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Woodsy, lush, smoky, and mysterious. This is a must have scent for cold, dark winter nights. I've never been inside a Russian Orthodox Church, but this is what I imagine it smells like. This complex smell will transport your mind to a church in Siberia. I can see why some find it a bit too much, buy I like heavy and mystical scents, so this one hit the spot for me.
By   - Healthcare from Montana on 8/30/2019
The entire series is a must have for incense lovers. This one is a woodsy incense with cedar, pine and birch added. It is not overpowering and very mystical. Moderate projection and sillage.
By   - Professor and Perfumer from Charlottesville on 1/28/2019
So fresh, so mysterious,! If only it lasted longer!
By   - Artist from Boston on 3/30/2018
A subtle alternative to the lush Avignon. Both smokey and fresh, in the style of pinon woodsmoke in the night air of New Mexico, but with more pine tar. An every-day, every-season scent, if you're the type, which I am.
By   - Artist from Boston on 9/16/2017
I expected a more impactful fragrance from Avignon's Orthodox cousin. This time around, I got that familiar whiff of my dad's $20. street vendor cheapie at the top opening as opposed to the finishing phase in Avignon. A scent like this should have more projection, but what I got instead was an antiseptic bandage stuck to the skin. Normally, I'd go for that kind of effect in a flash....not this time. I, therefore, deduct two stars. Three stars are generous enough as it is.
By   - Retired Artist from New York City on 8/25/2016
I got this sample with a bunch of others, and sort of forgot it. Now, reading the reviews I see people talking about pine needles ( think Fille en Aiguilles ) which I ADORE! I get clove and gauze bandage. Not too much of the latter thankfully. Amazingly, I don't hate it. Will use up the sample but not fb worthy for me.
By   - Mom from Minneapolis on 7/1/2012
It's a great masculine scent. The top notes of pine keep it invigorating. It dries down to a pleasant woodsy scent. I have to agree with other reviews it doesn't have lasting power. With that being said it makes for a good casual everyday mans scent. It smelled too much like mens cologne for me to wear it personally.
By   - server from brooklyn on 4/26/2012
It's a great masculine scent. The top notes of pine keep it invigorating. It dries down to a pleasant woodsy scent. I have to agree with other reviews it doesn't have lasting power. With that being said it makes for a good casual everyday mans scent. It smelled too much like mens cologne for me to wear it personally.
By   - server from brooklyn on 4/26/2012
This one didn't work on me. Hardly any scent at all and what there is is like cheap pine air freshener. But then, my body chemistry is such that perfumes have to be extra strong to give off a scent. I tried this one as a lark, glad it was only a sample.
By   - jewelry designer on 7/8/2011
I think this is wonderful - I absolutely don't see where people are getting the idea of motor oil from in this scent. I get strong pink pepper, which dries down to a combination of allspice, a hint of pine, and just a breath of cedar and violet. Profoundly complex -- more-so than Ouarzazate or Avignon from this series. It's not the sort of thing you drown yourself in to wear to the mall or that Neurosis concert-- it's a grown-up incense, for grownups, designed to be treasured and used cautiously. Wearing this is like having a really wonderful secret, I think. Sillage is not overwhelming; the staying power average. I think this scent is a gem. I love incense fragrances, but was not anywhere near as pleased with Messe de Minuit or Incense Extreme or Frankincense & Myrrh as I am with this. Dry, haunting, lovely -- not cloying or suffocating. It's like taking a deep breath of cold air.
By   - from Kansas City on 11/3/2009
This is the worst of the line for me. However, I'm a Greek orthodox and I can say this smells exactly like the inside of a church during mass. It creates the same feeling as Avignon: heavy, solemn, spiritual but hot were Avignon is cold. This one smells like pure incense to me, not like a perfume or even skin scent. Perhaps, that's why I don't like it? I much prefer Avignon and Jaisalmer over this.
By   - computer programmer from Athens on 7/29/2009
BIG disappointment. It's no incense AT ALL! Bland, weak, semi-green scent evaporating from the skin in minutes. Forget about charisma and style. AVIGNON and KYOTO are far better, but generally all incense serie is sadly a big mistake. Try HINOKI MONOCLE if You want smell interesting, if not brilliant! I respect CDG for their innovations and brave, but it isn't for me. Pass
By  on 2/17/2009
Soapy and gross on me. I love woods, and after reading about this one I was sure I would love it, but I had to scrub it off after a few minutes, which I felt were a few minutes too long.
By   - Lighting tech from Los Angeles on 2/24/2008
The best of the Incense lot by a country mile. Refreshing & downright dirty at the same time. It's a ripper!
By   - from Sydney on 11/2/2007
Zagorsk is a very special fragrance. It has incredible wood tones of birch and pine, emphasis on the birch. It is what Cartier’s Déclaration wants to be when it grows up! Zagorsk has a sweet nutty opening (pimento berries). Then, haunting smoky wood appears; an exceptional treatment of this scent. Florals (violets, iris) are a minor note, slightly softening the wood. The effect is one of austerity, dryness, restraint. The mood evoked is loneliness, melancholy, and yet at the same time satisfaction and contentment. Finally mild white incense appears and takes the fade-out. Zagorsk is subtle; despite having only a few notes they are very well done. It doesn’t have great longevity, but such moods (and scents) are of the moment anyway.
By   - from edmonton on 10/9/2007
It's the smell of a thought. The most evocative thought one could have: a sad thought but that plunges its root deep in time. Superbe!
By  on 9/13/2007
For me, this scent brings back hurricanes. The smell of freshly fallen pine trees and wet earth combined with debris being burned. Also, the hint of ozone that comes with a big storm.
By   - from Gulfport on 8/23/2007
Zagorsk is so clean, so stringent. It smells like allspice and nutmeg soap. A russian ghost haunting a dirty-iced cemetery, trampling over pine, disturbing the cold earth in his determination for a moment in the breeze and frozen sun. He rests his soul against the porous ancient stone, crumbling autumn-crisp leaves in the palm of his hand, breathing in the incense of the cathedral, his home. Old and clean. Gone and clean. Absolved of the weight of centuries.
By   - Recluse on 8/16/2007
I think Zagorsk is the best of the Incense Series. While I think all five are brilliant, and each has something to say-- Zagorsk is easily the most haunting. It's not the most wearable or versatile fragrance out there, but it has such a feeling of melancholic beauty. It's like being a fifth-grader and reading all about Anastasia and having secret feelings for her--upon which, you can never act. You know it's stupid, but you can't help it. That's how Zagorsk is. The sad beauty of a yellowed black and white photo-- and everyone in the picture is deceased. But there it is and here you are--separated by time. If you consider yourself a romantic old soul, you'll be moved by this.
By  on 6/2/2007
this one has to grow on me i guess. not off-putting precisely but kinda curious...perhaps a bit too piney for my taste. still interesting though.
By   - radiographer from cambridge on 4/1/2007
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