April Aromatics


Eau de Parfum

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Euphoria! It smells like armfulls of jasmine blossoms. It also reminds me of jasmine tea. It lasts, and really just surrounds you in a delicate, decadent cloud. It's happy and beautiful.
By   - Student from Nashville on 3/1/2018
This is the most realistic, yet refreshing white floral jasmine scent I have ever tried. It is intense, so a light spray is essential. It smells of real jasmine, oranges and grapefruit to me. Very feminine, intense, refreshing, refined.
By   - Education  from Ashland on 1/2/2017
I think April Aromatics has spoiled me for all other scents. The dozens (hundreds) of samples, not to mention full bottles, of fragrances that I've collected through the years nowadays merely smell 'perfumey' and rather ordinary--without heart or soul or depth. This includes long-beloved standbys from Guerlain and Chanel, as well as the otherwise-delightful offerings from Annick Goutal, and many other niche houses also. Jasmina is, for me, the final destination in a long quest for a jasmine soliflore that would satisfy, uplift, and produce the rich yet light, utterly natural effect of a night-blooming garden laced with jasmine vines. I must once again salute Tanja Hochnig for her exquisite artistry and superb sensibilities.
By   - author/writer/artist from Austin on 9/12/2014
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