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The Scoop description is right on. This is sexy like whoa. Received 'Amber' as a sample when I requested some resiny/incense-y suggestions. I dug it, but my first thought was "is this too strong?" It's not too strong. I am taking twice the time to write this because I keep huffing my wrist. It's bonfire at the beach in a big cotton sweater. It's a little woodsy, a little salty, the vanilla is dry, soft but present, (the "is-that-coconut?" you get from sunscreen on sunwarmed skin without the sweetness). And then, as if that wasn't enough, it develops into something soothing and a little beeswaxy, a little herbal, and very sophisticated. Maybe it's not for everyone, but wow, I love it.
By   - Bookseller from Los Angeles on 8/7/2020
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