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I thought I would give more info for anyone looking to try this cologne since the review length is capped. This fragrance lasts very long (6-8 hours). It has an almost chocolate-like quality in the beginning and middle but not overly sweet or gourmand-y. It's a bold, dark, iron-y chocolate. Sillage is moderate to intense. Don't spray too much because people will notice. The ambergris is noticeable after about 5 hours in as it mixes with the other woods. Not picking up much vetiver, though, which is fine with me. Give it a try. You might like it.
By   - Student from West Palm Beach, FL on 2/19/2020
Interesting scent. It opens with a veritable bag of notes as if they were all being forcibly held to your nose. It smells like a bouquet of spices and wood inside of an old leather boot. As it dries down, the sweet freshness of the rose, frankincense and myrrh emerge and it takes on a more calming tone as they mingle with the nutmeg and cinnamon. The ambergris and vetiver are there, but not very prominent. The ending is almost pure sweet sandalwood. I purchased this as a blind buy based on the scent profile alone, and I'd rate it as so-so. A masculine, pleasing, calming fragrance, but not outstanding or instantly attention-grabbing.
By   - Student from West Palm Beach, FL on 2/15/2020
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