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Silence the Sea

Eau de Parfum

Silence the Sea Sizes Available:
50ml $475
0.7ml sample $10
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Here's what other people are saying about Silence the Sea...
Unlike anything I've ever encountered. If you love the smell of "real" sea (salt, dune grass, algae, driftwood fire smoke, warm skin) then this scent will intoxicate you. There are the deep, sexy, gold notes of oud and just enough strange floral to brighten the whole scent bouquet, but this is a poem to the ocean. A true unisex scent, I think my husband and I will be battling for ownership of the full bottle when it arrives.
By   - Interior designer from New York on 7/28/2020
475$ for 50ml is the easiest pass i've ever done because this smells like a cowshed. However, it does smell like it consists of natural ingredients which might explain the price tag. But yeah, go ahead if you want to smell like a farmer who just slept in a cowshed. I get what the description implies about this scent, but it's better to wear nothing.
By   - Norway from Oslo on 5/21/2019
salty musk amber. golden. linear. eau de perfume start. austere velvety. regal character. bright ambergri. steel smell like
By   - rich from pluto on 2/4/2019
This scent is extraordinary. Transportive. I have never been to a white sand beach in winter and found a secret trove of ambergris there. But I couldn't keep from smelling my wrist, and now I feel that I've been there. My companion smelled it and enjoyed it. But -- sweet and sad and beautiful -- this one was for me.
By   - Lawyer from Washington, DC on 10/16/2018
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