Coffee White Flowers


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Quite wonderful. At the start it is too strong, indolic, like bitter dark coffee and not-sweet-at-all jasmine. After a few minutes, that softens and you get a leathery, boozy scent with a touch of spice and a barely-there sweetness that calls to mind an elegant, refined gentleman's club with stately armchairs and only the finest spirits, plus a no-smoking policy. It reminds me of the custom-blended tobacco in my father's pipe when I was little: spicy, leathery, and mildly sweet while not smoky at all. It was a scent that always made me grin, and this one does, too. Whoever wrote that it is "rich, boozy and resinous, an enchanting dark liqueur", was spot on. It is definitely unisex, just a bit too masculine for me. But I highly recommend it.
By   - Artist from San Francisco on 9/10/2021
When I close my eyes, I feel like I am in a Caribbean apothecary shop in the 1700's with this one. White floral with coffee and rum undertones. It lasts a long time on the skin. A must for those that enjoy gourmands.
By   - Medical Sales from Dallas, Texas on 6/26/2021
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