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I really enjoyed this. Its name is pretty much what it is - a clean, soapy scent. It sits close to the skin, so getting whiffs of it throughout the day is pleasant and makes me happy. Very inoffensive and wearable as an everyday scent.
By   - Business Owner from Bay Area on 5/24/2021
I love this. Very intense variation of Dove. Also reminds of Lauren in red cube. Lots of neon jasmine, rose and dries to a light, joyful breeze
By   - Behavioral tech. from Tucson on 2/23/2021
I love this! It smells like the exact moment you unwrap the paper from a bar of creamy white soap at a nice hotel - ultra clean, sparkling aldehydes, a little bit of steam from the shower running to warm it up; the fresh white terrycloth robe hanging on a hook. This perfume conjures the whole scene.
By   - Aldehyde lover  from Minnesota on 2/21/2021
It is a perfect unisex scent, not too masculine not too feminine. If you're into clean, soapy, fresh scents which exactly smells like a soft luxury soap, this is it. The longevity is very good as well, it stays all day.
By   - Economist from Singapore on 12/31/2020
This is a pleasant, nostalgic soapy scent with good staying power. I definitely see how others got gold Dial, and it's very close for me, but a little nicer than I remember. At first I put just one dab from the tester, and got a dry floral old fashioned laundry detergent fragrance (not the cloying, noxious, oppressive fragrance they have now -- gasp). I added a tiny bit more (one reviewer mentions a little goes a long way, and they're correct!) and got the full Dial experience. It's not really my thing, but I'll give it another test to see if I change my mind. For folks who like dry, bright, soapy florals, this could be just the thing. I didn't get any rose or musk on my skin.
By   - bureaucrat from Berkeley on 9/11/2020
This scent surprised me! Initially there was a very fresh, soapy scent, as others have said, like french soap. After several hours it mellowed to a soft clean musky smell. It reminds me of summer vacations as a teenager when I would covertly trying on my aunt's Chloe perfumes and go to the beach.
By   - Researcher from Minneapolis on 8/11/2020
Initial waft was like eucalyptus or pine, then transitioned to a chemical cleaning supply odor. A few seconds later, the stinky floral bloomed. I came back to my test strip about 10 minutes later and it evened out to smell like cheap floral cleaning supplies. Sample will be trashed.
By   - Cosmetic Chemist from New Albany, OH on 7/17/2020
Paper Soap smells exactly like Dial Soap(gold bar). The scent is very pleasant, clean and long lasting. I am very happy with this purchase.
By   - Office Assistant from Inglewood on 3/25/2020
On my third bottle of Paper Soap. It's fresh, clean, not too sweet, airy, and blends beautifully w/ just about everything. It calms down heavy fragrances and makes sweet scents sparkle. I love it w/ rosewater or lavender. I love it by itself.
By   - pianist from SW WA on 3/25/2020
this smells exactly like baby wipes
By   - HR from bangkok on 12/25/2019
It smells good like a soap. But I think it is too pricey for 50ml !
By   - Dentist from Philadelphia on 7/20/2019
I absolutely love this scent. If you're into clean, soapy, fresh scents that actually have proper staying power on the skin, this is it. It lasts all day. And I agree with other reviewers, it smells like those small, hard milled French soaps. Absolutely delightful. I plan to repurchase once my bottle is finished.
By   - Pharmaceutical Sales from Toronto on 6/30/2019
A revelation. Lovely and slightly surprising iterations over time. Long wearing and gratifying. Planning on adding it to my collection.
By   - Writer from Boulder, CO on 6/25/2019
Oh, I adored this. It was witty as well as pretty. Not Ivory or Dial soap to my nose. Exactly like those tiny hard-milled paper-wrapped French soaps put out for guests in showpiece bathrooms, or, in fancy (very fancy) hotels. Floral, soapy, fresh, "pretty." Rather strong, though; go easy, folks. Made me laugh outright. I loved it. My new summer scent.
By   - Writer from Spokane on 5/11/2019
Pretty much what it says on the tin. I have to disagree with the description calling it ivory soap... This is very much the dial gold soap they used in my pre-k, with just a little more powdery finish - kind of a mix of this and baby powder. It's an incredibly evocative scent, one I'm sure many people miss without realizing it. A little too sweet for me to wear personally, but worth a sniff!
By   - Logistics Manager from WR on 3/11/2019
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