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Meh, this is fine. It is certainly green but I had my boyfriend try it and the eucalyptus comes out more than anything which makes it more medicinal than "fresh". But eucalyptus is one of two of my absolutely least favourite scents so it makes sense that I'm not a fan.
By   - Chef from Langley on 10/8/2020
Strong scent and very well done in the formulation of it all.
By   - Relationships from Mpls on 9/16/2019
Amazing stuff. A fascinating smell. This one's my favorite of the new Akro line. An intense Green Aromatic, with heady, bitter herbal, pleasantly medicinal, soul-healing qualities. Exquisitely, intelligently blended to create a very transportive, natural smell. Every perfume wardrobe should have at least one purely Aromatic type in it... yet they are rare to find, espcially utterly natural-smelling ones like HAZE, with no perceptible synthies added. Aromatics are incredibly refreshing, elevating, revitalizing to apply during blistering hot weather after a shower, and this one smells like a "holy grail" aromatic to me. Just wow. A full flacon of HAZE in the offing for me, pronto.
By   - digital artist from boerne texas usa on 5/10/2019
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