Nice Bergamote

Eau de Parfum

by Essential Parfums

Nice Bergamote Sizes Available:
100ml $75
10ml Eau de Parfum $20
0.7ml sample $3
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Here's what other people are saying about Nice Bergamote...
The search for a fragrance you can wear in Phoenix's summer heat is endless. It can't be too sticky, floral, or loaded with orange blossom, which, for us, is a spring to summer note. Fragrances with cedar don't work on me, cedar amps up on me and smells like a hamster cage. I was afraid this was going to be another too-much-for-summer fragrance, but I was wrong. The opening is loaded with hay (for me, maybe not for you), and then there is some edgy citrus. Over time, this unfolds with a buttery easiness, nothing suffocating or overly floral. The hay stays, but it is joined by bergamot and a background of ylan-ylang. Half an hour into the sample, I'm not swamped in cedar. Another sample try out and I'll be a fan!
By   - Writer from Phoenix on 8/3/2018
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