly sexual. I thought it was a skin scent until I had 3 people in the same day tell me how good I smelt! This is a must try for any true lover of white musk, and this is also very much a unisex scent, so guys don't be afraid to try/wear this one! 5 Stars without a doubt!
By  on 4/4/2014
I'm so torn. I absolutely adore this fragrance. It is the most subtle and complex musk I've ever smelled. I tried it on at the Scent Bar and drained the last drop out of my sample within a few days. When I went back to place my order, I was told that it was on backorder and I ended up waiting almost 2 weeks to get my package. As you might imagine, I was THRILLED when it finally arrived. So I'm sure you can understand why I was equally dismayed when I discovered that it dries down to nothing AT ALL. I didn't experience this with the samples, and the only explanation I can think of is that I put on a lot. Now that I have a bottle with a spray applicator, the scent doesn't last at all. I am going to keep working with it, but if it doesn't change, this will be my first and last purchase.
By   - from Washington DC on 7/26/2013
There's a note here that bothers me; but I think it's two: Ylang and Oakmoss. I like and wear chypres so oakmoss by itself is not a problem, however paired with Ylang just does not work for me. I can almost hear the two notes arguing with each other while the rest of the notes stare in disbelief!
By   - Court Interpreter from West Hills on 1/4/2013
I am of the belief that any lover of scents has gone through a "musk phase". If you have already gone through one, this will be nothing new. It is like so many musks out there but a bit softer to the nose and not as chemically as the cheap ones. Smells like Kiehl's standard musk, I agree. The only musk I own is Tom Ford's White Suede and even then I have to be in a musky mood.
By   - Massage Therapist from Chicago on 12/23/2012
It's taken me years to find a fragrance that works for my skin. I've tried so many scents and then the rash would start and the itching or I would get a major headache. I can't even tell you how many bottles I have purchased and given away or thrown away because it smelled great when I purchased it, but turned out as I mentioned above. I discovered Lucky Scent carries so many fragrances and I ordered samples for a while. One sample was Musc Bleu. It works with my skin, my chemistry, the office and no one has said "What is that smell"! I adore this fragrance and I finally can belong to the "club" and wear perfume!
By   - Momma employed outside of the home from St. Louis on 10/31/2012
Oh have I spent a lot of money searching for a clean, light, springtime-in-a-bottle-fragrance! Sarah Horowitz Perfect veil is too sweet and powdery. Carriere is not too expensive (just 70$ here at luckyscent) but smells like laundry. The different company Pure Virgin - soft, too sweet, and soon turns powdery on me. Maison Francis Kurdjian Aqua Universalis, nice but more oceanic than clean. Nasomatto Silver musk - beautiful but smells like showergel for men. M. Micallef Royal Muska - generic and quite repelling. Montale Musk to musk and White musk - too sophisticated; ladylike. Ramon Monegal Cotton musk - NOT nice. Mazzolari Musk - soapy, could be nice on someone else. Mona di Orio les nombre d'or Musc - light but too flowery. Keiko Mecheri Musc - also too flowery. CdG Odeur 53 - too metallic. Acca Kappa - beautiful, cheap (well according to Robin at nstperfume 100$ is the new free...) And then I tried Musc Bleu. This is outstanding. Blue freedom, subtle light; heaven in a bottle. It does have similarities to Alyssa Ashley Musk, but soooo much better. If you find this too expensive you could try Alyssa. Or you could sell your possessions and invest in this pleasure. In Sweden people are a bit reserved and it's not often people comment on the perfume I'm wearing, but this one is one of few exceptions in my collection. I actually buy a new bottle every month in case it'll ever be discontinued. (Or in case I'll ever be broke, which I probably will be considering how much this stuff costs). It's worth every cent. Divine.
By   - student from Sweden on 10/24/2012
Color: Pastel holographic pink and Cerulean Blue. This is the most beautiful and femine Musc Ive had the pleasure to wear on my skin. As mentioned, it is far from animalistic in nature. The softness will appear to disappear; however, it will gently brush against your senses with a visit througout the day. If a tiny unobtrusive gently flower was an animal, this would be its essence. Imagine being a kid again in a sparkling clean bathtub full of "Cat-in-the Hat" sculptural bubbles that can be created into anything your heart desires. And when you step out of the bath, you are met with a warm hooded towel as soft as your favorite stuffed animal. This is Musc Bleu. This scent captures the most beautiful moments in life. And oh what I would give to be able to bathe in it!
By   - Art Therapist from St. Louis on 7/31/2012
Very nice, fresh, clean and stays close to your skin rather quickly after initial sillage wears off. Actually quite a lovely, quiet unobtrusive scent. Perfect for summer and the office!
By   - from Earth on 7/3/2012
I have been looking for a "clean" fragrance to replace my clean warm cotton for a while. This comes pretty close because its not as metallic and I really do like the sillage of warm cotton while musc bleu is very close to the skin. However, with this price tag I am going to have to stick with warm cotton since I can find it for $14 on ebay on good days.
By   - Dancer from NYC on 2/29/2012
A light, clean musk that dries down into something that reminds me of laundry detergent/dryer sheets. It's not horrible, I would wear it if someone gave me a bottle, but it doesn't strike me as unique or special enough to be worth the price.
By   - from Tempe on 9/6/2011
This is sweet springtime in a bottle! At first I feared I had made a mistake because the top note is decidedly more floral than I usually prefer. But on the dry down the white musk emerges to create a light and balanced scent that is perfect for spring time. While some have complained that it fades quickly, I adore the way it transforms over time into a faintly sweet skin scent that only a lover can get close enough to appreciate. I wear it to bed and can still detect the faintest traces of Musc Bleu in the morning. Definitely worth my FB investment! Highly recommended.
By   - Marketing Executive from New York on 5/17/2011
I agree with a previous poster in its similarity to Khiel's original musk. I did get a powdery blast in the beginning and it evolved into that familiar scent.
By   - therapist from NYC on 5/4/2011
lol! I can't believe the hype about this fragrance. Just go to that tiny weird looking corner shop in your market. Pick up the musk and sniff it. That's right! Musc Bleu for you except a thousand times cheaper and universally local!
By   - from Toronto on 3/29/2011
Oh, pure pleasure. I would be bathed in the perfume.
By   - artist from NYC on 3/25/2011
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