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I was disappointed. Quite feminin with a odd combination of scents.
By   - Sales Executive from Minneapolis on 10/21/2020
I had such high hopes for Rehab. The notes sound gorgeous. Unfortunately, all I initially got was cedar (which translates to THE DREADED HAMSTER CAGE). Then I got a pop of tobacco. Not what I wanted from this scent. I left it on for a while, hoping that it would continue to offer different notes. No such luck. I just smell like a cigarette smoking rodent.
By   - Librarian from Deep South on 5/28/2020
Oh wow...this is just SEXINESS liquified and captured in a bottle. It's a little sweet, a little musky, a little woody, and a lot of attitude. I was worried that its notes were too varied and too strong, but somehow they all work beautifully together. This is definitely a date-night scent. It will function great on the town, but will also work fabulously once you settle in back at home after a night out.
By   - Art director from BROOKLYN on 7/13/2019
This stuff is like having a spell in a bottle. It allures like no other fragrance I’ve ever owned. If you don’t like this fragrance have your nose checked or wear it anyway because the people around you will thank you for it.
By   - IT leader from Chicago on 5/2/2019
At first sniff this is very high quality and full-bodied. I would compare it to Parfums De Marly Herod but totally unique of its own.
By   - Account Services  from Omaha, Ne on 3/8/2019
Root beer float, all the way down. Too sweet for my liking. I do not want to smell like an old-fashioned soda fountain.
By   - Educator  from Dallas on 10/6/2018
I ordered the sample after watching a video recommendation from Demi Rawling on YouTube and really am impressed. I love the scent and this fragrance stays with you for 4-5 hours. I will definitely be ordering this one!
By   - Sales Rep from Cincinnati on 8/22/2018
This fragrance is exceptional! The wood and vanilla notes give it a sexy vibe, but the bergamot keeps the scent from being too sweet or heavy. On my skin, the citrus note fades fairly quickly, but the sweet vanilla, sandalwood, and patchouli linger quite a while. My first impression was that it smelled a bit like a root beer float, and was worried it might smell juvenile, but once it warms on your skin, it becomes sexy/spicy and really beautiful.
By   - Student from Pittsburgh on 7/27/2018
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