Akro Discovery Set

Discovery Set

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Great way to try out this company. Funnily enough my favourite so far is one I didn't think I was going to enjoy (Awake). It might actually be my next signature scent.
By   - Chef from Vancouver on 11/25/2019
I have mixed feelings for this brand: Night smells like mud butt after sex (or big foots dick), Malt smells like 40oz of stale beer stained on some rocker's leather jacket, and Smoke smells like Djarum Blacks (just buy some, light it and you'll acquire that scent in no time!). Other than those, the rest of the fragrances are actually decent: Haze has a fruity, peachy smell that's surprisingly similar to fresh purple kush you'd buy at a dispensary, Awake smells like Lindt chocolate, and Dark smells like freshly brewed espresso coffee. They're fun to try out if you're experimenting with niche fragrances (except for Night and Malt), but definitely not something to use when going out on certain occasions.
By   - College Student from Los Angeles, CA on 5/11/2019
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