Fou d'Absinthe

Eau de Parfum

by L'Artisan Parfumeur

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Absinthe – the legendary green fairy, that entrancing vixen that brings visions, addiction and madness. Bacchanalian nights on the Moulin Rouge were fueled by this forbidden wormwood liquor that lives on the razor's edge of bitter and sweet, of cold and hot, of delirium and inspiration. Fou d'Absinthe opens with the steely grip of icy-cool alcohol, enveloped by the distinctive, slightly bitter, unnervingly true note of absinthe, touched with a brisk tingle of angelica. The unique “hot-cold” sensation continues as the crisp, cool bite of anise contrasts with the heat of a cocktail of four spices, before settling into a resinous blend of dry pine, fir balsam and woody cistus. Elegant and mesmerizing, the journey from the initial bracing, herbal sharpness to the deeply sweet and intoxicating mellowness at the end, makes us feel, for just a moment, as if we had actually indulged in contraband. We would follow this green fairy anywhere.

Fou d'Absinthe  Notes

absinthe, star anise, dry pine, cistus, angelica flower, blackcurrant buds, clove, ginger, nutmeg, patchouli, pepper, pine needles, fir balsam

Fou d'Absinthe Sizes Available
50ml $109
100ml $145
0.7ml Sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Fou d'Absinthe...
Aptly named! This was an exploration of notes that evoke the color green, which made me smile to myself throughout the day. Straight from the bottle I get a blast of absinthe and spices. As it dries down I detect sparkling peppery, green notes. After about an hour of wear, I sense an earthy mildly spicy pine evocative of walking in the woods just before it gets cold enough to snow. It seems a bit on the masculine side, but I would encourage even the most feminine to try a sample if the notes are appealing. This is probably too sexy for work. Fragrance does not usually last or project well for me, but I got a full day of enjoyment and strong sillage. My partner could smell it in the hallway of our building long after I left. At risk of seeming cheesy, I recommend this scent for dressy and drunken Christmas parties.
By   - from Saint Paul on 12/17/2014
I tried Fou d'Absinthe in L'Artisan Parfumeur's Perfume Box Sampler. I'd thought of trying it for awhile but was intimidated because it's listed as a masculine scent. After trying it, I think it's more a unisex scent, and I absolutely love it! I will definitely be purchasing a bottle of this. To me it smells like a fresh green scent--like being in an old cedar-lined sauna with incense on a rainy day in the woods. But while the freshness of pine is there, it isn't overly pine-y, and the incense note is more like you've burned the stick down awhile ago and it's what lingers. The licorice notes are not strong, and must just add to what I think is the dominant sense I get from the scent--warm wood, and amber, which is an interesting counterpart to the freshness.
By   - Grad Student from Boston on 11/20/2014
One of my hot weather reliables, along with Creed Baie de Genievre and Guerlain Vetiver. Refreshing and complex. If you're looking for an exact match to the smell of absinthe, you'll be as disappointed as if you purchased Mechant Loup looking to smell like an unwashed wolf.
By   - IT Professional from Naperville, IL, USA on 2/24/2013
By   - Sales from Austin on 10/20/2011
amazing. i tried this a year ago and today a totally different feeling. so .. never say NO to a fragrance forever! looking for a summer scent and this is clean sweet and brisk. just what i needed! so many in this line to love!
By   - agent from saint petersburg on 7/3/2009
I drink absinthe and this isn't exactly like it, but it's a great scent. I am really picky and sensitive to perfumes, having not grown up on them.. so most perfumes smell *yuck* to me! I don't get cleaner-smell from this at all. It's a very spicy, woodsy, anise-y scent and I love it on my boyfriend. Addicting to me. Definitely masculine, but women could pull it off.
By  on 8/1/2008
When did Speedstick deodorant become so expensive?
By  on 3/22/2008
Brilliant, absolutely brilliant! And rather different from what I expected! I was expecting a somewhat boozy firecracker of a fragrance. Instead, in Fou d’Absinthe I found a warm, utterly attractive scent that combines woods and herbs in a way that I’ve never seen before. The opening has two parts: the first is aromatic and herbaceous, the second is aromatic with cedar and resin. The absinthe (wormwood) and angelica have stated their case, and done so in a unique and striking manner. Then, a spicy-cool middle appears, as promised. There is a hint of licorice (anise) but it is very minor and adds just a note of interest. Then... magnificent pine and balsam appear... dry, authentic, deep, compelling, and WARM! Many pine scents have a ‘chilly’ aspect, but not this one. This is one of the best pine notes I’ve experienced, and I’ve tried Knize and Blenheim Bouquet. The dry-down is very attractive, and generates quiet heat. This is a complex, sophisticated scent. It is dry and classy enough for day wear, but sensual and intriguing enough for the evening. L’Artisan Parfumer has a magic touch with woods (see also Méchant Loup).
By   - from edmonton on 10/10/2007
all together now...COMET..IT MAKES YOUR MOUTH SO CLEAN..COMET..IT TASTES LIKE LIS-TO-RINE... yikes!! i give up looking for my absinthe. maybe i should contact marilyn manson, i hear he has the real goods...but this sure aint it!!
By   - know it all from o.c. on 7/25/2007
I remember smelling this at Barnes New York. I thought it was light and quite unique. I might order a sample before I spend the money. Just to be on the safe side.
By  on 7/17/2007
my goodness. decided to try again. got a totally different experience. this is definitely woody.. wintery...pine and haunting. this is a lesson for all. our body chemistry changes so always give a scent another chance. love it.
