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At first I thought, oh here we go--awesome. But SO swiftly this turned south., I agree with the cough drop comment somewhat, but it is worse than that on me. It is as if something very tart and fresh got caught up at a smoky barbecue restaurant with very poor ventilation. Alas, this was ICK.
By   - writer from Chicago on 7/14/2020
Smells exactly like a lemon cough drop. With a pharmaceutical note in the background. First, the citrus explodes and seems promising, but right after, the cough drop scent takes over and squashes all the citrus notes. It makes you smell like someone who is taking medication. I would not recommend.
By   - Translator from Montreal on 8/2/2019
Smells exactly like a slightly green, that is as in "underripe", grapefruit. Tart green+grapefruit is about it. Didn't get much else here. Heat dissipation for summer! Doesn't last long, though. Whether you like it or not depends on how you feel about grapefruit. I did, but wish it lasted longer. Zingy summer scent!
By   - Writer from Spokane on 5/28/2019
Impossible to find a more refreshing scent for hot weather. Tea, of the lighter variety (like a Ceylon or Darjeeling) and the freshest natural lemon short of one you slice yourself. A hot weather mood booster. Simple, but delicious.
By   - Writer from Spokane on 5/11/2019
This one just has too much of a candy smell. Smelled like a packet of pez. Much preferred the honey lemon.
By   - Environmental scientist from Henderson on 5/2/2019
A tad synthetic, but at that price nobody should have license to complain. A fantastic resinous honeyed orange which cuts to the chase. Delicious!
By   - Student from Sacramento on 3/15/2019
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