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1899 - Ernest Hemingway

Eau de Parfum

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This is like the ultimate 'boyfriend' perfume. Spicy, strong, masculine but not aggro, dries down to a shave-cream old style barbershop smell.
By   - Business from Boston on 11/10/2020
Great femme tobacco scent! Nice balance of realistic spices and tobacco shop smell; I don't detect a floral note, but a vanilla-spice-and-licorice accord that I recognize from : Initio's Rehab! at a tiny fraction of the price. Rehab smells as expensive as plutonium and probably costs as much. It's worth it -- it's an olfactory masterpiece whose creator I'm happy to compensate. 1899 = Sweet vanilla tobacco and spices, stays moderately close to the skin. More masculine than Rehab. I do love 1899 and it seems less formal and easier to wear than Rehab. Now I've got an excuse to buy 1899 now rather than waiting.
By   - Fragrance newbie from Frankfort, Kentucky on 8/9/2020
Great femme-y tobacco scent! Nice balance of realistic spices and tobacco shop smell; I don't detect a floral note, but a vanilla-spice-and-licorice accord that I recognize from Initio's Rehab, which it uncannily resembles. (Rehab is worth it, an olfactory masterpiece whose creators I'm happy to compensate). 1899 = sweet pipe tobacco, vanilla, cinnamon/allspice/star anise, amber, patchouli. At first it billows licorice-vanilla clouds for a radius of five feet, but as it dries down, I'm getting more tobacco and a more masculine feeling. 1899 feels more casual than Rehab and very similar at a tiny fraction of its price. Now I've got an excuse to buy a bottle right away.
By   - Fragrance newbie from Frankfort, KY on 7/24/2020
I am revising my earlier 3 star review. After wearing several more times, I consider this to be go-everywhere scent. The spiciness is divine--and I don't mind it even for hot weather, which normally would not be the time I'd want a spicy scent. I adore it, have a full bottle, thank Heaven, and if I had to take only one bottle along on a trip with me, it probably would be this, right now anyway...
By   - writer from chicago on 6/9/2018
This is my favorite of the big sampler set they offer. However, it is still not very exciting to me. I would say that the initial half hour or hour is really pleasant, then after that... meh.
By   - writer from Chicago on 9/8/2017
Have to admit to being slightly disappointed - 3 stars for being well composed but for me the notes didn't come together in a harmonious way. The dry down was too vanilla/iris for me and the black pepper a bit too pungent. Give it a try as I could see how it might resonate with others. Definitely unisex so could work for anyone.
By   - Consultant from Weybridge on 1/2/2016
Oh good. A fragrance with interesting top notes that dry down in about five minutes to vanilla, vanilla and vanilla. Just like about 60% of the fragrances at the department store. Hooray. Is this such a popular style of fragrance because dudes know chicks dig ice cream? I'm not really comfortable smelling like Baskin-Robbins.
By   - from Providence on 8/20/2014
It is sweet but masculine and reminded me the Jazz Club by Maison Martin Margiela with tobacco leaf, vanilla bean and styrax resin as base notes.
By   - from Aventura on 7/11/2014
This has a very distinct violet/iris note with orange blossom (floral) and just a touch of vanilla and amber. The amber and vanilla, thankfully, is not a sweet scent but more on the dry side. The juniper, cinnamon and pepper are evident but not overwhelming. The dry down is mostly iris and vanilla. Juniper, pepper, orange blossom and bergomot are the tops, and are gone in less than 30 minutes. The rest sticks around a long, long time. I have been looking for something like this for a long time. It's not a traditional men's scent in the sense that for the past 60 years men's fragrances tend to be earthy or cologne-marine or chypre or smoky and leathery and tobacco-y. 100 years ago men wore a lot of violet scent on their gloves and jackets. Probably too soft to be the go-to for many of today's men. Makes a great addition to my large arsenal of scent. Sillage is soft, wears close to the skin and longevity is very good (scents don't usually last long on me) at 6+ hours, still lingerging after 7 hours if sniffed close.
By   - grad student from hartford on 7/4/2014
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