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City Of Jasmine

Extrait de Parfum

50ml $175
0.7ml sample $5
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Here's what other people are saying about City Of Jasmine...
I waited to try a sample until I had tried all scents from this house, thinking that this would be some flowerbomb-- so glad I tried it now! This has so much more citrus (grapefruit?, tangerine?) than flowers that the name seems misleading. I get the citrus, followed by a grey spice note, then a tropical floral note. This should be mentioned in the same breath as 4711 and other great Eau de Colognes. Truly a unisex scent, and great in warm months.
By   - disabled from mount aukum on 4/19/2019
This is beautiful in a vintage Dior Eau Savage kind of way. At first whiff in the vial, I didn't pay it much mind. Once on my skin, however, I was struck by the tart citrus up front: so fresh! The dry down I suppose could be described as something more masculine; but you would never be mistaken for wearing a man's cologne. It's quite lovely and sophisticated. I would consider it a warm weather scent.
By   - Accountant from Hudson on 2/22/2019
I must say that I am so glad I got the sample pkg from this House! City of Jasmine is truly one stunning fragrance and I can't wait to wear it in Spring and Summer! It smelled so good that I am wearing it again today, but I only have a sample and must conserve until I get a full bottle! I truly believe this House is going to have a huge amount of loyal and very happy customers...always looking for what is coming next! Within the sample set, I loved all of them, 3 to 4 of them being truly full bottle worthy!
By   - Program Assistant  from Fredericksburg on 2/17/2019
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