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Oh, this is nice! The beautifully-blended opening of citrus and pineapple is just right, not oversweet or the least bit synthetic, and segues gracefully into the soft, luxurious heart of suede and sandalwood. Vanilla in the base ensures an aura of creaminess for the whole. Rich, elegant and rather delicious, with a slightly masculine lean to my nose. Devastatingly gorgeous on a man. Not too heavy, but plenty of presence and some nice low key sillage. Love it!
By   - Publishing from Chapel Hill NC on 12/30/2020
Smells soapy. Underwhelmed.
By   - Cook from Flagstaff on 12/18/2020
When you first smell Creme de Cuir on your skin, you might be underwhelmed by its lack of oomph and excitement. However, once you forget you're wearing it, it'll sneak up behind you and give you a gentle hug. And who doesn't need that? Its soft leather and spice are rounded out nicely by a smooth creaminess that's promised right in the name. Underneath this, there's a layer of suede and musk that help sand down any rough edges that might exist. Ultimately, Creme de Cuir is not loud, in your face, or going to have people chasing you down the street. But for those who are lucky enough to stand near you, they'll feel the sense of calm you'll undoubtedly be bringing to their day.
By   - Travel from Austin on 9/29/2020
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