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This is VERY nice, no question. The opening was amazing - extremely bright with lots of citrus. I also got quite a bit of lavender and blackcurrant later on. It was only the final dry down I had some issue with. I couldn't seem to shake the sharp (and medicinal) "burnt tire" smell. I think it was mostly due to the leather component. I enjoyed the vetiver and cedar portions of it, but not the leather (and possibly juniper). Perhaps it's just my skin. Longevity was excellent, over 10-hours with me. I'm surprised the poster below only claimed "20-minutes". This is very highly-concentrated stuff. I am going to try the Cologne version before making a final decision on Elysium. I understand it is lighter and not nearly as strong. We'll see.
By   - Photographer from Canada on 10/22/2020
I purchased Elysium on a blind buy . When I first sprayed it , I was super stoked. It smelled amazing. Then 10 minutes later the scent changed and totally disappeared from my skin. I could not even smell it anymore. The nest day I sprayed about 6-7 sprays on and it was the same story. This fragrance does not last more than 20 minutes on my skin. Very disappointed. Super expensive for a scent that does not last.
By   - medical from Dallas on 4/23/2019
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