By   - agent from saint petersburg on 7/6/2007
I found this one to be wonderful. Woody but not overtly so, with hints of an anise-absinthe scent here and there. Decent lasting power......mysterious, and alluring.
By   - from chicago on 4/29/2007
I agree with Anne. Soapy aftershave.
By   - Architect from Vancouver on 1/16/2007
Rather nice and exotic on me. This scent radiates a fresh, coolness on my skin. I liked it, despite it being a rather large departure from the usual warm scents I gravitate toward. A keeper.
By   - from Massachusetts on 1/6/2007
This one took a while to grow on me. The pine note is a little harsh initially and reminded me of the days in the 80s when men would marinate themselves in Polo. *But* upon drydown, this fragrance is heavenly -- warm and cozy, like curling up by the fireplace on a winter night. The fir and spices blend beautifully to frame the absinthe note that finally emerges. I find that Geisha Green is a more feminine absinthe fragrance, but Fou d'Absinthe is a warmer one. Whichever one I reach for depends on my mood.
By   - from Arlington, VA on 11/9/2006
Balsam and spice is very nice. Dries down to a very fresh showered scent. I'd like it on a guy. Aye, but I like it too.
By   - Scientist from L.A. on 10/31/2006
So sad we can't just concentrate on the fragrance being reviewed instead of offering up social swipes at those not like us. I am a forty something male that happens to love this scent for what it is. I don't care who wears it or what their social status is. Money doesn't buy good taste and fragrance can't cover up up the stench of snobs.
By  on 10/17/2006
Olivia, I love you for Passage d'Enfer but where on earth did this mess come from? No artist is a hit each and every time but - really! I imagine this scent will be a big hit with those bridge & tunnel Goth 20 somethings who take out their piercings and cover their tattoos so they can hold temp positions in the city. Wearing something with the word "absinthe" in the name will make them feel as though they haven't quite sold out and joined the corporate world of their parents, I'm sure. Well, I suppose smelling like Irish Spring with a hint of anise is better than smelling, as they often do, like Hubba Bubba and cigarettes. If it is true that this fragrance is sold as an eau du parfum and is therefore theoretically longer lasting than some of L'Artisan's far superior offerings it's a real travesty. I realize that L'Artisan is a business but does it have to pander to such a crowd? Is it doing that badly? I certainly hope not.
By   - Bon Vivant from Manhattan on 10/17/2006
I was so anxious for a absinthe scent! when this came out in June I just had to be the first to get it, big disappointment, it smells like something else I have smelled before some kinda mens cologne it is odd, it may be right for someone but not me, also on a really hot sweaty summer day its ok, but I wished I did not shell out the $ for a whole bottle before I knew what it was about : (
By   - from Silver Spring, MD on 10/12/2006
Forget what I said about not an every day scent. I am in love with this fragrance! I can't wait to buy myself a bottle of this intoxicating perfume. Fou d' Absinthe is now my all time favorite.
By   - perfume addict from UK on 9/15/2006
I love it! Not sure if it is an every day scent, but on days when I am feeling mischievous this one is perfect. I can't stop smelling my wrist! What keeps coming to mind is the phrase "Curiouser, and Curiouser." Except, instead of chasing a little white rabbit, I find myself floating after a mesmerizing green faery.
By   - perfume addict from UK on 8/22/2006
Wonderful! I have another absinthe based scent but this one is different and lasts beautifully. I agree would be great on men or women.
By   - Educator from Larkspur on 8/3/2006
Interesting scent. On my skin, it starts cold and metallic, but warms up with (as another poster noted) a licorice tinge. Not an everyday scent for me, but I do reach for it when I want a scent with an edge and some unpredictability.
By   - professor from Brooklyn NY on 8/1/2006
This fragrance opened up beautifully with a blend of warm, clove-y spices, but later changed to a more woodsy, green scent. I think it's nice for a man, but too much for me.
By   - pharmacist from NYC on 7/28/2006
I was really excited about this fragrance but for some reason it reminds me of Ralph Lauren Polo for men (green bottle).
By   - Fragrance Ho from NYC on 7/17/2006
I absolutley adored this one, but it was like an amalgam of 5 different fragrances I allready have. I won't rule out a purchase, but some ot the others have to go first. No sense buying the same thing over and over in different bottles.
By   - from LA on 6/26/2006
me too!!! i want to love it just as i loved the first taste of the forbidden drink years ago.. but it began to smell like the old fig scents of years ago. my sis adores it.. i just think with fragrance you MUST sample and find what suits YOUR scent.the saffron however is heavelnly on me.
By   - agent from st pete on 6/25/2006
By   - agent on 6/25/2006
I wanted so much to love this. I love everything about it, from the name and concept to the main essence/s, and am agreeable to unisex scents. The herbal, citrus, cedary combo is perfect for warm weather. Unfortunately, after the initial bloom, it disagrees with my chemistry in a big way. The dry-down leaves a soapier scent, and smells too much like men's cologne. ...very very nice men's cologne. So i gave it to a nice male friend.
By   - writer from New York on 6/17/2006
I believe they are marketing this as a men's scent, but it works great on me as a woman - it's warm, slightly woody, with a light licorice note. Very sexy!
By   - from San Diego on 6/16/2006
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