Thomas Kosmala

No. 4 Apres l'Amour

Eau de Parfum

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Here's what other people are saying about No. 4 Apres l'Amour...
I didn’t have time to open the perfume. However, I’ve smelled it elsewhere. I know it’s very good and it’s beast mood. It was great dealing with LuckyScent, they even gave me a 5th sample for free and I have only requested 4. Thanks a lot
By   - Student from Richmond on 9/22/2021
Thomas Kosmala #4 Apres L'amour is BY FAR my favorite fragrance everrrrr! I have Baccarat Rouge, and to me this is richer and stronger...and just more special. There is not a day when I am wearing this fragrance, when I do not receive a compliment on it...literally, from passers by, I have had to write it down, show them the link to purchase, I am serious! It was out of stock for a happy Luckyscent got #4 back in stock. I would be happy wearing this forever.
By   - Hair and makeup artist from New York on 7/3/2021
Yep, this is BR540 with better performance. EASYYYYY on the trigger, this is a BEAST of a fragrance. I made the mistake of spraying this 4-5 times and that was WAAAAYYYYYY too much. I used to hate BR540 and never understood why it had such a cult following. No. 4 has changed my mind. This is a fraction of the cost and performs better than BR540. Not to mention, I love the packaging on this one.
By   - Bookkeeper from Austin on 2/17/2020
This was gifted to me but I've fallen in love. It's not my usual perfume but it's LOVELY - embraces my skin and exudes a comforting/enticing aura. I think it's the combo of the bitter orange/lemon tamed by the amber/musk/wood that makes it so gorgeous. It's a very subtle effect but even though it's light, the smell lingers all day and many friends have noticed it. If you want a lighter perfume with good sillage and a "I will spend all day in my pj's" vibe, this is it. Give it a try as the dry down is amazing.
By   - consultant from Weybridge on 2/7/2020
This is a nice fragrance. Even though it has wood/amber/musk, it definitely plays out as gourmand on my skin. I am enjoying the sample but I would not purchase. For a similar mood, I adore Long Courrier, which I desperately wish LuckyScent would bring back, or also Piotr Czarnecki—Shihan.
By   - writer from Chicago on 11/30/2019
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