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Initial floral burst then unchewed pink powdered bubblegum. No lost cherry vibes on me, more of a less serious version of Heeley Bubblegum Chic. Dreaming of fancy floral garden with a play box full of pink powdered bubble gum. Jump in, they are hard but start to get soft with body temperature. Breathe in; yeah these aren't cheap gums, must be gourmet. Enjoy, you're dreaming. Sublime. Wait... I'm a grown adult woman in a play box. Fight to get out but the gum is getting softer. Gum tar. Quick sand gum. Finally out, covered in expensive gum powder like a rose water Turkish delight. Gum powder instead of gun powder inside a chrome pistol prop that shoots out a huge fresh tea rose. Order an agua de Jamaica at the bar before I wake up.
By   - Civil engineering estimator  from West Texas on 7/17/2021
Oh my, the cherry. I would NOT have expected to find that as the special note that makes me recommend this. I am always going to like bergamot, tonka, vanilla--no surprises. But this scent was very much it's own individual, and I chalk that up to the cherry accord. It is worth a try if you like something a bit mysterious but still inviting, a bit sweet but still sophisticated.
By   - writer from Chicago on 11/19/2020
I am thrilled with this new fragrance house. I will admit to being a snob when it comes to my scents, but this house is in the same league as Guerlain. I found at first blush this fragrance too “girlie.” My deficit. Let it sink in and the fullness of vanilla, Ambroxan and Tonka meld together for a scent that says evening out. I just ordered today a FB of the Tabac Rose. I simply cannot decide which FB to order next. I’m leaning toward Nuit De Sable. Good thing Christmas is coming.
By   - Court Reporter from Schoharie on 8/30/2020
From the description and fragrance notes, I was expecting something bold and sexy; an olfactory representation of the infamous Quartier Pigalle that inspired it. But on my skin, there was nothing but a whiff of indistinct florals and sweet berries. Squeaky clean. These dried down almost immediately to an unpleasantly acrid note of burnt sugar, with just a hint of cheap incense and musk lurking in the background. Within a couple of hours, even this was reduced to a simply vanilla skin-scent that soon faded completely.
By   - Artist from Portland on 7/24/2020
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